After Huixin swallowed, he suddenly pointed at the sky.

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“Hahaha… our Buddhist Sect’s elder is here.”

Li Changsheng and Song Xinian immediately looked towards the sky.
Lu Xiaoran’s avatar, on the other hand, directly slashed out.

“Damn! Is he that heartless?”

Huixin immediately used his movement technique that had already evolved to the profound level to escape.

However, although his cheat code was powerful, his cultivation was far inferior to Lu Xiaoran’s avatar.

One was a first level Mahayana God King Realm expert, and the other was a peak tenth level Mahayana God King Realm expert.
Moreover, Lu Xiaoran had attacked first.
Huixin could only do his best to dodge, but his arm was still severed by Lu Xiaoran.

The arm lost the support of the divine power and was directly destroyed, not even leaving behind a trace.
The saber beam did not lose its momentum and fell to the ground, immediately slashing out a huge ravine more than ten meters long.

Huixin spat and the hair on his body stood on end.
He did not dare to stay any longer and immediately flew towards the nearby Buddhist Sect branch.

“Master! He’s escaping! Don’t let him escape.
This brat’s talent is very powerful.
In time, he will become even stronger.”

Li Changsheng exclaimed, but Lu Xiaoran’s avatar was unmoved.
It only stared fixedly at the sky.

Huixin instantly escaped 50 kilometers away.
He turned around and saw that Lu Xiaoran did not chase after him.
He could not help but frown slightly.

“This doesn’t make sense! Why isn’t he coming to kill me?”

Just as he revealed a trace of doubt, an aura that also made him feel the pressure of death suddenly appeared in front of him in the next second.

Before Huixin could react, the other party had already punched him.

The huge fist smashed fiercely onto his chest, creating a huge fist mark on his divine artifact armor.

Huixin spat out a mouthful of blood fiercely.
He could not control her body and was directly blasted back by this powerful force.

His entire body smashed fiercely onto the ground like a meteor.

Another loud bang sounded, and the ground trembled.

Li Changsheng and Song Xinian cursed at the same time and stared fixedly at the other master in the sky.

Two masters had actually appeared?

Wasn’t this too abnormal?

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Huixin was already frightened out of his wits.
He did not care at all why there were two Lu Xiaorans.
He directly flew to the side, wanting to break free from the encirclement.

In any case, the entire world was filled with Buddhist branches.
It was the same wherever they went.

However, before he could fly out, another similar aura appeared on the west side.

Huixin’s mentality directly exploded on the spot.

Were these guys all twins?

Why were they appearing one after another?

Moreover, even if they were twins, it still didn’t explain why they had the same auras.

Before he could turn around, the sky in the east was already covered in lightning clouds.

Li Changsheng and Song Xinian were also completely petrified on the spot.

Ignoring their shock, Lu Xiaoran’s avatar used his aura to suppress Huixin.
Then, he attacked at the same time, not giving Huixin any chance to breathe.

Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture, Azure Lotus Sword Art, True Phoenix Nine Transformations…

He used various cultivation techniques at the same time and gave Huixin a mixed Supreme VIP beating.

Huixin was directly dumbfounded before he could even react.

His divine artifact directly shattered, and his body was severely injured on the spot.

Lu Xiaoran’s avatar’s attack was too powerful and its speed was shockingly fast.

The worst thing was that this guy did not give him any chance to breathe at all.

Huixin’s body was being constantly injured.
His cultivation technique circulated crazily, repairing his body and protecting it.

It was even to the extent that in order to increase his strength, his divine soul had even appeared!

It was actually a Bodhisattva phantom!

It had to be known that the divine souls of the Buddhist Sect were all unified.
They were divided into Buddha, Bodhisattva, Arhat, and Bodhi Supreme.

If the divine soul was a Bodhisattva phantom, it meant that Huixin could at least cultivate to become a Bodhisattva in the future!

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Unfortunately, at this moment, it was unknown whether he would live.
He did not dare to think about becoming a so-called Bodhisattva at all!

As soon as his divine soul appeared, the circulation of his cultivation technique became stronger and faster!

However, this speed was far inferior to Lu Xiaoran’s attack speed.

The system sounded incessantly in his ear.

Ding… detected that your life is in danger.
Your cultivation technique, the Mahayana Vajra Art, is circulating at a hundred times the speed.

Ding… detected that your life is in danger.
Your cultivation technique, the Buddha True Lightning, is currently evolving rapidly.
It has advanced by 10%, 50%, and 100%.
It has successfully advanced to a divine technique and is being upgraded to a profound level…”

Ding… detected that your life is in danger.
Your Light Steps Floating On Water has mutated, turning into a half-immortal technique—Soul Sealing Blood Coagulation Art! The Soul Sealing Blood Coagulation Art can lock the host’s last trace of blood and soul power, allowing the host to detonate himself and escape from the current range.

Seeing this cultivation technique, Huixin’s eyes immediately lit up.

