hed out and exchanged blows with Yun Lige.

The two fists collided, and a powerful energy fluctuation directly blasted the two of them away.

Yun Lige retreated six steps, and the other party retreated twelve steps.
What was even more terrifying was that Yun Lige had even torn off the arm that had grabbed onto previously.

Even though his cultivation had improved by two realm levels with the help of a secret technique, Yun Lige had still cultivated the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture!

The strength of a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique was not something that could be suppressed by an additional one or two realm levels.

Without hesitation, he immediately turned around and ran.

Yun Lige threw away his arm and snorted.

“You want to run away after coming to my Zhishui Peak to cause trouble? Do you really think you can look down on the chief disciple of Zhishui Peak?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he stomped his foot and relied on the counterforce to instantly transform into a stream of light that chased after the other party.

The White Bone Demon Sect Elder was extremely anxious.

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If Yun Lige caught up to him and attracted the others, he would be dead for sure.

At this moment, Ji Wuxia also heard the commotion and quickly rushed out of the room.

Yun Lige shouted from behind, “Junior Sister, this person is a thief.
He barged into our Zhishui Peak at night.
Quickly capture him!”

Ji Wuxia’s eyes turned cold as she immediately circulated the True Phoenix Nine Transformations, prepared to attack.

The White Bone Demon Sect Elder was overjoyed.

As a senior brother, Yun Lige’s cultivation level was definitely stronger.
This meant that Ji Wuxia’s cultivation level was definitely inferior to Yun Lige’s.

He could use this opportunity to take her down.
With her as a hostage, he might even be able to turn the tables.

Thinking of this, not only did he not dodge, but he also increased his speed and headed straight for Ji Wuxia.

The benefits brought by the Bone Burning Art had not disappeared.
His current cultivation level was at the seventh level of the Spirit Realm.
This was also the reason why he was so confident at this moment!

Without any mercy, he attacked with a killing move!

“Little girl, thank you for coming out on your own.
I won’t be polite.
Give me…”

Before he could finish speaking, Ji Wuxia attacked at an even faster speed.
His pupils dilated slightly, as if he could see a roaring phoenix phantom behind Ji Wuxia.

A fear filled with death made him want to escape, but it was already too late.

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Not to mention that he was unable to stop at this moment, even if he could stop at this moment, he still wouldn’t be able to dodge Ji Wuxia’s attack.

Ji Wuxia’s palm landed fiercely on his fist.

The powerful might stripped away the spirit energy covering his arm on the spot.
Then, his flesh was torn apart, and the bones inside were shattered inch by inch.

It had to be known that the White Bone Demon Sect mainly cultivated bones and their bones were much stronger than ordinary cultivators.

However, at this moment, in front of Ji Wuxia, his bones seemed to have turned to sand and he was unable to resist at all.

Ji Wuxia’s palm force did not lose momentum and shattered his arm inch by inch.
Finally, it landed on his shoulder and directly caused it to explode into a bloody mist.

However, even so, he did not have the time to think.
He could only use another secret technique of the White Bone Demon Sect—Bone Explosion Art.

Thi top-grade Earth Realm cultivation technique could allow its user to instantaneously teleport away by breaking a bone on the user’s body.

It was even crueler than the Bone Burning Art.

The Bone Burning Art only burned one’s bone marrow.
There were still chances to make up for it by consuming natural treasures and top-grade medicinal pills.
However, the Bone Explosion Art directly shattered one’s bones.
To the cultivators of the White Bone Demon Sect, it was almost equivalent to cutting off their chances of continuing to advance.

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