A shocking roar enveloped the sky above the entire Little Buddha Temple, making the world tremble.

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The clouds retreated and the mountain wind stopped.

The hearts of the people from the Little Buddha Temple suddenly trembled.

When the dust dissipated, Li Changsheng, who was surrounded by sword lights and sword aura, also slowly walked into the Little Buddha Temple.

The moment he saw Li Changsheng, the abbot’s pupils constricted, and the hair on his body stood on end.

Others could only tell that Li Changsheng was terrifying, but he could already see through Li Changsheng’s true strength, which was his strength in the Sword Dao!

Just by relying on his current peak Ten Domain Martial God Realm cultivation, he was able to release such a powerful aura that far exceeded others of the same cultivation.

His future growth potential was immeasurable!

Moreover, this was not the most important thing.

Even if such a genius could not become a Sword Monarch in the future, he could at least become a Sword Venerable.

Now that the Buddhist Sect was already his mortal enemy, he definitely could not be allowed to grow.

This child could not be left alive!

A cold glint flashed in his eyes.
The abbot’s killing intent had already been set!

At this moment, Li Changsheng had already stepped into the square of the Little Buddha Temple.

The Buddhist Sect elders immediately berated, “How dare you be so arrogant and come to our Buddhist Sect to kill people? You’re simply crazy.
Are you tired of living?”

Li Changsheng swept his gaze over the other party.
As his eyes moved, the nine astral sword beams beside him suddenly condensed together, forming a powerful astral sword beam.

In the next second, the astral sword beam shot towards the other party at an unbelievable speed.

A Buddhist elder had already discovered Li Changsheng’s intentions.
He wanted to stop him, but it was already too late.

Before he could even finish speaking, the astral sword beam had already pierced through his chest and sent him flying.
He was nailed to the forehead of the Golden Buddha Body in the hall of the Little Buddha Temple.

Explosions sounded everywhere as the Buddha Golden Body shattered.
The blood of the elder slowly flowed down the crack, and his gaze was lifeless.

With a single sword move, Li Changsheng had even killed the other party’s body and soul without even moving his hand.
He did not even leave behind a trace of life.

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At this moment, the other elder finally said the other word.

The entire Little Buddha Temple instantly fell into a deathly silence.

Everyone fell silent and did not say a word.
The arrogance they had just now had completely disappeared at this moment.

The strength Li Changsheng displayed at this moment was so powerful that it made everyone feel suffocated.

“How dare a mere God Production Realm trash bark in front of me.
Do you really think you’re a big shot?”

Then, he cast his gaze on the other elders and said indifferently, “I only have one thing to say now.
Let my junior sister out and get everyone in your sect to sever one of their own fingers.
Then, this matter will be considered even.”

“Hehe, what high-sounding sentiments.
Although your cultivation level is not bad, your request is so unreasonable.
It’s not easy for my Little Buddha Temple to do, let alone impossible.”

Li Changsheng raised his eyebrows slightly.
Then, the sword aura beside him opened completely.
A total of 108 astral sword beams were unleashed, surrounding him and emitting trembling sounds.

Because the sword aura was too powerful, the ground under Li Changsheng’s feet was even slashed by the sword aura.

As soon as he finished speaking, the astral sword beams beside Li Changsheng slowly began to circulate.

One sword beam shot out, two sword auras shot out, three, four, five…

The last 108th astral sword beams shot into the group of Little Buddha Temple elders.

The abbot shouted lightly.
The 75 elders began to set up the array formation at the same time and used the supreme Buddhist cultivation technique, Golden Bell Shield.

The might of 75 Golden Bell Shields was extraordinary when used at the same time.

A golden light barrier immediately formed in front of everyone.

The light barrier had just formed in front of everyone when Li Changsheng’s sword beams attacked at the same time.

The first astral sword beam that collided suddenly exploded on the Golden Bell Shield.

Dust rose in all directions.

The second one was still shattered.

Then came the third, fourth, and fifth…

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When it got to the thirteenth astral sword beam, it was no longer shattered.
Instead, a shallow sword mark was pierced through the Golden Bell Shield.

When it got to the 60th sword beam, the Golden Bell Shield was already filled with astral sword beams.

When it got to the 90th astral sword beam, the Golden Bell Shield finally could not take it anymore and a huge hole was directly shattered.

Everyone’s hearts trembled.
Just as they were worried, all the sword beams suddenly disappeared.

Everyone was suddenly somewhat puzzled.

The abbot seemed to have thought of something and immediately shouted,”Retreat! Quick, retreat!”

