The cold moon shifted, and it was already late at night when several figures suddenly appeared at the foot of the White Bone Demon Sect’s mountain.

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Who else could it be other than Lu Xiaoran and his disciples?

This was the first time Yun Lige and the other two had witnessed their master’s Great Void Chaos Steps.
It was so fast that it was indescribable.

At this moment, the three of them became even more convinced.

His master must be a Martial Monarch Realm expert!

After all, other than a Martial Monarch Realm expert, who else could be this fast?

After arriving at the foot of the mountain, Lu Xiaoran looked at the peak and said with a cold gaze,

“Tonight, I want to completely destroy the White Bone Demon Sect and kill every last one of them.
Before I destroy the White Bone Demon Sect, the three of you can attack at will to test the strength of your cultivation techniques and also accumulate some combat experience.”

“For safety reasons, I’ve already set up defensive array formations on the three of you.
It can help you resist attacks.
No one below the Shattering Void Realm can injure you.
In addition, I’ve also set up a teleportation formation.
If there are really enemies that are too dangerous for you to handle, you will be directly teleported to my side.”

The eyes of the three of them could not help but sting.

Their master was really too good to them.

He could have killed the entire White Bone Demon Sect with a single slap, but in order to train them, he had to go through so much trouble.

Their master was simply as warm as a father to them.

In fact, Lu Xiaoran did indeed want to train them in combat, but it was not entirely for the sake of training them.

He had always been a calm person.

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Previously, when he saved Fang Tianyuan, he knew that the other party’s cultivation level was only at the Mountain Sea Realm.
That was why he went to save him alone.

But now, he was facing the entire White Bone Demon Sect.

With so many people, who knew if there were any big shots or hot shots?

He would let the three of them test the situation first.
If there were any, he would directly use the teleportation formation to bring the three of them back and escape.

If not, he would appear and wipe out the entire White Bone Demon Sect.

This plan was more reliable.

“You don’t have to be polite.
In order for you to better unleash your cultivation techniques, I prepared a few weapons for you.”

The three of them felt their hearts warm.
Their master was really too kind!

He even prepared weapons for them.

The weapons that Master prepared for them should at least be around the top-grade Earth Realm, right?

Dharma treasures, cultivation techniques, and medicinal pills were all different.
Among all the professions on the continent, the number of weapon refiners was the least.
Therefore, it was very difficult for powerful weapon refiners to appear.
Therefore, compared to cultivation techniques and medicinal pills, it was much more difficult to obtain high quality Dharma treasure.

For example, in the Ancient Ape Tribe, the best weapon was only a mid-grade Heaven Realm weapon that could only be used by the tribe leader.

As for Ji Wuxia’s Purple Peace Imperial Palace, they had a top-grade Heaven Realm weapon that belonged to King Purple Peace.

It was said that the Great Zhou Imperial Family only had Saint Realm weapons.

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Therefore, even if their master was a Martial Monarch Realm expert, it was already not bad for him to give them an Earth Realm weapon.

However, when Lu Xiaoran took out the three weapons, the three of them were instantly dumbfounded.

“These are the high-grade Heaven Realm Dragon Burial Spear, the Mountain Overturning Mark, and the Golden Eagle Hammer.
Take them.”

“High… high-grade Heaven Realm?”

Yun Lige and the other two immediately felt their mouths dry and their eyes water.

They were actually high-grade Heaven Realm weapons!

If such a weapon was placed in the hands of someone like the Heaven Demon Sect’s sect master, it would still be more reasonable.
As disciples, they did not even dare to think about it.

He did not expect his master to give them high-grade Heaven Realm weapons.

As expected of their master, he was simply too powerful.

After obtaining the weapons, the three of them simply looked at their weapons affectionately and excitedly as if those weapons were their lovers.

However, a moment later, Yun Lige reacted.

“Master, if you give us all these good weapons, what will you use?”

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“You guys are still young and your cultivation levels are relatively low.
You need powerful weapons to protect yourselves.
As for me, it doesn’t really matter what I use.”

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The three of their eyes were really red this time, and they were covered in a layer of mist.

Their master was really too good to them!

He had given them such good weapons just to use a trashy weapon himself.

Although it did not matter if someone as strong as their master used a weapon or not, it still made them feel touched and emotional!

Yun Lige wiped his tears and said firmly, “Don’t worry, Master.
Even if I risk my life, I will definitely kill the disciples of the White Bone Demon Sect to repay your kindness.”

Ji Wuxia: “Master, the same goes for me.”

Fang Tianyuan: “Master, me too.”

Yun Lige clenched his fists tightly, and his aura gradually began to rise.

“I want to turn the entire White Bone Demon Sect upside down and let them know the outcome of coveting my Zhishui Peak!”

Ji Wuxia: “Master, the same goes for me.”

Fang Tianyuan: “Master, me too.”

Yun Lige’s aura had already reached its peak.
His eyes were cold and killing intent surged.
The surrounding air emitted trembling sounds as his spirit energy surged.

“Tonight, if I don’t kill everyone from the White Bone Demon Sect, I, Yun Lige, will lose all dignity as a human!”

Ji Wuxia: “Master, the same goes for me.”

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Fang Tianyuan: “Master, me too.”

However, when he heard the three of them, Lu Xiaoran was not touched.
Instead, he fell silent.

After a while, he said with a dark expression, “Can the three of you stop talking nonsense?”

The three of them were stunned as question marks appeared in their heads.

Lu Xiaoran said angrily, “You guys aren’t serious, right? Right? You three idiots! Do you think that you get to act arrogantly just because you have comprehended 20 to 30% of your Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques? Also, it’s true that I gave all three of you Heaven Realm weapons… but that still doesn’t mean you can underestimate the White Bone Demon Sect.”

“Putting aside the fact that there are so many people in the White Bone Demon Sect…”

“Just the experts in their sect alone is enough trouble.
Which one of them is not stronger than you? It’s even possible that there’s a Grand Elder at the Void Reversion Realm holding down the fort.”

“The three of you are no match against them.
At most, you’ll just be able to clean up the small fries.
Do you really think you can suppress the White Bone Demon Sect in a fight?”

Upon hearing this, their faces twitched.

“But don’t we have the defensive array formations you set up for us, Master? We can resist attacks below the Shattering Void Realm.
In that case, at least we won’t be injured.”

“So what? Two of you are Spirit Realm trash and one of you is a Mountain Sea Realm weakling.
So what if you can attack without getting injured? Your attacks are still trash.
You’ll be able to deal with the small fries, but when you encounter those high-level existences, you still won’t be able to injure them.
Is there a difference whether or not you’re well-protected?”

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