Seeing a huge mushroom cloud rise in Myriad City, Shi Changlin sighed faintly.

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“Unfortunately, I just became the City Lord of Myriad City not long ago.
I didn’t even have the chance to really suck the blood of Myriad City before I had to leave.”

Jun Bujian’s expression was calm and not that sad.

“Don’t worry.
As long as we destroy the Buddhist Sect, resources will not be a problem.”

“Moreover, I’ve already plundered all the treasures in the City Lord Manor.
The gifts the previous City Lord received from the various large sects added up to a lot.

“I estimate that including the natural treasures, weapons, and various types of divine crystals, they are worth at least 30 million top-grade divine crystals.

“As for the Buddhist Sect, we just tricked them into giving us another 25 million top-grade divine crystals.
Coupled with the divine weapons and divine artifacts, we’ve already earned enough.

Everyone’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Seventh Master is awesome!”

“Xingle, cut the crap.
Distribute the divine weapons and increase their combat strength.
Also, bring the divine crystals.
Every five people will form a team and continue to encircle and suppress the surrounding Buddhist Sect disciples.
Don’t let a single one of them off.”

“I’ll engrave teleportation formations, defensive formations, and spirit gathering formations on your divine armor.
If you encounter a big shot you can’t beat, teleport back in time.

“Although Master’s Body Modeling Mark can revive us, everyone still needs to try not to die.
This is because everyone’s current cultivation levels are not low.
Once we die, it will definitely delay our cultivation for a long time.

“Moreover, I’m also not sure if the Body Modeling Mark can still be used now.

Everyone immediately distributed the divine weapons.

Jun Bujian was leading more than a hundred disciples from the Nameless Sect.
On average, each of them could get at least two divine weapons.

Moreover, before they came to the Divine World, Lu Xiaoran had also given each of them a combat divine weapon and a defensive divine weapon.
Therefore, they each had at least four divine weapons.

Such a set of equipment was rare even in those large sects.

This was because their cultivation levels were mostly between the God Creation Realm and the God Production Realm.

At this level of cultivation, one would at most have one divine weapon.
They would rarely have two divine weapons.
They would almost never have more than three, let alone four.

After obtaining the divine weapon, Shi Changlin could not help but ask, “Seventh Master, you even gave us a divine weapon.
Are you going to equip a divine artifact yourself?”

Jun Bujian’s eyes widened.

Am I that kind of person? If I have something good, I always give it to my subordinates first.”

Shi Changlin and the others did not answer.

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As the saying went: “A disciple carries the traits of his master.”

The sect master liked to do such things every day.
His cultivation level was clearly the highest, but he always wore the best defensive armor and his equipment was always one level higher than the disciples.

They had just heard that the Buddhist Sect had even given Jun Bujian ten divine artifacts.
However, Jun Bujian did not even take one out.
He was really stingy.

Jun Bujian coughed lightly and placed his hands behind his back.

“You guys, don’t think too much.
I’m not the same as my master.
I’m not capable of such despicable actions.
The reason why I kept the divine artifact is mainly because your cultivation levels are too low and you can’t unleash the strength of the divine artifact.
If you encounter an expert and don’t have the time to escape, you will be killed and the divine artifact will be snatched away by others.”

That’s why I kept the divine artifacts with me.

Everyone did not speak and still stared fixedly at him.

Being stared at by so many people, Jun Bujian clearly felt his face burn slightly.

“How can you guys be like this? We’re now dealing with the disciples of the Buddhist Sect to avenge my master.
How can you guys just focus on these superficial benefits in front of you? You should focus on avenging my master, right?”

Everyone said faintly, “Our revenge for Grand Master doesn’t conflict with this, right?”

“That’s right.
It’s our problem if we want to avenge Grand Master.
However, Seventh Master, aren’t you being a little too evil by not giving us a single divine artifact?”

“Grand Master said that we have to kill all capitalism in the cradle.”

Master once said that to put it simply, we have to get rid of stinginess, greed, and shamelessness…”

“Do you want to be beaten?”

“You’re not our master.
My master is your Third Senior Brother.
I’ll tell him if you hit me.”

“That’s right.
My master is your Second Senior Sister.
She’s the most protective.”

“That’s right.
Our master is the chief senior brother of the Nameless Sect.”

Jun Bujian waved his hand.

“Stop, stop.
Eldest Senior Brother’s disciples, stop joining in the fun.
No matter how poor my cultivation is, or how weak I am, It’s not a problem for me to beat your master.”

After a while, he really could not take it anymore.

“Cough cough… How about this? I’ll reward the one who kills the most Buddhist disciples this time with a divine artifact.
Is that alright?”

Everyone nodded and immediately scattered.

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Jun Bujian wiped the sweat from his forehead and could not help but sigh.

“It’s really getting harder and harder to take in disciples these days.”

If they were all his disciples, it might be easier for him to control them.
However, it just so happened that most of them were the disciples of his senior brothers and sisters.
It was very difficult for him to control them.
If he casually beat them up, wouldn’t it ruin their relationship if they returned and told their senior brothers and sisters that he had bullied them?

Sigh, after suffering this loss, he would never help the disciples of his senior brothers and sisters again.