Before everyone could react in the next moment, a huge astral sword beam more than a few meters long suddenly pierced through it in an unstoppable manner.
The huge gap directly tore the huge hole in the Golden Bell Shield to the limit.

In the next second, the huge astral sword beams suddenly exploded into 108 small astral sword beams.

In an instant, the astral sword beams pierced through the bodies of the surrounding Buddhist Sect elders.

Among them, ten died on the spot and sixteen were severely injured.

Screams sounded one after another.
All the Buddhist elders started to retreat.

“You want to run? It’s not over yet!”

Li Changsheng smiled coldly as a new wave of astral sword beams formed beside him.

Without holding back, they all rushed into the panicked elders and killed seven more elders in the chaos, severely injuring ten more.

How could Li Changsheng let go of all the heavily injured elders? He quietly dealt with them one by one.

In the blink of an eye, the 43 elders were all killed by Li Changsheng.

It was true that Li Changsheng’s cultivation was very powerful and had already reached the peak of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.
However, these elders were not easy to deal with.

The weakest among them was at the late-stage God Production Realm and above the eighth level.

The strongest among them was even an expert at the sixth or seventh level of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.

When everyone worked together to use the Golden Bell Shield, their defensive ability could not be simply calculated by adding up everyone’s cultivation.

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In this situation, Li Changsheng could still kill 43 elders in a single wave.
It could be imagined how powerful Li Changsheng’s true combat strength was.

The abbot of the Little Buddha Temple locked his eyes on Li Changsheng’s body.

Since ancient times, those whose true combat strength surpassed their cultivation level were not ordinary people.

Even if he did not care about the other party’s injuries to the Little Buddha Temple today, he still had to kill the other party!

Otherwise, a powerful enemy of the Buddhist Sect would definitely appear in the future.

At this moment, the battle was still ongoing, and the entire Little Buddha Temple was in chaos.

The elders and disciples fled everywhere and did their best to dodge Li Changsheng’s astral sword beams.
If they really could not dodge it, they could only resist with all their strength.

Even so, people were still severely injured every second!

Every second, someone would be pierced and fall.

Death was constantly accumulating and spreading.

The abbot took a deep breath and knew that he could not wait any longer.
He immediately sat cross-legged and began to recite the scripture.

As he recited the scripture, the golden blood of the dead Buddhist elders and disciples continuously condensed in his body, plating his body in a golden color, making him look like a bronze man.

A moment later, he suddenly opened his eyes and shot out two powerful golden lights.

His aura also covered the sky.

“Brat, are you done fooling around?”

This faint sentence was actually mixed with a thunderous voice.

That was the symbol of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm expert.

His cultivation had yet to reach the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm.

However, with the help of his secret technique just now, he had already reached the fifth level of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm.

Li Changsheng had naturally noticed his intentions long ago.

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However, he did not stop them.
He only took this opportunity to kill everyone else from the Little Buddha Temple.

By the time this abbot attacked, he had already killed more than 80% of the elders and disciples of the Little Buddha Temple.

The moment the abbot attacked, he knew that he could not wait any longer.

With a thought, 108 astral sword beams formed around him and directly slashed mercilessly at the abbot.

The astral sword beams slashed over, leaving behind lightning bolts and sparks.

However, when the sword beams swept over, the abbot’s body was not injured at all.

Li Changsheng narrowed his eyes, but the abbot roared with laughter.

“Hahahaha… there’s nothing you can do, right? This is our Buddhist Sect’s Vajra Art.
Moreover, it has been augmented by the cultivation of all the Buddhist Sect disciples you killed

“The current you is no threat to me at all.

“It’s useless even if you can fight someone a few realm levels higher.

Li Changsheng did not answer.
With a thought, the 108 sword beams instantly condensed, transforming into a huge sword beam that suddenly slashed the back of the abbot’s head from behind.

With a violent explosion, the huge sword beam was directly shattered.

The abbot of Little Buddha Temple was actually not injured at all.

“Hahahaha… I’ve already said that your attack is useless against me now! I’ll let you know now that going against the Buddhist Sect will be the greatest mistake of your life.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a monstrous pressure suddenly attacked from in front of Li Changsheng.

The figure of the abbot was slowly dissipating.

Clearly, the other party’s speed was too fast, causing afterimages to appear on the spot.
At the same time, his body arrived in front of Li Changsheng.

With a punch, the divine power in the air was instantly sucked out, forming a huge vacuum.
Before the trembling could be transmitted, the fist had already landed on Li Changsheng’s chest…

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