In the Mountain and River State Painting, Lu Xiaoran was cultivating cross-legged.

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At this moment, a long sword slowly flew out from the pile of treasures and arrived beside Lu Xiaoran.
It hid in the dark and stared fixedly at Lu Xiaoran.

It was a divine artifact that belonged to Yang Jian.

Ever since Yang Jian was killed by Lu Xiaoran, it had been thrown into a corner by Lu Xiaoran.

Because it was only a divine artifact, after Lu Xiaoran wiped away Yang Jian’s mark, he directly threw it into the pile of divine artifacts and did not care much.

However, at this moment, the consciousness of this divine artifact clearly wanted to do something.

It had hidden for so long only to find a suitable opportunity.

Now, it felt that this opportunity had arrived.

When the fluctuation in Lu Xiaoran’s body gradually began to increase, indicating that he was about to break through to the next level, this divine artifact suddenly flew out and instantly arrived at the back of Lu Xiaoran’s head in a lightning-like manner, attempting to severely injure him.

However, at this moment, an accident suddenly happened.
Three layers of light appeared on the surface of Lu Xiaoran’s body and sent it flying.

In the next moment, before it could react, a huge bell had already struck down.

It was Lu Xiaoran’s Creation Bell.

With the Creation Bell pulled down, the long sword could only collide incessantly in the Creation Bell, emitting muffled sounds.

However, no matter how loud this noise was, it was unable to escape.

A moment later, the divine power fluctuation in Lu Xiaoran’s body reached its current peak.

With the impact of this divine power fluctuation, Lu Xiaoran finally broke through to the seventh level of the Mahayana God King Realm.

“Hah! I finally broke through.”

The corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up slightly, and his face revealed excitement.

Every breakthrough was a challenge to himself.
Although he did not break through much, he would eventually reach the legendary God Monarch Realm.

At this moment, he noticed the movement in the Creation Bell.
He turned around and swept his gaze over.
Only then did he discover that it was the divine artifact sword Yang Jian had thrown into the Mountain and River State Painting previously.

Lu Xiaoran could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

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“Isn’t this Yang Jian’s divine sword? Didn’t I already erase the mark that belongs to Yang Jian?! Does it still want to attack me?”

Generally speaking, although divine artifacts had their own intelligence, as long as the mark of the previous master was wiped away, they would not avenge the previous master.

However, how could this divine artifact avenge its predecessor?

Could it be that it had encountered that situation?

Lu Xiaoran’s pupils constricted.
Although this situation only existed in an extremely small number of divine artifacts, there was still a chance for it to happen.

That was, if that divine artifact cared a lot about its previous master and was very compatible with him.

Thus, even if the other party’s mark was erased, it would still avenge the other party.

From a scientific point of view, this was equivalent to buying a second-hand car but the previous owner kept the key.
Thus, the car could be driven away at any time.

Lu Xiaoran took a deep breath.

Since its heart already belonged to someone else, he could not let this beautiful little sword live!

With a firm gaze, he immediately took out several profound-level weapons.

A few breaths later, this divine artifact turned to dust.
Even the artifact soul inside was swallowed by the other weapons, not leaving a trace.

Because of this, Lu Xiaoran shattered all the other weapons he had obtained from Yang Jian.

In any case, it was only a mere divine artifact.
It was fine if it was destroyed.
It was not valuable.

After doing all of this, Lu Xiaoran came out of the Mountain and River State Painting.
He swept his divine sense and saw that the Lu family disciples had improved quite well.

For example, Old Master Lu was already at the eighth level of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.

This was all thanks to the Immortal Blood Pill, the Immortal Marrow Pill, and various profound medicinal pills.

Moreover, thanks to the Great Dao Reincarnation.
Lu Xiaoran was able to turn two years into four years.

Lu Tiannan and the other second-generation disciples of the Lu family had all stepped into the late-stage God Production Realm and reached the eighth or ninth level of the God Production Realm.

The improvement of Lu Xiaochen and the other third-generation disciples was even more obvious.
They had already reached the first level of the God Production Realm.

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This was because although the range of improvement of the medicinal pills was the same, cultivators with relatively low cultivation could advance more quickly.

Overall, it was not bad and could not be said to be very shocking.

Lu Xiaoran estimated that his chances of using the Lu family to do anything in the future were not high.

After all, they were not as talented as Lige.
Moreover, they were even inferior to Lige, let alone the others.

He wondered how his disciples had been doing in the Divine World all these years? How was their cultivation?

After all, he had gotten so many small gift bags.
His disciples should have broken through a lot.

Lu Xiaoran estimated that some of them had already reached the God Production Realm or even the Ten Domain Martial God Realm!

Lu Xiaoran swore that he really did not want to laugh.
He just could not hold it in for a moment.

Speaking of which, it had been two years.
Why was Zhuge Ziqiong still not here?

Lu Xiaoran’s eyebrows raised slightly because he could sense that there were no fluctuations in the Body Modeling Mark.

