The air immediately fell into a deathly silence.
After a while, Jun Changming suddenly screamed!

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Long Kuang was shocked and hurriedly covered the other party’s mouth.

“Do you have a death wish?! Why are you shouting so loudly?”

Jun Changming was so excited that he was already somewhat incoherent.

“No… no… no… did you just say that Grand Master is a Saint?”

“How did you know? Did you hear Grand Master say it himself?”

“Basically! Didn’t I snatch eight million demons from the Puhua Temple previously? Guess what Grand Master said? Grand Master said that he wants to use them to transform an immortal artifact into a Postnatal spirit treasure!”

“Are you saying that Grand Master can casually make Postnatal spirit treasures? Doesn’t that make him a Saint?”

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Jun Changming screamed again, and Long Kuang immediately covered the other party’s mouth again.

“Do you want to die?! I told you not to shout just now, but you shouted again!”

“Sorry, I was too excited.”

Jun Changming was simply shocked to the extreme.

That was a legendary Saint!

It was the strongest existence in the world!

It could be said that if Lu Xiaoran was a Saint, their future would be secured.

“Then… in other words, we don’t have to cultivate profound-level cultivation techniques anymore?”

“That’s for sure! Grand Master already said that in at most a month, he will be able to help us escape from the three worlds.
At that time, we can cultivate immortal techniques and use immortal artifacts freely.”

“Then what’s the point of cultivating?!”

Jun Changming directly threw away the cultivation technique in his hand.

“No, I’m going to drink.”

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“Old Jun, you can drink, but don’t talk nonsense after you’re drunk.
You have to keep the identity of the Grand Master a secret.
Don’t leak it.”

“Don’t worry, don’t you know me well? Am I that kind of person?”

“That’s good.
I’ll go and practice my immortal technique first.
This way, when the time comes, I’ll directly cultivate it.”

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After the two of them bade farewell, Jun Changming immediately ran to Jun Bujian’s cultivation cave.

“Little brat, quickly remove your barrier.
I have something to tell you.”

A moment later, Jun Bujian walked out of his cave with a dark expression.

“Patriarch, can you leave me some face? I’m still Master’s seventh disciple.
If you call me a brat all day, won’t I lose face in front of my other senior and junior brothers?”

Jun Changming glared and said angrily, “Even when you’ve become a Saint, you’ll still be my descendant.
How have I wronged you by calling you a brat?”

Jun Bujian was speechless, but he could not refute the other party and could only ignore the other party.

“Alright, I didn’t come here to take advantage of you.
I’m here to talk to you about serious matters! Do you know what the sect master’s cultivation is?”

“I just went to see Fourth Senior Brother.
He said that Master was probably an immortal.”

“Bullsh*t! Immortals are nothing! How can immortals be worthy of being compared to our sect master? Let me tell you, the sect master is a Saint!”

Jun Bujian suddenly screamed, his eyes widened!

Jun Changming immediately covered his mouth.

“Why are you shouting so loudly?”

Jun Bujian immediately pushed his hand away and looked around.

“Patriarch, where did you get this news? Is it true?! That’s not possible, right?”

“Don’t worry, the source of the information is definitely accurate.
It’s long been confirmed.
Only the heavens and the earth know about this.
We can’t let a third person know.
Do you hear me?”

Jun Bujian made a gesture.

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“Don’t worry, I understand.
I definitely won’t tell anyone about this top secret of the sect.”

“Alright, I’ll go and drink.
You should rest too.
You don’t have to cultivate.
I heard that in a month, we’ll be able to directly cultivate immortal techniques.”

After Jun Bujian left, Jun Changming took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression,

“No, I have to correct Senior Brother Li’s mistake.
Master is not an immortal.
Master is a Saint!”

On Lu Xiaoran’s side, he relied on his avatar to cultivate while he was busy leaving the marks of his disciples.
Then, he crazily increased his equipment to the Postnatal Spirit Treasure Realm.
It could be said that he had put in a lot of effort.
He did not sleep for an entire month and was so tired that dark circles were about to appear.

However, the results were still very impressive.

The marks of his disciples had already been imprinted in his world.

In the future, unless the other party was a Saint who obtained the mark of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, it was definitely impossible for the other party to completely kill his disciple.

He could let his disciples reincarnate endlessly.

From now on, the Body Modeling Mark was no longer needed.

However, Lu Xiaoran discovered that there was some power of laws, the strongest existence below the Great Dao, in the Body Modeling Mark.

Therefore, he directly disassembled the Body Modeling Mark and swallowed all the power of laws contained in it into his small world.
Then, he fused the materials of the Body Modeling Mark into the Xuanyuan Sword, actually allowing the Xuanyuan Sword to quickly repair itself.

It had already surpassed the scope of a Postnatal spirit treasure and had become a Postnatal cardinal treasure!

