dissipated, more than half of the entire Little Buddha Temple and the entire mountain had been shattered, leaving only some mountain foundations and rubble at the bottom.

Seeing this scene, Song Xinian directly knelt on the ground, his eyes red.
He was no longer smiling like before.

“Fourth Senior Brother! Fifth Senior Sister! I was late!”

He clenched his fists tightly, his face filled with anger and self-reproach.

Why didn’t he come sooner?

If only he could come a little sooner, things would not have ended up like this.

He simply felt heartbroken after learning that he had lost both a senior brother and senior sister.

Although he knew that they could be revived with the Body Modeling Mark, this still could not destroy the fact that they had already been killed once!

When Ling Xinyue saw this scene, she could not help but sigh slightly.

Indeed, the path of cultivation was too heartless.
No one knew when they would die.

She patted Song Xinian on the shoulder and consoled, “Don’t be too sad.
Can’t your master still revive them?”

“It’s not that easy.
The revival of the Body Modeling Mark depends on the other party’s cultivation.
The higher the cultivation, the longer the revival time.”

“Their cultivation levels are already so high.
After they die, I don’t know how long it will take for them to be revived.
It will take at least a few decades.
What’s the difference between this and dying?”

Ling Xinyue shook her head helplessly.

She did not expect her father to not be omnipotent.

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No, why was she still thinking of the other party as her father?

Just as she was feeling depressed, she saw Song Xinian tear off a white belt from his inner shirt and tie it around his waist.

Song Xinian said with a solemn and solemn expression, “In my old home, after a person dies, they have to cry.
Otherwise, even after death, they won’t be able to live in peace.”

My senior brothers and sisters are all dead and I arrived a step late.
Naturally, I have to cry for them.

Ling Xinyue sighed faintly.

As expected of someone who had a deep relationship with his senior siblings.

However, in the next second, her expression suddenly became strange.

“Damn, brother, sister, you guys are so tragic! These baldies deserve to die.
Why are they so heartless?! They killed my senior brothers and sisters…”

Her beautiful little face could not help but twitch fiercely.

Was he trying to be funny?

She wanted to laugh, but she felt that it was somewhat inappropriate.
After all, this was the rule of Song Xinian’s old family.
It was to send off the dead.

She needed to hold it in… She seemed to be unable to hold it in anymore.

However, just as Ling Xinyue could not help but laugh, the rubble suddenly exploded.

Immediately after, Li Changsheng’s handsome figure appeared in front of the two of them.

Li Changsheng looked at the white strip on Song Xinian’s waist and cried.
He was immediately dumbfounded and somewhat ignorant.

Song Xinian looked at Li Changsheng in confusion.

Li Changsheng’s face immediately darkened.

“Do you want me to die that much?”

Song Xinian immediately said solemnly, “Senior Brother, are you… a zombie? Don’t come over.
My saber technique can even tear apart souls.
Even though you’re a zombie now, I’m still not afraid of you.”

“What are you talking about?! You idiot!”

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“But the entire Little Buddha Temple has been blown up! You’re actually fine? This is somewhat against the laws of nature!”

Li Changsheng took a deep breath.
He felt like killing someone.
Unfortunately, this was his junior brother.

Helpless, he could only suppress the anger in his heart and explain, “It’s Master! When the abbot of the Little Buddha Temple detonated the divine crystals and destroyed the Little Buddha Temple, Master’s phantom suddenly appeared on my body.”

That phantom took the brunt of the explosion for me.

At this moment, be it Song Xinian or Ling Xinyue, they were all shocked speechless.

“Have you seen Master? Where’s Master?”

Song Xinian hurriedly asked, and Li Changsheng shook his head.

“I don’t know where Master is.
I was only saved by Master’s phantom.”

“Heavens, you haven’t found Master yet, but you already have Master’s phantom.
Isn’t Master too biased?”

Song Xinian immediately could not help but ridicule.

Li Changsheng glanced at him angrily.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Master treats all of us like his own children.
This phantom might only be formed in an extremely dangerous situation.”

“I see.
However, speaking of which, Master is really powerful! We don’t know where he is, but he can still casually create a powerful phantom to protect us.”

“That’s right.
There’s naturally no doubt about Master’s strength.”

At this moment, Song Xinian suddenly thought of something and hurriedly said, “By the way, where’s Fifth Senior Sister? Could it be that she…?”

Li Changsheng was really afraid of Song Xinian’s jinxing mouth.
He was afraid that the other party would spout nonsense again.
He feared that Zhuge Ziqiong, who still might be alive, would be cursed to death by him.

“Your senior sister is not dead.
She was sent to the Bodhi Temple to participate in the Demon Subduing Meeting.”

Song Xinian’s pupils suddenly constricted.

His expression made Li Changsheng’s heart skip a beat.

Could it be that there was some danger in the Demon Exorcism Meeting?

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