Ling Xinyue obediently shut her mouth.

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Actually, she could not be blamed for this.
In the past, she was very powerful in the lower realm and had a very high status.
Therefore, she had always been straightforward and did not have to think about pleasing anyone.

At this moment, on the battlefield, Fang Tianyuan’s battle was becoming more and more intense.

The other party’s seventeen God Emperor Realm experts were really too powerful.
Moreover, their combat style was extremely smart.

They attacked with fifth and sixth level God Emperor Realm experts.
The seventh level God Emperor Realm experts resisted Fang Tianyuan’s attack, and the fourth level God Emperor Realm experts served as support.

All the Buddhist God Emperor Realm experts released their divine souls.

The golden Buddha and golden Bodhisattva phantoms shone on the ground like suns.

In the sky, abnormal phenomena surged, and the wind and clouds gathered.
The light was sometimes strong and sometimes weak.

Long Kuang said with a solemn expression, “Although Third Master has the Battle God Art and the Indestructible Golden Body, I’m afraid he won’t be able to last long.”

“Those eight fourth level God Emperor Realm Buddhist experts are reciting one of the supreme Buddhist scriptures, the Great Brahma Scripture.
It also has the same effect as the Battle God Art.
However, the speed of its enhancement is even faster.
After all, there are an entire eight Buddhist God Emperor Realm experts here.
It’s definitely stronger than Third Master’s Battle God Art alone.

Zhuge Ziqiong clenched her fists slightly, her face revealing a worried expression.

“I hope Third Senior Brother can last.”

Ling Xinyue took a look and said silently, “It’s best if no more Buddhist experts come.
Otherwise, he probably won’t be able to last even if he wants to.”

It was not only him.
The entire purple-gold alms bowl was silent.

Everyone looked at Ling Xinyue in confusion.

“Um… did I say something wrong again?”

As soon as she finished speaking, three more figures flew over from afar.

Two were at the fifth level of the God Emperor Realm, and one was at the sixth level of the God Emperor Realm.

Sensing the other party’s aura, everyone’s faces immediately twitched fiercely.

Ling Xinyue was also dumbfounded.

Heavens, she had only said it casually.
She didn’t expect it to actually happen.

However, no matter what, three God Emperor Realm experts had indeed arrived in reality.

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The moment the three of them arrived, they did not say anything and directly joined the battle.

Fang Tianyuan originally only needed to withstand the attacks of eight God Emperor Realm experts.
Now, he directly endured the attacks of eleven God Emperor Realm experts.

Moreover, they were at the fifth and sixth level of the God Emperor Realm.

The seventh level God Emperor Realm expert Buddhist Elder also held two divine artifacts, a golden Buddhist staff and a huge golden bell.

Every time Fang Tianyuan attacked, he would quickly step forward and block with his divine artifact.

Fang Tianyuan was unable to injure the other God Emperor Realm experts at all.

Even though he was using the Indestructible Golden Body at this moment, he could only constantly endure the other party’s attacks.

Explosions sounded endlessly in the sky.
The golden ball of light became bigger and bigger.
In the end, it seemed to have reached a limit and directly exploded.

Fang Tianyuan’s Indestructible Golden Body suddenly suffered an incomparably violent impact at this moment.
His entire body was like a golden mountain that was blasted into the ground.

Immediately after, an overwhelming attack landed on him.

At this moment, even the seventh level God Emperor Realm expert who was blocking his attacks began to join the attack.

A total of twelve God Emperor Realm experts bombarded Fang Tianyuan, not giving him any chance to react.

The entire ground began to tremble incessantly.
Because the attacks of the Buddhist Sect elders were too dense, the attack halo even formed twelve uninterrupted straight pillars of light in the sky.

Everyone’s hearts instantly rose to their throats and they were extremely anxious.

How could Fang Tianyuan withstand such a dense and powerful attack alone?

Zhuge Ziqiong and the others were all in an extremely guilty state.

If they could go and help Fang Tianyuan, even if they were unable to defeat the other party, they could still slightly reduce the pressure on Fang Tianyuan.

At the very least, they did not have to be as ashamed as they were now.

Perhaps because everyone had enough power of faith, at this critical moment, a phoenix cry suddenly sounded in the sky.

This phoenix cry resounded throughout the world.

The immortal voice contained in it seemed to have purified everyone’s hearts.

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“What a pure phoenix immortal voice.
Someone’s coming.”

Someone shouted, and the eyes of Zhuge Ziqiong, Jun Bujian, and the other junior brothers lit up.

It would be great if it was really her.
Although her cultivation might not be as abnormal as Fang Tianyuan’s, at the very least, she could let Fang Tianyuan breathe.

All they needed was for Fang Tianyuan to catch his breath and obtain a chance.
That was all.

However, just as everyone was filled with hope, Ling Xinyue suddenly said, “Someone else is coming.
Heavens, could it be someone from the Buddhist Sect again? Please go away.
Otherwise, won’t we be dead for sure?”

As soon as she finished speaking, the phoenix immortal voice suddenly disappeared.