This was also the first Postnatal cardinal treasure Lu Xiaoran had obtained.

It could be said to be a huge profit.

As for the Mountain and River State Painting, the Primordial Chaos Painting, the Creation Bell, the Chaos Bell, the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, the Kunlun Sword, the Immortal Slaying Four Swords, the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation, the Heaven Emperor Mirror, the Emperor Brush, the Earth Emperor Book, and so on, all of them had also been upgraded to the level of Postnatal cardinal treasures.

Lu Xiaoran estimated that he should not be afraid of fighting an immortal now.

In his previous life, such treasures would have made him a rich big shot.

Long Kuang’s Eight Treasures Glazed Pagoda was also completed.
Lu Xiaoran used a Buddhist cultivation technique to refine all the eight million demons and sealed them in the Eight Treasures Glazed Pagoda.
For generations, they would become psychic monks.

In the future, as long as Long Kuang fought others and could not defeat them, he could release the Eight Treasures Glazed Pagoda.
No matter who the other party was, as long as they were sucked in, they would be refined by the Buddhist power in the Eight Treasures Glazed Pagoda and become a part of it!

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It was a rather awesome Postnatal spirit treasure!

Lu Xiaoran’s avatar had also learned the Little Life Technique, the Purple Heaven Divine Lightning, and various other immortal techniques.

After removing the avatars, these immortal techniques and the cultivation cultivated by the avatars naturally fused with his main body.

“Yes, let me see.
Tsk tsk, not bad.
My cultivation has already increased to the sixth level of the Supreme God Realm.
Not bad!”

Lu Xiaoran nodded in satisfaction.

However, he quickly could not help but be puzzled.

Something… seemed to be wrong.

This was because according to normal logic, since his avatars had the same talent as him, the increase in his cultivation should not be this low.

Because Yun Lige had previously cultivated, he was already at the mid levels of the Supreme God Realm.

Why was he only at the sixth level of the Supreme God Realm now?

He had only increased his cultivation by one or two levels.

No, something was very wrong!

After all, his disciples had already arrived beside him and had enjoyed so many resources.
It was impossible for them to only increase his cultivation by a little.

At such a close distance, Lu Xiaoran did not even need Wang Cai to do anything.
He could easily investigate everyone’s cultivation with his divine sense.

It would have been better if he had not seen it.
Now that he did, he was shocked!

Other than Lige’s realm increasing by another level and reaching the third level of the Supreme God Realm, only Ji Wuxia’s cultivation increased slightly and she broke through to the ninth level of the God Emperor Realm.
As for Zhuge Ziqiong, she had already broken through the Ten Domain Martial God Realm and reached the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm.

Other than the three of them, none of the others’ cultivation had improved!

“Could it be my imagination?”

Otherwise, why did the disciples not increase their cultivation?

It had to be known that because he could utilize the Great Dao Reincarnation cultivation technique, everyone’s cultivation speed would increase.

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Although the effect of Lu Xiaoran’s Great Dao Reincarnation would be dispersed a little because there were too many people, it would still extend one month into at least four months!

Therefore, from this perspective, their cultivation had actually not increased at all in the past four months!

Something was very wrong!

Something must have gone wrong.

Lu Xiaoran could not help but frown.
He instantly teleported out and arrived beside Jun Bujian.

At this moment, Jun Bujian was sunbathing on a hammock leisurely.
He had even gotten two leaves to block the sunlight.

Hearing Lu Xiaoran’s voice, he could not help but say lazily, “How comfortable.
I’m starting to dream again.
However, why am I dreaming of Master? I’m not interested in men.
Could it be that Master is too handsome and attracts both men and women, causing a problem with my orientation?”

Lu Xiaoran’s face darkened as he swung his hand and slapped the other party.

This ruthless slap directly slapped Jun Bujian off the hammock.

How could Jun Bujian be Lu Xiaoran’s match? He immediately suffered a big slap in the face!

He woke up with a start and spat out the mud as he hurriedly got up.
The moment he saw Lu Xiaoran, his face turned pale from fear.

“Master… Master, why are you here?”

“Do I even have to report to you now?”

“No, no, no.
Master, that’s not what I meant.
Please don’t misunderstand.”

“Let me ask you.
Why aren’t you cultivating? It’s been a month and your cultivation hasn’t increased at all.
I can’t believe that you’re even in the mood to bask in the sun?!”

Jun Bujian smiled awkwardly.

“We originally wanted to cultivate too.
However, isn’t it all because Master is too powerful? Therefore, we decided to slack off and rest a little.”+

“In any case, with a Great Saint like you protecting us, what is there to be afraid of?

“We’ll only start cultivating when you help us escape from the three worlds and allow us to cultivate immortal techniques.
After all, that would be much faster than cultivating a profound cultivation technique.
At that time, we can easily make up for the lost time.

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