However, although he complained, he still had to be busy with serious matters.

First, he engraved the array formation.

By engraving array formations on the divine artifact armor on his body, they could teleport back if they really encountered any danger.

This made Jun Bujian feel that he was quite smart.

Thinking about it, his master had many personal disciples.

However, there were not many people who really knew how to learn.

For example, Master’s ultimate array formation skills!

Although his master’s alchemy and weapon refinement techniques were also top-notch, they were not as useful as array formations.

Among all the disciples, it seemed that other than him, only Eldest Senior Brother and Eighth Brother Jiang learned it.

Eldest Senior Brother only started cultivating because his talent was too poor and he did not have much future on the path of cultivation.

Eighth Brother Jiang had joined the sect later than him and was far inferior to him.

In that case, who in the entire Nameless Sect could compare to him in terms of array formations?

Speaking of which, since his master had already passed away, the Nameless Sect… would also need to choose a new sect master, right?

In the entire Nameless Sect, there shouldn’t be anyone more comprehensive than him, right?

Firstly, he had always been good-looking and charismatic.

Other than his master, he had few competitors in the entire Nameless Sect.

Now that his master had left, it was only natural for him to be first.

Then, he would think about his cultivation.
At the very least, he would be able to obtain a high-grade cultivation.

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Eldest Senior Brother Yun… his threat was almost negligible.

Second Senior Sister kept writing in her diary all day.
She was not serious at all.

Third Senior Brother only knew how to play with sticks and was not scheming.

Fourth Senior Brother was a sword expert while Sixth Senior Brother was a saber expert.
Jun Bujian felt that they were not worth worrying about.

Fifth Senior Sister had a natural adorable charm.
She was probably not interested in being the sect master.

After he became the sect master, he could make her the sect master wife… Forget it.
Although she was good-looking, her canine teeth were like plowshares.
If he married her, he would probably end up being sisters with her.

Needless to say, Eighth Brother was not as handsome as him, his cultivation technique and combat strength was inferior to him, and his array formation was also inferior to him.

Ninth Brother had entered the sect the latest and had learned the least from his master.

It seemed that the sect master’s throne almost belonged to him.

Jun Bujian looked at the sky and smiled foolishly.
At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded from beside him.

“Seventh Master, what are you laughing at?”

Jun Bujian was stunned and hurriedly retracted his gaze.
When he saw Shi Changlin’s five-man team, he could not help but frown.

“Why haven’t the five of you left?”

“We wanted to see if your spatial teleportation formation is reliable.
Speaking of which, Master is already dead.
How can you still smile?”

“Nonsense! Who said I was smiling? I was crying.
I was crying because of my master’s death.”

“Is that a teardrop on the corner of your mouth?”

Jun Bujian’s face turned red and he hurriedly wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Hurry up and deal with the Buddhist Sect disciples.”

Everyone left and said as they walked, “Seventh Master was clearly smiling just now, but he still insisted that he was crying.”

“Sigh! Stop talking.
Grand Master just passed away.
He might be too sad.
Once a person’s brain is stimulated, it’s easy for something to go wrong.
His brain might be damaged.”

“Let’s not anger him in the future.
After all, it hasn’t been easy for him.
He has led so many of us to develop.
These years have been difficult for him.”

Hearing the voices that were gradually disappearing, Jun Bujian’s face could not help but twitch fiercely.

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Why did he feel like their image of him was a huge idiot?

Forget it, he should get down to business and avenge his master first.

After setting up the array formation, he also began to find the Buddhist Sect disciples.

Divine World, Peach Blossom Monastery.

This was a Buddhist nunnery.
There were not many disciples, but their ranking was not low.

Because there had always been very few female nuns in the Buddhist Sect, and because of the extraordinary relationship between a certain Peach Blossom Nunnery master and the High Buddha, the Peach Blossom Nunnery received a lot of care.
There also had many powerful Buddhist cultivation techniques!

However, at this moment, a figure in a kasaya quickly flew out of the peach blossom pavilion.

“Damn the Buddhist Sect.
You actually dare to kill my Nameless Sect’s sect master.
Do you really think my Nameless Sect is easy to bully? Watch as I, Long Kuang, tear apart your Buddhist Sect’s foundation.”

Long Kuang was the Ancient Dragon Emperor of the lower realm’s Primordial Mountain Range.
He had later become a disciple of the Nameless Sect.

After arriving at the Divine World, he lost contact with everyone.
By chance, he joined the Peach Blossom Monastery and became an in-name disciple.

He originally only wanted to cultivate in the Peach Blossom Monastery and increase his cultivation before looking for the senior brothers and sisters of the Nameless Sect.

He did not expect to hear that the Buddhist Sect had killed Lu Xiaoran in the past two days!

It just so happened that the Buddhist Bodhi Temple had sent someone to inform the Peach Blossom Monastery to investigate the destruction of the nearby Buddhist branch.

He immediately accepted this task and took the opportunity to slip down the mountain to deal with the other Buddhist Sect disciples.

Actually, even without thinking, he could guess who had destroyed those Buddhist branches.

Did they really think he would help them find out?

Those were his senior brothers and sisters!

“Buddhist baldies, prepare to receive my anger!

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