“Uh… doesn’t Pangu want to become a Saint by attaining the Dao? Since he’s already a Monarch, why does he still want to become a Saint?”

Lu Xiaoran felt a little confused.

“He’s not attaining the Dao to become a Saint! Even though Hongjun has fused with the Heaven Dao, his strength is still inferior to Pangu’s.
He only calls himself a Saint because his cultivation is actually invincible in the three worlds.

“From this perspective, it is not a problem for the other party to call himself a Saint.
He could also call himself Buttface and make the title ‘Butfface’ the most respectable title in the three worlds!

“He is attaining the Dao in order to become the perfect controller of this Dao and an eternal existence, not to become a Saint.

“Can a Saint be considered to be an eternal existence?”

At this point, Lu Xiaoran understood.

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Indeed, a Saint could not be considered to be eternal.
This title was only used to confuse the world.

If a Saint was really eternal and could do as he pleased, Tongtian would not have wanted to use him to revive Jie School.

“Then… is there a way to get them to provide me with something more?”

Lu Xiaoran did not want his disciples to simply become his thugs.

Why did he need so many thugs to fight for him?

No matter how many Golden Immortals there were, they would still not be able to beat a Saint!

“They’re already providing.
As long as they fuse into Master’s small world and develop respect for Master and trust Master, they will form faith.
Master can then use them to absorb the power of faith!”

“That’s right.
This is the simplest way to control the Dao.
Master, you have yet to discover your Dao.
You only have a world.
It’s as if you have a body but no soul.
Or rather, Master’s Dao is too weak, so weak that it’s almost negligible.

“In this way, if Master could absorb more power of faith, it would be enough for you to produce Dao or make your originally weak Dao stronger.
This would gradually increase Master’s strength.

“The reason why Master cannot sense it now is because there are really too few believers.
Moreover, the cultivation of the believers is too weak.

“If these disciples of the Nameless Sect are all Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals or Primordial Chaos Golden Immortals, Master will be able to clearly sense the power of faith constantly pouring into your small world.

Basically, Lige and the others can provide me the power of faith.
However, the power of faith doesn’t directly increase my cultivation, so I can’t sense it.”

Lu Xiaoran held his chin.
Looks like it was indeed necessary for him to increase the number of subordinates in his small world.

After all, this concerned his cultivation.

He had decided that after his disciples finished cultivating and increased their strength, he would return to the Lu family and reveal his true cultivation and take them in as his subordinates.

Speaking of which, he did not seem to sense the existence of his Dao.

Could it be that… his Dao was an ignoble Dao.

Because it was too ignoble, it was hiding and could not be sensed by him?

Shaking his head, Lu Xiaoran, who was unable to figure out the details, could only begin to cultivate.

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At the same time, a group of uninvited guests arrived at the Lu family’s ancestral land in the Heaven Water City.

“Is this the Lu family? It’s indeed a lousy mountain village.
The spirit energy is so thin, it’s probably difficult to nurture a super expert!”

“Unfortunately, the Divine Maiden is engaged to that brat from the Lu family.
Moreover, the Divine Maiden is a person who always keeps her promises and is unwilling to cancel the engagement.
This brat from the Lu family has really made a killing this time.”

“Sigh! The Divine Maiden has already stepped into the God Production Realm.
If she can continue to stay in our Misty Sect, she will at least become a God Emperor Realm expert in the future! Why does she have to fulfill the engagement and marry that brat from the Lu family?”

“No, in a while, we have to mess with the entire Lu family.
It’s best if we can make the Lu family retreat.”

“That’s right! We definitely can’t let a small family like the Lu family marry our Misty Sect’s Divine Maiden! They’re not worthy at all!”

“Everyone, be careful.
There’s an array formation near the Lu family.”

“Tsk, what’s there to be afraid of? Let’s just barge in.”

In the crowd, a disciple at the back could not help but tremble when he saw this array formation.

“Damn! This array formation… these are actually all profound-level array formations? Is there a mistake? Moreover, it’s one after another! There are more than ten thousand array formations set up.
How are the intruders supposed to survive this?”

The disciple beside him could not help but frown when he saw this.

“What’s wrong? Junior Brother Han Zhen, why aren’t you coming?”

These array formations were simply too awesome!

Anyone who entered would die!

Han Zhen had cultivated for so many years.
Although he was talented, his cultivation speed was still limited.

At most, he could only deal with divine technique-level array formations now.
He could not break through profound-level array formations at all!

“Uh… um… Senior Brother, my stomach hurts a little.
I might have eaten something bad.
I want to go and relieve myself.”

“I thought it was something serious.
If you have diarrhea, I have a medicinal pill here that specializes in treating diarrhea.
It’s effective and fast.
It only costs three mid-grade divine crystals.
Do you want it?”

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