rrounding divine power and produced flames.
It also carried a dense fire element.

In the eyes of the Buddhist Sect cultivators, Fang Tianyuan would definitely not be able to withstand this move.

Although he did not know why he, a mere fifth level God King Realm expert, was able to withstand that attack just now, the might of that attack was not that powerful to begin with.
After all, it was not the full-power attack of that senior monk.

Therefore, the people from the Buddhist Sect did not think that Fang Tianyuan was amazing.

However, when the Mahayana Vajra Fist landed, Fang Tianyuan did not panic at all.
He did not even raise his eyelids.

The fist beam smashed fiercely onto Fang Tianyuan’s Indestructible Golden Body, causing an even more intense explosion.

“Be careful, quickly defend!”

In the distance, Long Kuang immediately exclaimed and told everyone to prepare to defend.

However, when everyone activated their divine power defensive barrier, the shock wave of the explosion did not appear.

Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, they saw the golden giant extend a huge arm and firmly lock the energy wave from the explosion in its palm.

All the Buddhist elders and disciples in the sky were shocked and dumbfounded when they saw this.

A mere fifth level God King Realm expert had actually blocked the attack of a fourth level God Emperor Realm expert without being injured at all.
Then, he even suppressed the attack in his palm.

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What kind of strength was this?

This was simply ridiculously powerful!

The fourth level God Emperor Realm monk’s expression turned cold.

Fang Tianyuan was simply humiliating him!

Just as he was about to attack and kill Fang Tianyuan, his senior brother’s notification sounded in his ear in the next second.

“Puci, get out of the way!”

Almost at the same time, he saw Fang Tianyuan disappear from his spot and appear in front of him.

Puci’s pupils constricted, and he felt his hair stand on end.

Was this the speed a fifth level God King Realm expert should have?

“I’ll return your things to you.”

After saying this indifferently, Fang Tianyuan directly imprinted the attack mercilessly on the other party’s chest.

The huge attack directly blasted Puci ten thousand meters away.

Puci roared and was about to attack when he heard his senior brother’s warning again.

Almost the moment the other party spoke, an unbearable and powerful attack bombarded his back.

The dense divine power directly shattered Puci’s defensive divine power in a heartless manner.
Then, it destroyed the divine artifact armor on Puci;s body.
Then, it pierced through Puci’s body and finally Puci’s flesh and bones!

Before he could react, the other party had actually mercilessly pierced through his body!

What was even more terrifying was that Fang Tianyuan was currently holding a bright red beating heart!

Moreover, previously, Fang Tianyuan had only unleashed the Puci’s Mahayana Vajra Fist Fang he had received beforehand.

Therefore, strictly speaking, at this moment, this was Fang Tianyuan’s first attack.

The other party had instantly killed him with a single move?

But… but how did he do it?

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Fang Tianyuan was clearly only at the fifth level of the God King Realm and was nine realm levels lower than Puci.
How could the other party instantly kill him?

Unfortunately, Puci was already unable to figure this out because that huge hand had directly crushed the heart.

In an instant, his heart turned to mud.

Then, Fang Tianyuan threw him down from the sky as if he was throwing away trash.

The air fell into a deathly silence, as if even a pin drop could be heard clearly.

A few breaths later, Puci’s corpse fell fiercely to the ground.

Another huge pit was smashed into the ground.

Even though he had died, his God Realm body was still very hard.

Everyone looked at Fang Tianyuan in the sky in disbelief.

He was dead just like that?

A dignified fourth level God Emperor Realm expert, a true Buddhist expert, was actually unable to resist Fang Tianyuan’s attack and was directly killed by Fang Tianyuan?

Was this all a God Emperor Realm expert could do?

Fang Tianyuan was not as shocked as everyone.
He only cast his gaze on the remaining two fifth level God Emperor Realm experts.

“Who among you wants to be the first to die? Or… should I just kill you all in one go?”

The pupils of the two fifth level God Emperor Realm monks constricted, and a layer of cold sweat seeped out of their foreheads.

The pressure Fang Tianyuan gave them was really too powerful!

Even now, they did not understand how this insignificant God King Realm expert could instantly kill a fourth level God Emperor Realm expert!

Heavens, could it be that even a God Emperor Realm expert was inferior to a God King Realm expert now?

Senzai senzai.
Your cultivation really makes us admire you.
However, it’s better to resolve enmity than to make enemies.
Although you’re powerful, our Buddhist Sect has more experts! I think we should stop fighting and make up.
How about that?”

Fang Tianyuan did not directly respond to the two of them and only stepped forward.

“Impossible, because… I want the Buddhist Sect to cease to exist in this world.”

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