“Forget it, let them go.
It’s better for them to escape than to be captured by the Buddhist Sect with me.”

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The Ancient Bronze Hall said angrily, “Fifth Miss, you’re too kind!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Buddhist palm had already forced the two of them and the demons below back into the dungeon of the Puhua Temple.

As for Long Kuang, because his entire body was enveloped in Buddhist light, he was directly filtered by this Gautama Buddha Light Formation.
He was like a small fish filtered out of a net.

“Hiss ~! This Buddhist Light Formation is too powerful.
I think many senior Buddhist monks are unleashing it together.
Fortunately, I know a Buddhist cultivation technique.
Otherwise, even if I transform into a dragon and break through to the peak of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm, I still wouldn’t be able to escape from this formation.”

As he spoke, 81 Buddhist elders had already descended from the sky.

Among them, there were more than 50 peak Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts and more than 20 Thousand Domain Battle God Realm experts.
Among the remaining few, there were 5 Mahayana God King Realm experts and 2 God Emperor Realm experts.
Their cultivation levels could be considered to be high.
This lineup was also somewhat luxurious.

“Amitabha! Senzai senzai! I didn’t expect there to be an existence here who could avoid the Buddhist Light Formation.”

Seeing Long Kuang, everyone could not help but be somewhat curious.

“Senior, don’t attack.
We’re all on the same side.
I’m the last disciple of Nun Jingxin of the Peach Blossom Monastery.
My Dao name is Tianxin.”

“Amitabha, so you’re Junior Sister Jingxin’s disciple.
No wonder you can avoid the Buddhist Light Formation.
How is Junior Sister Jingxin these days?”

“Good, good, she’s very good.
She eats well and her body is excellent.
She even guides her disciples several times a day.”

He changed the topic and continued, “It’s all thanks to the help of seniors this time.
Otherwise, these millions of demons would have all escaped and caused misery and suffering!”

“You’re not bad either.
You didn’t escape even when facing millions of demons.
You’re really a role model of our Buddhist Sect.”

A God King Realm monk raised his hand and threw out a bag of divine crystals.

“This is your reward.
I hope you can work harder in the future.”

Long Kuang received the reward and cupped his hands in thanks.

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“Thank you, Senior.
I’ll definitely cultivate the Buddhist Dao diligently and do more good deeds.”

Everyone nodded again and landed.

“This Puhua Temple has been attacked too severely and is already unable to continue storing these demons.
Since we’re here, let’s escort these demons to the Bodhi Temple to prevent any more mistakes.”

On the other side, Jun Bujian was peeing when Shi Changlin and the others suddenly transmigrated over.

Jun Bujian was shocked and immediately retreated.
In an instant, the stream was unstable and danced in the air.
Everyone’s expressions changed drastically from fear and they jumped away.

“Damn, Seventh Master, isn’t the range of your stream a bit far?”

“Seventh Master, take it easy.
It’s all splattered on me.
My clothes are new.”

“Seventh Master, your pee can travel 30 feet even when you’re facing the wind.
Not bad.”

Jun Bujian trembled and said with a dark expression, “Why did you guys suddenly teleport here? Did you encounter a big shot of the Buddhist Sect so quickly?”

“No, it’s a long story.
Put that thing away first.”

Jun Bujian raised his pants and tied his belt as he continued, “Tell me quickly.”

“It’s like this.
We were ordered to go to the Puhua Temple, but we encountered Long Kuang.”

“Long Kuang? Isn’t he my Eldest Senior Brother’s disciple, the Ancient Dragon Emperor of the Primordial Mountain Range?”

“That guy has joined the Buddhist Sect, but his heart is still with us.
Then, we worked together to destroy the Puhua Temple.
We also discovered the demons that will be participating in the Demon Exorcism Meeting.
They had been imprisoned in the Puhua Temple.
Fifth Miss is also among them.”

Jun Bujian suddenly raised his voice.

“My Senior Sister Zhuge?”

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“That’s right! She was captured by the Buddhist Sect and has to participate in some Demon Crossing Meeting.
Those bastards from the Buddhist Sect even knocked out her two canine teeth.
She’s so pitiful.”

Jun Bujian’s pupils constricted and he immediately clenched his fists!

“These bastards actually dare to do this to my senior sister.
Do they really think there’s no one left in our Nameless Sect? Then why didn’t you guys save my senior sister?”

“We originally saved them, but the big shots of the Buddhist Sect arrived and set up some Buddha Light Formation.
They also captured all the demons.
The few of us could only rush back and tell you first.”

“Damn! My master has just been killed by them.
Now, these damn baldies even captured my senior sister and even knocked out her teeth.
Do they really think that there’s no one left in my Nameless Sect? Today, I, Jun Bujian, will use my status as the future sect master of the Nameless Sect to destroy these damn baldies.
Lead the way and bring me straight to the Puhua Temple!”

On Jiang Taixuan’s side, he had originally relied on detonating the divine weapon to suppress the other party’s attack aura.
However, after they stopped for a moment, the other party quickly rushed forward again.
Moreover, this time, the other party had already begun to let the Buddhist Sect elders take the lead.
It was already impossible for divine weapons to kill or injure the other party, and the efficiency was greatly reduced.

