Divine World, Misty Pavilion, Sect Master Hall.

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A beautiful figure in a blue dress slowly stepped into the sect master hall.

Her face was covered in a white veil, and her appearance could not be seen clearly.
However, from her starry eyes, one could tell that she was extremely beautiful.

As she stepped forward, her small feet lifted the corner of her skirt from time to time.
One could vaguely see the porcelain white skin of her feet.
It was beautiful.

She arrived at the hall and bowed to a figure on the high platform.

“Master, are you looking for me?”

The Sect Master of the Misty Pavilion was filled with a sense of accomplishment.
He looked at the girl in front of him and could not help but feel emotional.

However, in the end, his thousands of words gathered into a simple sentence.

“Wan’er, how’s your cultivation recently?”

“Master, Wan’er has been cultivating recently and everything is normal.”

The Sect Master of the Ethereal Sect nodded.
He wanted to say something, but he seemed to be unable to say it.

“Master, what’s the matter? Tell me.”

Wan’er was smart and could already tell that her master was implying something.

The Sect Master looked at her for a long time before saying,

“Actually, I do have something on.
I wonder if you’ve heard of Heaven Water City’s Lu Qingshan?”

Wan’er frowned slightly and immediately said, “I’ve heard a little about him.
It’s said that decades ago, he was the number one genius of Heaven Water City.
However, it seems that he was ambushed and the couple has long died.
Even their only son has disappeared.”

The Ethereal Sect Master nodded.

“You’re right.
However, in the past two years, Lu Qingshan’s child has returned.”

“I see.
That’s good.
However, I wonder why Master told me this?”

The Ethereal Sect Master continued with a trace of guilt, “I don’t want to hide it from you.
Many years ago, I was saved by Lu Qingshan and his wife.
At that time, I once promised him that if I took in a female disciple in the future, I would marry her to his son to repay him for saving my life.”

Wan’er was somewhat stunned.
Her small mouth opened slightly, as if she was shocked by this matter.

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After a long silence, she finally said, “So, I’m the fiancée of Senior Lu’s son now?”

The Ethereal Sect Master nodded.

“That’s right, that’s indeed the case.
I heard that that child has been wandering outside for many years and did not obtain the enhancement of cultivation resources early.
Therefore, he’s only at the third level of the God Realm now.”

After a pause, he continued, “Actually, I chose to do this deal back then because the other party’s father was powerful.
However, now, the other party has already died.
Moreover, that child’s talent and future are ordinary.
Therefore, I think that if you’re unwilling, I can also cancel this marriage.

“Although our Misty Pavilion is not a top-notch sect, we still don’t have to obey the arrangements of the Lu family.

“A mere Lu family is not enough to threaten our Misty Sect.

“Even if they could, they wouldn’t go against our Misty Pavilion for an ordinary disciple.

Wan’er pondered for a moment and immediately said, “Thank you, Master, for thinking of me.
However, since Master has already promised the other party, how can Master go back on your word? If we use our strength to suppress the other party, wouldn’t that be even more extreme? At that time, who would trust our Misty Pavilion?”

“Then… according to you…?”

“Let me take a look first.
It’s no wonder that his cultivation is lacking.
It’s because he lost his home in the early years.
If he’s a wastrel, I’ll give him a huge gift and cancel this marriage.
However, if he’s a diligent and studious disciple, I’m also willing to fulfill your wish.”

The Ethereal Sect Master nodded.

“In that case, I’ll leave this matter to you.”

“Yes! I’ll set off for the Lu family now.”

On Lu Xiaoran’s side, after returning to his courtyard, there was naturally no need to say anything.
He definitely had to enter a meditative state to cultivate.

His current cultivation level was only at the early-stage of the God Production Realm.
At most, he could surpass a realm level.
If he risked his life, he might be able to surpass two realm levels.
He was completely unable to protect himself in this vast Divine World.

The priority now was for him to cultivate and become an expert.

First, he would set a small goal.
In five years… the God Monarch Realm… was too far away.
In five years, he would break through to the Mahayana God King Realm first.

Time passed in a flash.
In the blink of an eye, two months had passed.

In these two months, Lu Xiaoran had broken through another level and his cultivation had reached the fourth level of the God Production Realm.

He could already create a living being—a fly baby.

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Although it was a very simple living being, it was still something he had worked hard to create.
Moreover, it was a living being, unlike flowers and plants.

