After cultivating for a while, Lu Xiaoran broke through again and his cultivation increased by another realm level.
His strength increased from the seventh level of the Mahayana God King Realm to the Mahayana God King Realm.

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He could not help but frown slightly.

“Strange, the speed of my cultivation these two times is so fast.
With my cultivation speed alone, it shouldn’t be that fast.
Could it be that the disciples’ cultivation speed has increased?”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but frown.

“Wang Cai, open it for me to see the activity information of the disciples.”

“Alright, it’s being generated.”

Wang Cai quickly provided the information to Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran looked and could not help but be slightly shocked.

Although the information screen still showed that Yun Lige was being pursued, there were a few more messages about Li Changsheng being beaten up on the recent screen.

“Your disciple Li Changsheng was attacked by an elder of the Little Buddha Temple.”

“Your disciple Li Changsheng is being surrounded by the elders of the Little Buddha Temple.”

“Your disciple Li Changsheng was beaten by the abbot of Little Buddha Temple.”

He was silent for a while before saying, “Wang Cai, I think something’s wrong.”

“Why are my disciples all being beaten up? Logically speaking, if they keep being beaten up, no matter how powerful their cultivation is, they probably won’t be able to take it and will be killed, right?”

However, now, they’re still being beaten up and are not dead.
Don’t you think this is a little unreasonable? ”

“It’s actually very reasonable! Master, if you’re beaten, won’t you fight back?”

“Of course I have to fight back.”

“Alright, Master.
When you fight back, will the other party attack you again?”

“That’s right.
It’s impossible for me to turn the information into information about who they attacked, right? This is because I can only capture instant information.
Moreover, it’s information about the disciples.
I can’t capture information about the physical condition of others when they’re attacked.”

“Even if the disciples kill the other party, I won’t be able to capture this information.

“However, if the disciples were beaten or killed, I would be able to capture this information.

Therefore, the information can only be written as, “Who and who attacked the disciples.”

Lu Xiaoran somewhat understood.

In other words, when the two of them fought, Wang Cai would only record the information of his disciples.

Even if his disciples killed the other party, Wang Cai would still be unable to detect it.

Therefore, only the information of the disciples being beaten could be recorded.

Of course, Lu Xiaoran was not stupid.

It was probably unrealistic to expect his disciples to be able to beat up others.

This Li Changsheng’s current cultivation was only at the perfected peak of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.
At most, he was only a realm higher.
To be able to fight a perfected Hundred Domain Battle God, he had to use his full strength.

Moreover, he had always taught them to hide.
Therefore, it was definitely impossible for him to mess around in a dignified Little Buddha Temple.

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There was only one explanation.

Perhaps Li Changsheng had been captured and was being tortured by the Buddhist Sect?

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment before taking out the profound cultivation technique, Absolute Heaven Song.

He personally did not like this cultivation technique very much.

However, as more and more disciples were attacked, he could not sit idly by.

Moreover, if the disciples died, it would take a long time for them to be reborn.

At that time, it would also severely affect his cultivation.

Lu Xiaoran quickly read the incantation of the Absolute Heaven Song cultivation technique.

“Master is the best in the world.
A disciple with a master is blessed…”

Trash cultivation techniques were often accompanied by the most outdated incantations.

On the other side, in the Little Buddha Temple, a golden light and a white light fought to a standstill.

However, if one looked carefully, they could see that the golden light had been suppressing the white light.

Not only was it stronger, but it was also faster and more imposing!

Every time the two collided, the golden light would be the first to attack the white light.

After a full ten breaths of battle, the two lights had already collided a hundred thousand times.

In the end, the white light fell to the ground like a meteor.

With a violent explosion, he smashed the entire Little Buddha Temple several centimeters into the ground.

The defensive array formation of the Little Buddha Temple could not withstand it and was directly shattered.

Most of the buildings were destroyed in this shock wave.
Dust rose in all directions and kept spreading in all directions.

After the dust dissipated, Li Changsheng’s figure crawled out of the deep pit.

He was not severely injured, but he was not completely unscathed.

Although divine artifacts had their own defensive strength,

However, divine artifacts also had their own limits.

