More screams sounded in the valley.

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This time, the screams were several times stronger than before.

This time, Lu Xiaoran really used his full strength.
As he beat them, he used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to repair their injuries.

He was really angry.
The two of them had caused too much trouble.

Originally, only Zhuge Ziqiong had been captured by the Buddhist Sect.
He could still think of a way to get her out.

Even if he really could not get it out, he could still use the Body Modeling Mark to revive Zhuge Ziqiong.
At the very least, he did not have to make the situation so tense.

If only he could be given a few more years to cultivate to the God Monarch Realm…

Now, Jun Bujian, Jiang Taixuan, and Su Lingwu were all involved.

Lu Xiaoran could not continue to live ignobly even if he wanted to.

He could not afford to lose several disciples at once.

Because he did not know when that Heaven Dao would attack him, he had to be careful all the time.
He could not relax for a moment.

After a ruthless beating, Lu Xiaoran finally vented his anger.
However, this time, he did not let the two of them continue to lie on the ground and endure the pain.

After beating them, he immediately circulated the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to repair their injuries.
Then, he immediately gave the two of them cultivation missions.

The Immortal Blood Pill, Immortal Soul Pill, and Immortal Marrow Pill were directly provided.

Then, he provided them with the Five-Colored Immortal Orchid, the Immortal Lotus, and various other natural treasures.

The two of them were like two pigs as they devoured these treasures crazily.

Of course, it was actually not appropriate to call them pigs.

This was because not to mention pigs, even a God Monarch Realm expert could not afford to eat these treasures provided by Lu Xiaoran.

These were all things that the people of the Divine World could only dream of.

Under normal circumstances, if other first level Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts directly swallowed so many treasures at once, their bodies would not be able to withstand it and they would probably directly explode and die.

However, with Lu Xiaoran around, everything was not a problem.

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Lu Xiaoran directly created an avatar and used this avatar to use the Azure Thearch Longevity Art 24 hours a day.
The green light that was filled with vitality shone endlessly on the two of them.

The medicinal strength flowed crazily in the two of them.
Most of the time, just as a blood vessel exploded, it would immediately be repaired.

Then, another blood vessel would explode before being repaired immediately.

With this method and Lu Xiaoran’s current use of the Great Dao Reincarnation, he could achieve the results of three months’ time in a month.
The two of them forcefully refined the medicinal pills and natural treasures Lu Xiaoran provided in a month.

This allowed their cultivation to increase from the first level of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm to the fifth level of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm.

The increase was indeed powerful.

With the help of the two of them, Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation also increased by a lot.

Even if he did not cultivate this month, his cultivation would still increase from the third level of the God Emperor Realm to the fifth level of the God Emperor Realm.

Lu Xiaoran estimated that aside from the cultivation speed of these two disciples, the cultivation speed of his other disciples were probably also sped up.

This was because one needed a lot of experience in order to advance to the God Emperor Realm.
The cultivation of these two disciples was far from enough.

However, this was still enough.

If he could gather all the disciples and use medicinal pills and natural treasures to increase their cultivation, he estimated that he could at least easily break through past the God Emperor Realm and reach the Supreme God Realm.

At that time, he would only be one step away from entering the God Monarch Realm.

In this month, Lu Xiaoran had not been idle.
However, he also hadn’t been cultivating.
He now needed to quickly strengthen himself.
A simple cultivation would not satisfy his requirements.
He wanted his disciples and avatars to cultivate while he used the Immortal Dao profundity Wang Cai had given him to increase his cultivation technique and weapons.

The profound level was no longer enough for Lu Xiaoran.
After all, the previous hot shot, the Buddhist Huixin, seemed to have already begun to use half-Immortal techniques.

If he continued to use profound techniques, how could he defeat others in the future? How could he kill enemies at a higher level?

Therefore, he also had to use an immortal technique.

He would always be one step ahead of others.
He needed to be impressive.

If the level of items he used was lower, then he would only be a joke.

Also, he had to upgrade some relatively powerful equipment to the immortal artifact level.

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In this world, he was basically an existence that could do whatever he wanted.

It had to be known that every world had its balance and rules.

In this world, other than the hot shots and him, no one else could use immortal artifacts and immortal techniques.

Once someone used it, they would definitely suffer a backlash from the Heaven Dao in ten seconds.

No one was willing to bear this outcome, especially those who had worked hard to transcend the tribulation and become immortals.

Unfortunately, Wang Cai was currently advancing.
He could not accept the gift bags from his disciples.
Otherwise, he could have advanced another step.

Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over the Body Modeling Mark.
It was alright.
His disciples were all alive, so he had nothing to worry about.

He continued to enter seclusion to cultivate.

On the other side, in the Divine World, Myriad City.

A few figures dressed in Buddhist light also landed in the city and entered the City Lord Manor to meet Jun Bujian.

“Amitabha, greetings, City Lord Jun.”