The four of them were immediately speechless as they stared fixedly at Ling Xinyue.

“What are you looking at me for? I didn’t ask the people from the Buddhist Sect to come this time! I didn’t say anything wrong this time, right?”

Zhuge Ziqiong clenched her small fists tightly and gritted her teeth.

“If you say another word, I guarantee that I’ll beat you up until even your father won’t recognize you.
Do you believe me?”

Ling Xinyue immediately covered her mouth.

Perhaps because she did not waste her breath anymore, her special effect as a jinx was blocked.
At this moment, the phoenix immortal voice that had originally disappeared actually sounded again.

As this phoenix immortal voice approached, a colorful light quickly attacked from the distant horizon.

At the same time, there was an extremely huge aura.

The eyes of the Buddhist Sect cultivators moved.

“Someone’s here.
It’s not someone from our Buddhist Sect.”

“This cultivation level is at the eighth level of the God King Realm.
As long as the other party is not like this guy and can fight those at a higher level, it’s fine.”

“Hmph! In this world, not everyone can fight those at a higher level.”

As soon as everyone finished speaking, a phoenix figure with golden glass light instantly flew out from the colorful clouds.

Its speed was shockingly fast.

Even a God Emperor Realm expert of the Buddhist Sect could not easily capture it.

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Almost in an instant, it swept past the eight Buddhist elders who were chanting the Great Brahma Scripture.

Before the people from the Buddhist Sect could react, they had already begun to scream.

“Ah! Fire! There’s fire!”

“What fire is this? Why can’t it be extinguished?”

Everyone instantly looked over and saw a Seven-Colored Glazed Flame begin to burn on the bodies of the eight Buddhist God Emperor Realm experts.

The flames were very powerful.
Almost in an instant, they enveloped the eight fourth level God Emperor Realm Buddhist Sect experts, making them struggle crazily.

The other twelve God Emperor Realm experts were shocked and immediately stopped attacking Fang Tianyuan.
This was because the seven-colored phoenix’s second wave of attack had already arrived.

The seventh level God Emperor Realm experts of the Buddhist Sect were the first to shout.
Everyone immediately retreated as quickly as possible.

This wave of seven-colored phoenixes only burned one of the fifth level God Emperor Realm Buddhist elders.

At this moment, the eight fourth level God Emperor Realm experts had already been burned into ashes by the seven-colored flames.

The expressions of the Buddhist Sect cultivators changed drastically.

“Which demon is it? Quickly show yourself!”

“You imprisoned my junior brothers and sisters and even want to kill my junior brother.
You baldies are the true demons!”

The seven-colored phoenix stopped in the void and gradually disappeared, revealing a beautiful woman in a seven-colored feather robe.

It was indeed Second Senior Sister Ji Wuxia.

With her around, everyone was saved this time.

At this moment, Ji Wuxia’s aura was already very different from before.

If Fang Tianyuan’s change made him five times stronger than before, then Ji Wuxia’s change was ten times stronger.

Not only was Ji Wuxia beautiful, but her body was also astonishing.
Even her skin had become translucent.

The most fatal thing was her aura.
It was noble and cold, like an empress that could not be profaned at all.

Ji Wuxia swept her gaze over everyone, and a trace of heartache flashed in her cold eyes.

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With a flick of his finger, the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark instantly shot out like a bolt of lightning and collided fiercely with the purple gold alms bowl divine artifact.

With a muffled sound, the purple-gold alms bowl actually began to slowly crack.

When Su Lingwu saw this scene, he immediately summoned the God Slaying Axe and slashed fiercely at the crack, immediately shattering the purple gold alms bowl.

In the crowd, the seventh level God Emperor Realm monk suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and stared fiercely at Ji Wuxia.

At the same time, the fifth level God Emperor Realm Buddhist expert who was enveloped by the seven-colored flames also turned to ashes.

“What a powerful cultivation! This demoness is too powerful.
We’re not her match.
Retreat first!”

One of them shouted in a low voice, and the God Emperor Realm monks could not help but grit their teeth.

After spending so much effort to fight to this point, they actually did not kill a single person and even had to retreat!

This was simply suffocating and speechless.

However, everyone knew the situation clearly.
If they did not escape, they would only die.

Everyone activated their divine souls with all their strength.
With their divine souls and the Buddhist divine technique, everyone could escape 50 kilometers away in an instant.

Unfortunately, just as everyone was about to leave, a golden light suddenly shot out from the ground and fiercely bombarded everyone’s path.

“You want to leave? How can it be that easy? After beating me for so long, it’s time for me to fight back, right?”

The hearts of the senior monks suddenly skipped a beat and were extremely solemn.

It was over.
Fang Tianyuan had already recovered.

Just now, the seventeen of them had worked together but were still unable to take advantage of Fang Tianyuan.
Later, it took three more of them to suppress Fang Tianyuan.

Now, nine of them had died, leaving eleven God Emperor Realm experts.

Moreover, the other party had Ji Wuxia.

The situation had suddenly changed!

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