It had been many years since a Netherworld Sect elder had experienced such pain.

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At this moment, he felt as if his chest had been torn apart.

An intense pain was transmitted to his mind through his meridians and nerves, as if it was about to tear his mind apart.

It was not that experts could not feel pain.
On the contrary, they were more sensitive to pain!

However, an expert’s willpower was also stronger.

However, he was not bothered by this.

What he was considering at this moment was why Lu Xiaoran was so powerful.

Lu Xiaoran was only a third-generation disciple of the Lu family.
How could he possibly suppress him, a dignified Ten Domain Martial God Realm expert?

Before he could react, a huge force smashed into his chest again, making him vomit another mouthful of golden blood.

Lu Xiaoran had shattered his chest with a single step and even shattered his organs.

However, because he was a Ten Domain Martial God Realm expert and his body was incomparably powerful, he did not die immediately.

“Why did you come to the Lu family?”

“Why are you looking for me now?”

Lu Xiaoran asked several questions in succession, but the Netherworld Sect elder spat out a mouthful of blood.

However, before this spit could land on Lu Xiaoran, Lu Xiaoran’s fingers moved slightly.
In the next second, divine power wrapped around his fist and he smashed the spit back the way he came, fiercely smashing it into the Netherworld Sect elder’s mouth.

On the spot, his chin was shattered, and even his neck was about to be broken.

At this moment, he was already unable to say anything else.

However, Lu Xiaoran was not worried.
He opened the Trinity True Eyes and his mental strength surged crazily into the other party’s mind like a tide.

He immediately extracted a portion of his memories.

After learning why the other party had come here, Lu Xiaoran immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the reason why the other party was looking for him was not because of the mastermind.
It was only because the Netherworld Sect’s sect master wanted to use Gong Wan’er as a cauldron and Lu Xiaoran just so happened to be her fiancée.

“I didn’t expect this Gong Wan’er to be quite good.
She’s actually chosen by the Netherworld Sect’s sect master.
Looks like her talent is probably extraordinary.”

Then again, women were indeed trouble.

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If not for the matter with Gong Wan’er, the Netherworld Sect would not have secretly mobilized the six families to attack the Lu family.
In this way, he could have continued to cultivate ignobly and might even be able to cultivate to the God Monarch Realm before coming out of seclusion.

It seemed that in the future, he still had to stick to his usual principle.
He had to stay away from women.

After continuing to digest a portion of the other party’s memories, Lu Xiaoran’s expression instantly began to turn solemn again.

This guy had actually attacked Old Master Lu?

Old Master Lu was actually in danger?

Lu Xiaoran’s expression turned cold.
Without any hesitation, he twisted his foot and instantly crushed the Netherworld Sect elder’s entire body and soul.

Then, he waved his hand and took out the other party’s soul.

It was a poisonous snake-shaped soul with a triangular head.
It was grabbed by Lu Xiaoran and was still struggling as if it wanted to escape.

Lu Xiaoran did not stand on ceremony and directly raised his hand to swallow it alive.

The poisonous snake divine soul had just entered his body and had yet to find a place to hide when Lu Xiaoran’s black hole divine soul swallowed the poisonous snake divine soul alive and shattered it to replenish Lu Xiaoran’s divine soul.

Lu Xiaoran was not very happy that his strength had increased slightly.
He was bothered by the fact that Old Master Lu had actually been severely injured.

It was not only because this old man was his grandfather, but also because the other party had been especially good to him.

At the same time, if the other party died, the entire Lu family would collapse.

At that time, Lu Xiaoran would have a lot of headaches.

He sighed faintly.
Looks like it was impossible for him to live idly for the moment.

“Not good, Master has been attacked.”

In the Lu family hall, someone finally discovered Old Master Lu’s situation.
Soon, all the direct descendants of the Lu family surrounded him.

“Dad, what’s going on? Who injured you like this?”

Old Master Lu was in danger and his consciousness was already starting to blur.

He moved his mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end, because he was too weak, he was unable to spit out the words.

Lu Tiannan and the other descendants were heartbroken to the extreme, and their eyes began to turn red.

He knew that after he died, none of his descendants would be able to escape.

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The Netherworld Sect and the six families would not let them off.