Of course, this did not mean that the abbot of the Little Buddha Temple could use a secret technique to increase his cultivation to the fifth level of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm to shatter the divine artifact.

However, the strength Li Changsheng injected into the divine artifact was limited.
It was limited to his peak Ten Domain Martial God Realm cultivation and was unable to unleash enough strength.

Therefore, the defense value provided by the divine artifact had only reached a certain limit.

In the sky, golden light slowly descended, revealing the body of the abbot of the Little Buddha Temple.

His current body had already far surpassed before.

His height had increased to 2.25 meters.

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His originally ordinary body was now bursting with muscles.
Even the strongest bodybuilding champion would be overshadowed and ashamed in front of him.

The muscles on his body had already become lumps that looked like eggs.

They were covered with blood vessels.
As the blood flowed, these veins kept rising and falling as if they were alive.

Perhaps because of the battle or because he had used a secret technique to absorb the blood of some disciples, his current aura had already increased to the sixth level of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm.

Looking at the less injured Li Changsheng below, he was not too angry.

“I’ve been thinking about something just now.

“Your sword intent is so powerful, and the cultivation technique you cultivate is extremely similar to the legendary Tai Yi Sword Dao.

“Now, seeing that you’re still wearing the divine artifact armor, I think I understand.

“I think I know who you are”

Li Changsheng did not answer.
“I heard that a talented Holy Son has recently appeared in the Taiyi Sword Dao.”

“If I’m not wrong, that Holy Son should be you, right? ”

The abbot of the small Buddha Temple smiled.

“Originally, our paths would not have crossed.

“Unfortunately, you just had to come to my Little Buddha Temple to cause trouble.

“Now, even if I killed you, the Taiyi Sword Dao would not be able to hold the Buddhist Sect accountable.

“If I kill you and eliminate a powerful genius from another sect for the Buddhist Sect, the Buddhist Sect will definitely reward me.
I wonder if Holy Son Li agrees with my words?”

He did not ex[ect that the other party would be so bored as to specially analyze these things with him before killing him.

“If you have any thoughts, just say it directly.
Stop being so sarcastic.”

“Actually, with Holy Son Li’s talent in the Sword Dao, why do you have to stay in the Taiyi Sword Dao?”

“Our Buddhist Sect is the number one sect in the world.

“Our Buddhist Sect is prosperous and we have branches all over the world.

“In terms of cultivation techniques and divine techniques, our Buddhist Sect has even more.

“If Holy Son Li is willing to join our Buddhist Sect, I guarantee that your status in the Buddhist Sect will definitely not be low.
Your treatment will also not lose to the Taiyi Sword Dao.

“I can even return Holy Son Li’s junior sister to you.
How about that?”

Li Changsheng smiled coldly in his heart.

What a thoughtful old monk.

This time, he had destroyed the Little Buddha Temple.
As the abbot of the Little Buddha Temple, even if the other party killed him, he might not be able to obtain much reward.

Moreover, if things went wrong, in order to calm the anger of the Taiyi Sword Dao, the Buddhist Sect might even turn their backs on him.

Therefore, before that happened, this abbot chose to persuade Li Changsheng to surrender.

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If he could persuade the other party to surrender, it would be extremely beneficial to him.

Firstly, Li Changsheng was a true Sword Dao genius.

To put it bluntly, he was qualified to receive generous treatment wherever he went.

Unless the other party’s sect’s sect master was stupid.

Secondly, he was the Holy Son of the Taiyi Sword Dao.

Although the Taiyi Sword Dao was not the top-notch faction in the Divine World, it was still a large faction.

If even the Holy Son of the Taiyi Sword Dao was converted to the Buddhist Sect, how big would the reputation of the Buddhist Sect be?

If the abbot killed him, the Buddhist Sect might still kick the abbot out of the Little Buddha Temple.
However, if the abbot roped him in, he would definitely receive a huge reward.

People always had to pursue benefits.
After all, benefits were the most important.

This was why he wanted to persuade Li Changsheng to surrender first and not directly kill him.

Li Changsheng rubbed his wrist and smiled indifferently.

“It sounds like a good deal.”