What he lacked had arrived timely.
The heavens did not want him to die!

He directly used the Soul Sealing Blood Coagulation Art.

In the next moment, his body directly exploded into a bloody mist on the spot.

At the edge of the valley, Lu Xiaoran was sitting on a rock with a gloomy expression.
He was trying to turn the immortal tree weeping willow he had gotten from the gift bag into a cane.

He was also unable to obtain the memories of his avatar.
Unless his avatar died or this spell was dispelled, he would not be able to absorb the memories of his avatar.
Therefore, until now, he still did not know that his avatar had already found Li Changsheng and Song Xinian.

He decided that after finding these two brats, he would definitely let them have a good taste of the cane made from immortal willow branches.

He wanted to teach them a lesson!

As he worked on the cane, he looked at the disciples’ information.

“Your disciple Jun Bujian was attacked by a Buddhist disciple.”

“Your disciple Yun Lige was attacked by the Demon Sect’s Grand Elder.”

“Your disciple Jun Bujian was attacked by a Buddhist Elder.”

“Your disciple Yun Lige was attacked by the Netherworld Patriarch.”

“Your disciple Jiang Taixuan was attacked by a Buddhist Elder.”

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“Your disciple Yun Lige was attacked by Mother Blood Demon.”

It was unknown what Lige was doing all day to provoke such strange people.

However, what made him feel even more unbelievable was that Jun Bujian and Jiang Taixuan had actually begun to go against the Buddhist Sect.

Why would the two of them go against the Buddhist Sect?

The two of them were so far away that even Wang Cai could not sense them.
Logically speaking, it should be impossible for them to know that the Buddhist Sect had captured Zhuge Ziqiong.

Had these disciples been tricked by the Buddhist Sect?

Was that why they were all so furious with the Buddhist Sect?

Just as Lu Xiaoran was making the cane in confusion, a bloody figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

At the same time, Wang Cai’s voice immediately sounded in his mind.

“Detected a hot shot.
Master, please kill him.
If you kill him successfully, you will be rewarded.”

“Hahaha… I, Huixin, have finally escaped! Even when facing four peak Mahayana God King Realm experts, I still managed to escape.
I’m indeed the chosen one!”

However, at this moment, an even more intense and rapid voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

Ding! Sensing that you’re about to die, your cultivation technique, the Hinayana Gautama Divine Palm, is undergoing self-destruction and restructuring, evolving into a top-notch profound cultivation technique—the Gautama Divine Palm! The Gautama Divine Palm sensed that you’re about to die and has already begun to escape.

Ding! Sensing that you’re about to die, your cultivation technique, Soul Sealing Blood Coagulation, has fallen into autism and can no longer be used.

Ding! Sensing that you’re about to die, your cultivation technique, the Dragon Subduing Tiger Fist, is unbinding itself.

Ding! Sensing that you’re about to die, I’m already prepared to leave.
After you die and the binding is removed, I’ll also escape.
I hope you will be reincarnated, although it’s unlikely.

Huixin was petrified to the extreme.
His body seemed to have stiffened as he turned his head mechanically and swept his gaze behind him.

When he saw Lu Xiaoran, he completely collapsed.

“Brother, how many times do you have?”

However, what responded to him was an attack that filled the sky and Lu Xiaoran’s rapid chanting.

“Great Heavenly Dragon, World Venerable Ksitigarbha, Prajna Buddha, Prajñā Bakun…”

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“Gautama Divine Palm! Primordial Chaos Emperor Fist! Indestructible Vajra Fist! Phoenix Cry Nine Heavens! True Phoenix Seven Style! Divine Dragon Swing Tail! Mad Dragon Out of the Sea! Endless streams! Related! If you’re wrong, try again…”

“Azure Lotus Sword Song! Domineering World Destruction! Soul Shattering the Nine Continents! Battle God Opening the Heaven…”

Huixin could no longer hear the rest of the cultivation technique.
His consciousness completely fell into darkness.
In the end, not a trace of soul power was left.

At the last moment before his consciousness disappeared, he raised his middle finger fiercely at the heavens.

Damn the heavens! This system was so scammy!

He had been so lucky in his life, but today, all his luck was gone.

First, he encountered four peak God King Realm experts who looked identical.

In the end, after using a half-immortal technique to escape hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, he was still able to encounter another twin brother?

What was even more abnormal was that this guy’s strength was actually at the peak of the Mahayana God King Realm.

The most abnormal thing was that he even knew the few supreme profundities of the Buddhist Sect.

After all, even Huixin himself did not even know the Great Mighty Heaven Dragon Technique!

After the Gautama Divine Palm finished evolving, it directly escaped.

Huixin couldn’t help but curse at the heavens.

He dared the heavens to let him reincarnate.

He swore that he would definitely defeat the heavens in his next life.

In the end, his thoughts completely disappeared.

As for Lu Xiaoran, he obtained a crazy harvest.

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