In other words, Zhuge Ziqiong was not dead.
Since she was not dead, why was she not here yet?

With a trace of doubt, Lu Xiaoran opened the information of the disciples.

The information in the beginning was still the same.

“Your disciple Yun Lige is being surrounded by the Demon Sect disciples.”

“Your disciple Yun Lige is being pursued by the Demon Sect Elder.”

“Your disciple Yun Lige is being pursued by a big shot of the Demon Sect.”

“Your disciple Yun Lige is being pursued by the Demon Sect’s sect master.”

Lu Xiaoran was speechless.

“What is that brat Lige doing? Why is he being surrounded and pursued all day? Can’t he live peacefully?”

“Your disciple Li Changsheng killed several itinerant cultivators.”

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“I can even see Changsheng’s information? Previously, I didn’t see any information about Changsheng at all.
He was probably hiding somewhere in seclusion.
Now that he has killed several itinerant cultivators, it means that he has already come out of seclusion.”

Lu Xiaoran shouted for Wang Cai, and Wang Cai immediately came out.

“Coming, coming, Master, I’m here.”

“Changsheng seems to have also come out of seclusion.
Try and see if he’s in your search range now.”

“Yes, yes.
I’ve already automatically activated Soul Guidance, but Changsheng seems to be doing something, so he didn’t come.”

“He just killed some itinerant cultivators.
I think he should be in some trouble.
Give me his information panel first and let me see how powerful his current cultivation is.”

“Alright, it’s being generated.”

Soon, Lu Xiaoran discovered Li Changsheng’s cultivation.

“Aiyo, not bad.
This brat has actually increased to the perfected peak of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.
Powerful, very powerful!”

Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes slightly and was very satisfied with Li Changsheng’s cultivation.

This child mainly cultivated the Sword Dao and had extraordinary attainments.
In such a short period of time, he had increased to the perfected peak of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.

It could really be said that once the heavens gave birth to Changsheng, he would be destined to take the path of the sword for a long time!

“That’s not right.
I’m looking for information on Ziqiong.”

Lu Xiaoran suddenly remembered something serious.
Then, he continued to scroll and quickly found Zhuge Ziqiong’s information.

Zhuge Ziqiong’s information was mixed with a lot of information about Yun Lige being pursued and surrounded.

“Your disciple, Zhuge Ziqiong, has been captured by a Buddhist Elder.”

Previously, it was said that people from the Buddhist Sect were targeting Zhuge Ziqiong and chasing after her.
In the end, they actually captured Zhuge Ziqiong in the blink of an eye.

“These damn baldies.
Why did they have to capture my precious disciple?

“Where is the other party? Can we find them? I want to see which temple they’re from.
If they dare to capture my disciple, I’ll tear down their temple and take down their relics.”

“I can’t.
After Zhuge Ziqiong was sealed by the other party, she was brought out of my perception range.
Now, Li Changsheng is the only one in my perception range.”

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Moreover, so what if he found out?

“Master, your current cultivation level is only at the seventh level of the Mahayana God King Realm.
There are so many big shots in the Buddhist Sect who might even be at the God Monarch Realm.
Aren’t you afraid?”

“It’s not that I’m not afraid, but I have a Mahayana Martial Monarch Realm Pill that can increase my cultivation to the God Monarch Realm in a short period of time.
If I really encounter a God Monarch Realm expert, I can still handle him.
Moreover, if I can’t beat him, I can still run, right?”

“Master is right, but because the Divine World is too big and the other party is too far away, I can’t find her for the time being.
Unless I can devour some more power of luck and evolve again.”

Lu Xiaoran rubbed his eyebrows fiercely.

“You make it sound good.
How can it be that easy to find a hot shot? If it were that easy to find, I would have long brought you there to kill him.”

“By the way, Master, I put some special things in the gift bag for you.
You can take a look.
You might find something.”

Lu Xiaoran was slightly puzzled and immediately began to open the gift box.

In the past two years, his disciples had contributed many gift boxes to him.

Profound Absolute Heaven Song x1.

The Absolute Heaven Song was a profound auxiliary cultivation technique.
Once it was activated, it could seal the blood of the disciples.

He could completely take damage for his disciples.

“Wang Cai, is this the good stuff you mentioned? Is that all? You’re so damn mean.
I only realized today.”

Wang Cai had given him such a despicable technique that would divert all the disciples’ damage to himself?

“Master, you’re mistaken.
This move is used in conjunction with my information perception.
If my information perception senses that the disciples are being attacked, I can transfer it to you and let the disciples enter a pseudo invincible state.
Moreover, it’s basically impossible for the enemies of the disciples to have a cultivation higher than yours!”

This is a very good thing for the disciples! ”

Lu Xiaoran raised his middle finger in his heart.

Why didn’t Wang Cai just give him some invincible skills?

However, it could not be helped.
Wang Cai was a dog to begin with.
How could a dog be reliable?

He decided to continue opening his gift bag and see if there was anything good.

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