He wanted them to escape, but because he was severely injured, he was unable to speak.

He had already vaguely guessed the outcome of these descendants.

However, at this moment, Old Master Lu suddenly realized that everyone’s speed had suddenly slowed.

Was this the scene of a person dying?

Would everything slow down?

However, in the next second, something even more miraculous happened.

This was because he could clearly see a figure in a coat and a cloak slowly walk up with his hands behind his back.

His speed was not considered fast, but compared to the others, who were as slow as snails, he was ridiculously fast.

“Are you… the Grim Reaper?”

Old Master Lu’s soul asked.

The other party did not answer.
With a wave of his hand, the figure of a Azure Thearch appeared behind him and emitted an emerald green light.

This light was filled with vitality.
When it shone on his body, it instantly healed the injuries on his body.

Old Master Lu widened his eyes as if he had seen a ghost as he looked at the man in black in front of him.

Soon, his injuries actually completely recovered.

“I… I actually recovered from my injuries! Who are you?”

The other party still did not speak and only flicked a medicinal pill at him.
It was an Immortal Blood Pill.

It was a medicinal pill that belonged to the profound level.

The Immortal Blood Pill melted in his mouth.
The majestic energy and the pure immortal blood immediately caused a ripple in Old Master Lu’s realm that had not moved for many years.

In the next second, his cultivation began to increase crazily.

Ten Domain Martial God Realm!

Second level of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm!

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Third level of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm!

It only stopped after increasing by three realm levels.

Old Master Lu’s heart pounded crazily as two tears fell from the corner of his eyes.

His cultivation had increased!

He had finally stepped into the legendary Ten Domain Martial God Realm.
Moreover, he had suddenly advanced to the third level of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.

This was a realm he had pursued for countless years!

Now, the other party had only used a medicinal pill to help him break through.
How powerful was this? How heaven-defying was this?

It was as if he was a true god!

“Father, Father, what’s wrong?”

After an unknown period of time, his son’s voice entered his ear and woke him up from his shock.

Everything had already returned to normal.

That magical and powerful existence had already disappeared without a trace.

Old Master Lu hurriedly stood up and went to the courtyard to search, but he found nothing.

On the other hand, Lu Tiannan and the others were almost frightened to death by Old Master Lu.

“Dad, are… are you alright?”

Old Master Lu ignored him and sighed faintly.

He knew that the senior expert had already left.

However, when he sensed the surging and majestic strength in his body, he could not help but smile foolishly.

The descendants of the Lu family were all puzzled and widened their eyes.
They looked at each other and did not know what was going on.

After a while, Lu Tiannan mustered his courage and carefully went forward to ask,

“Dad, what’s wrong? Weren’t you severely injured just now?”

“Hahahaha… That’s right, I’m indeed severely injured.
However, I’m already fine now.
Not only that, but my cultivation has also increased to the third level of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.”

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“Grandpa, are you joking with us?”

Everyone seemed to have heard the most unbelievable thing in this world.

The old master, who had just been severely injured, was not only energetic, but he had also broken through three realms in a row.
This was simply like a dream.

Old Master Lu shook his head, the joy on his face obvious.

“I’m not joking.
Previously, I guessed that the one who saved Xiaochen was our Lu family’s ancestor.
However, at that time, I was only guessing.

“However, now, I am really sure.

“Our Lu family really has an ancestor who is still alive.
Moreover, his cultivation is incomparably deep and powerful!

“Just now, not only did he repair my injuries, but he also used a medicinal pill to help me break through my cultivation that had been stagnant for many years.

“All of this happened in front of you guys, but none of you saw him.

“Tell me, if not for our Lu family’s ancestor, who would have such cultivation? Who would care about the life and death of our Lu family? Why would he help me break through?”

Everyone gasped in unison.

Their Lu family actually had an ancestor, and an unimaginably powerful one at that.

They were really rich now!

“Long live our ancestor!”

“Our Lu family also has an ancestor!”

“Now, be it the six families or the Netherworld Sect, we don’t have to be afraid anymore.”

At this moment, a figure rushed in from outside the courtyard.

“Old Master, something bad has happened.
The six families have all issued a challenge to you.
They want to challenge you to a battle in the Heavenly Water City’s arena tomorrow.”

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