Seeing that the array formation was gradually destroyed and the other party had begun to move again, Jiang Taixuan gritted his teeth.

“Jun Changming, where’s your divine artifact? Take out your divine artifact and detonate it.”

Jun Changming gritted his teeth and said, “Eighth Master, that’s a divine artifact.
It’s our treasure.
Isn’t it too ruthless to detonate it like this??”

“If you’re not ruthless, how can you stand firm? Detonate it, quick.”

Although Jun Changming was unwilling, he had no choice.
He could only take out the storage bag that contained the divine artifact and ignite it with everyone before throwing it out.

In an instant, the ground began to tremble again, and the trembling was even more intense than before!

Mushroom clouds rose as if the ground was shooting out something at the sky.

When the aftershock of the explosion dissipated, everyone could not help but be happy when they saw the results.

“Damn, he killed more than twenty Ten Domain Martial God Realm experts and several Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts at once.”

However, before they could be excited, the sharp-eyed Shi Changlin shouted again, “Something’s wrong.
Look, although we blew up some Buddhist experts, the remaining Buddhist experts have begun to attack the array formation again.
This time, there are also Thousand Domain Battle God Realm experts participating!”

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“Eighth Master, our divine artifacts are not divine weapons.
We don’t have that many.
If this continues, we will even lose our pants.”

“Looks like this group of baldies has received a death order.
However, the more fiercely they fight, the more anxious the situation over there probably is.
Although it’s not a problem for us to retreat now, it will be troublesome for the brothers over there.
Moreover, what if it’s our Nameless Sect’s brothers?”

“We’re also disciples of the Nameless Sect.
We can’t just die, right?”

“We can’t continue fighting like this.
The other party has too many people.
There are also other Buddhist branches sending reinforcements endlessly.
We have too few people.
Moreover, if this continues, it will be troublesome if the Buddhist Sect sends experts above the God Emperor Realm.”

“I’m only at the third level of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm now.
At most, I can fight a God King Realm expert.

“How about this, Changming? Bring a group of people and set up an array formation in front.
Don’t set up too many formations.
Set up one at a certain distance.
Even if you can’t kill them with the explosions, you have to scare them and slow them down.

“The others, get out of the way and let them pass.
Then, we’ll attack from behind.
Their goal is to provide reinforcements.
They definitely won’t fight us to the death.
We’ll have a greater advantage if we stay behind.

From the beginning of the battle, Su Lingwu had always firmly grasped the advantage in his hands.

He had many divine beasts and demon beasts.
These were all the assets he had painstakingly accumulated over the years.

His original cultivation technique, the Battle God Eight Desolates, was not very good.
However, it could be said that the Beast Control Divine Art had been developed successfully in his hands.

It was even to the extent that with the Beast Control Divine Art, his cultivation had increased to the first level of the God King Realm.

His level of combat strength was not high and was far inferior to Jiang Taixuan, Jun Bujian, and the others.
However, in terms of military strength and numbers, no one could compare to him.

Therefore, the disciples of the Buddhist Sect were beaten by him until they could not even recognize their mothers.

Seeing that Su Lingwu had the upper hand, a few more auras suddenly appeared in the sky, making Su Lingwu frown.

How dare you bully our Buddhist Sect’s disciples.
Do you really think you’re invincible?”

Su Lingwu narrowed his eyes.

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He shouted at the Black Tortoise and the other divine beasts, “Hurry up and destroy these baldies.
I’ll hold off these God King Realm experts!”

“Ninth Master, don’t worry.
Leave it to us.”

Su Lingwu circulated the Battle God Eight Desolates and held the God Slaying Axe and the Ancient Shield as he rushed into the sky.
In the sky, three golden Buddhist lights quickly fell.

When Su Lingwu circulated the Battle God Eight Desolates, a headless phantom appeared behind him.
It was filled with an ancient aura that was shockingly dense and powerful.
It was as if a battle god was standing between the heavens and the earth.

A Bodhi Supreme phantom also appeared behind the three Buddhist God King Realm experts.

The four of them suddenly collided in the sky with their four divine souls.

Boom! In an instant, the world became vast.

A huge void zone was blasted out of the clouds in the sky.
It was as if a new sun had appeared in the sky.

Su Lingwu was already at the first level of the God King Realm.
Although his realm level was not high, with the enhancement of the Ancient Desolate Shield, he was simply not afraid of the attacks of the three Buddhist God King Realm experts.
The God Slaying Axe in his hand made the three God King Realm experts extremely afraid.

In an instant, light filled the sky and kept colliding, causing shocking balls of light to explode.

“Hahaha… the dignified God King Realm experts of the Buddhist Sect are only at this level? That’s all?”

The three Buddhist God King Realm experts were furious, but they were helpless!

However, at this moment, an even stronger aura suddenly fell from the sky.

“Amitabha, a mere demon dares to underestimate our Buddhist Sect? Looks like our Buddhist Sect is still too merciful!”

That terrifying aura made Su Lingwu’s expression suddenly change.

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