The abbot of the Little Buddha Temple revealed a happy expression, but Li Changsheng’s next words made the joy on his face instantly disappear.

“However, what I hate the most is baldies.
I’m quite interested in killing baldies, especially when I can kill a little baldy with a single sword move.
I can even do this for ten thousand years! However, if you want me to become a little baldy myself, hehe, I’m really sorry.
I’m not interested.”

The abbot’s expression turned completely cold.

His expression was cold as he said coldly, “You should be punished.
Your Taiyi Sword can’t even break through the defense of my Vajra Art.
You’ll only die in front of me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Changsheng gave him the middle finger.

In the next second, the abbot of the Little Buddha Temple suddenly disappeared from his spot.

This time, he did not waste his breath and directly arrived in front of Li Changsheng.

Killing intent surged.
This time, he wanted Li Changsheng to die without a burial place.

Even if the Buddha came, he would not be able to save him!

He activated the Vajra Art with all his strength and combined it with one of the supreme Buddhist martial arts—the Little Buddha Fist.
Because the enhancement on his fist was too powerful, it had even erupted with an extremely powerful energy and light.

Killing intent spread and soared, constantly increasing.
When it arrived in front of Li Changsheng, it had already increased to the limit.

He was determined to kill Lu Xiaoran with this punch!

However, Li Changsheng did not retreat at all.

When the punch arrived in front of him, his strength suddenly activated.

With the enhancement of the Great Void Chaos Steps, Li Changsheng dodged the old abbot’s punch at an even faster speed.

However, he did not retreat.
Instead, he carried an indomitable sword intent that was extremely sharp as he pounced towards the old abbot.

Then, he summoned the divine artifact sword in his body and circulated the Azure Lotus Sword Art with all his strength!

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At this moment, Li Changsheng’s aura soared.

At this moment, Li Changsheng became one with the sword.

At this moment, Li Changsheng’s true strength was displayed!

Before this, he had always been hiding and confusing the old abbot, making him think that he only knew how to use the Taiyi Sword and the astral sword beams.

His true goal was to find the moment when the old abbot would unleash all his moves!

This was because at that moment, all of the old abbot’s strength would be condensed in his attack and he would not be able to focus on his defensive strength.

The old abbot’s pupils instantly constricted.
He did not expect Li Changsheng to be able to unleash such a powerful attack.

The sharpness of this sword intent was fast and powerful, making him feel exhausted and unable to breathe!

He wanted to defend, but it was already too late.

If he wanted to attack, Li Changsheng’s sword beam would probably have already killed him before he could touch Li Changsheng.

Indeed, his body was first blasted back by a huge force before pain attacked his heart.

Golden blood splattered.
His chest was torn apart alive, and his organs were shattered by this sword.

It was even to the extent that the sword beam directly pierced through his back and severed his ribs.

He had been severely injured in one move and was almost instantly killed!

The old abbot smashed fiercely into the ruins ten thousand meters away, shattering several huge rocks.

At this moment, he finally sighed when Li Changsheng attacked.

At this moment, other than shock and confusion, the old abbot also had a trace of helplessness and despair.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect you to have been hiding a backup plan all along.
A mere junior is actually so powerful.
You’re really a peerless genius! I didn’t die in vain.”

Li Changsheng slowly retracted his sword and said coldly, “Stop talking nonsense.
Where’s my junior sister? Tell me and I’ll leave your corpse intact.”

The old abbot chuckled and coughed a few more times because of his wound.

“Cough cough cough… you won’t be able to see your junior sister again.
She has already been sent to the Bodhi Temple to participate in the Demon Exorcism Meeting.

“However, even if you dare to go, I won’t let you leave.

Li Changsheng narrowed his eyes.

A bad feeling suddenly surged into his heart.

“What do you want to do?”

“The Buddhist Sect is prosperous.
What do you think makes me the richest? I’ve gathered more than ten million top-grade divine crystals over the years! Even a God King Realm expert might not be able to easily withstand the explosion of so many divine crystals.

“This time, let’s see if you die!

“I’ll be leaving first.
Holy Son Li, I’ll wait for you in the Netherworld.”

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