Jun Bujian went forward to welcome them with a smile.

“Welcome, welcome… I welcome the Buddhist Sect elders to our Myriad City.
Our Myriad City is really honored by your presence today.”

The few Buddhist elders looked at each other and nodded slightly, their eyes revealing a relieved expression.

It seemed that this City Lord Jun of Myriad City was not a bad person.

“Amitabha, City Lord Jun, you’re too kind.
We’re also lucky to have come to Myriad City.”

“Masters, you’re too polite.
Please come in.”

Jun Bujian invited the few Buddhist masters into Myriad City.

These masters’ cultivation levels were all at the peak of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm, much higher than his.
However, he was not afraid.

Before dealing with the Buddhist Sect, his cultivation had been at the peak of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm.

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After destroying a few Buddhist branches and experiencing a few battles, his cultivation increased again and he finally successfully broke through to the first level of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm.

Although he had fewer opportunities than Li Changsheng and Song Xinian, and Myriad City was far inferior to the Taiyi Sword Dao and the Heaven Saber Pavilion, Jun Bujian’s talent was still stronger than Li Changsheng and Song Xinian.

However, with his talent alone, he was not enough to surpass the two of them.
The key to him surpassing the two of them was because he had learned a technique.

That was to transform into a dragon!

Jun Bujian had discovered this situation when he reached the God Production Realm.

When he circulated the Dragon God Art cultivation technique his master had taught him, he could actually transform into a four-clawed golden dragon.

Later, as his cultivation broke through to the Ten Domain Martial God Realm, he became a five-clawed Golden Dragon.
When he reached the Hundred Domain Battle God, he became a six-clawed Golden Dragon.

Now that he had advanced to the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm, he could already become a seven-clawed golden dragon.

Moreover, after transforming into a dragon, his defense, attack power, and endurance had directly increased by a realm level.

Moreover, he could fight someone a realm higher.
After transforming into a dragon, he could now fight a first level God Emperor Realm expert.

Basically, he would not be greatly injured by the other party

He originally wanted to directly destroy these Buddhist Sect elders.
However, he later felt that this was too wasteful, so he changed his mind.

After welcoming the few elders in, the few Buddhist elders immediately said, “City Lord Jun, the few of us took the liberty to come this time to convey the decree of the Buddhist Sect.
As you know, recently, some scoundrels have been coveting our Buddhist Sect and constantly destroying our Buddhist Sect’s branch.”

“The Buddha of our Bodhi Temple has ordered the nearby sects and cities to help our Buddhist Sect investigate this case.

However, City Lord Jun has never found any clues, so we had no choice but to come and ask personally.

Jun Bujian sighed faintly.

“Sigh! Actually, you can’t blame me for this.
I had no choice.”

“To be honest with you, I’ve actually already found some clues.
My subordinates even encountered their group.”

The Buddhist Sect Elder’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Oh! City Lord Jun, are you serious?”

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“Of course I’m serious.
As the City Lord, how could I lie to you?”

“May I ask City Lord Jun where that group of people is now?”

Jun Bujian sighed faintly and immediately said, “It’s all our Myriad City’s cultivators’ fault.
Their strength is too weak.
Not only did we fail to capture them, but we also lost many people.
We suffered heavy losses.”

“You also know that it’s not that I don’t want to help you.
It’s just that my Myriad City Temple is really small.
No matter what, I have to think of a way to take care of the cultivators in Myriad City first, right? Therefore, it’s better for your Buddhist Sect to investigate by yourselves.
We really don’t have a choice.”

The elders of the Buddhist Sect looked at each other and sighed faintly.
They knew that they could not avoid this.

“City Lord Jun, don’t worry.
Actually, we came this time to resolve this matter.”

“Our Buddhist Sect will never forget City Lord Jun’s help.

“As a matter of fact, the High Buddha specially got the few of us to deliver some small gifts to City Lord Jun to express our gratitude.”

“Oh? The High Buddha actually has such intentions.
It really makes our Myriad City incomparably touched.
I wonder how much the High Buddha is planning to give to our Myriad City.”

“Hehe, not much.
There are a total of ten million top-grade divine crystals, two hundred divine weapons, and ten divine artifacts.”

The smile on Jun Bujian’s face instantly disappeared, replaced by an uninterested expression.

“Everyone says that the Buddhist Sect is the richest sect in the Divine World.
All along, I thought that was the case.
Now, it seems that your Buddhist Sect is not that impressive.”

“This time, at least ten thousand cultivators in our Myriad City have died.
Moreover, they were all experts with high cultivation.

“With the amount that you’ve given me, there will be nothing left behind after I compensate all the cultivators.

“Forget it, you guys should take it back.
I’ll just consider this as our Myriad City’s loss this time.
You guys should also send people to find the murderer.
Our Myriad City won’t get involved.”

The few Buddhist elders were instantly speechless.

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