“Unfortunately, it’s not a silkworm.
Otherwise, I would have been able to fry it until it’s golden yellow.
The smell would even make the baby next door hungry.”

Lu Xiaoran tried to transfer the things he had created in his small world to the real world and discovered that he could already successfully transfer them.

This was a very good sign.

This was because after one’s cultivation broke through to the God Production Realm, the things they created could only be destroyed by those above the God Production Realm.

If one’s cultivation was low, they would not be able to destroy it.

In this way, Lu Xiaoran could also control the living beings he created to survey and even fight.

However, his current cultivation level was too low.
However, there shouldn’t be a problem with the survey.
Fighting was definitely unrealistic.

Just as he was done playing, Lu Xiaoran heard a knock on the door.

He raised his eyebrows slightly.
With a thought, he had already arrived at the door and gently pushed it open.

The person who came to find him was none other than the manager beside Lu Xiao Chen.

“Why is Steward Lu so free to come to my place?”

“Young Master, Master has ordered me to invite you to the martial arts arena for a chat.”

“Why did Old Master suddenly ask me to go to the martial arts arena? Is there something wrong?”

“I’m not too sure either, but I heard that your fiancée has arrived.”

After a while, someone could not help but say, “What?”

Lu Xiaoran was suddenly stunned, and his expression was somewhat puzzled.

“It’s your fiancée, the Divine Maiden of the Misty Pavilion, Gong Wan’er.
It’s said that your father saved her master’s life back then, so she’s your fiancée.”

Lu Xiaoran understood and immediately said, “Have you seen her? What is she like?”

“I did.
She’s quite beautiful and can be considered to be knowledgeable.
However, her cultivation level is not low.
At this moment, she’s fighting with the young masters and young mistresses of the family and has already defeated several third-generation disciples of our Lu family in a row.”

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However, our Lu family is inferior to the Misty Pavilion to begin with.
It’s fine if we lose for a moment.

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows slightly.

The other party was the Divine Maiden of the Misty Pavilion.
Be it her cultivation or talent, she was top-notch.

A woman like her would definitely not fancy a brat like him who had just been found by the Lu family.

She had probably come at this moment to learn from Nalan Yanran.

She would cancel the engagement.

Then, Lu Xiaoran would not like it when she humiliated him.

As a man, he was 1.8 meters tall and handsome.
How could he let a woman humiliate him?

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran had no choice.

After heaving a sigh of relief, Lu Xiaoran said,

“Got it.
I’ll go over now.”

Then, he quickly arrived at the Lu family’s martial arts arena.

From afar, he sensed an extremely powerful spirit energy fluctuation.
It was probably around the third level of the God Slaying Realm.

“Eh, doesn’t this aura belong to Cousin? Did Cousin break through again?”

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat shocked.
It had to be known that only two months had passed, and Lu Xiaoran did not have so many resources and the cultivation enhancement of his disciples.
How could he have become so powerful?

However, when he opened the Trinity True Eyes, he saw clearly that Lu Xiaochen’s cultivation was actually still at the first level of the God Slaying Realm.
However, he had used the divine technique of the Lu family.

This divine technique hid a special power.
It could increase a cultivator’s cultivation by a realm level in a short period of time and be used in battle.

He did not expect his cousin to be so capable.
Unfortunately, however, he was still unable to defeat the other party.

Lu Xiaoran looked at the other party.
It had to be said that this woman was quite handsome.

At 1.7 meters tall, her long legs were at least 1.1 meters.

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The altitude of her mountains were above the average passing line, around 36.

There was definitely no need to mention her appearance.
There were no ugly women in the Divine World.
Previously, Ling Qingxue, who liked Yang Jian, was very beautiful.
This Gong Wan’er was several times more beautiful than her.

However, Lu Xiaoran was not interested in this.

Lust was emptiness and lust.
It was nothing good.

The only thing he was more interested in was the other party’s cultivation, which had already reached the first level of the God Creation Realm.

With this cultivation and the other party’s bone age, she was already quite impressive.

At this moment, she was suppressing her cultivation.
However, even so, Lu Xiaochen was still not her match.

No matter how Lu Xiaochen circulated his divine technique, the other party was calm and easily resisted.

Her jade-like hands seemed to be able to move an entire world with extreme strength.

Lu Xiaoran could not help but frown slightly.

“Is this Misty Pavilion a proper sect? Why do I feel that her small hands seem to have been trained before? If I marry her, even if I use the Indestructible Golden Body, I will still be skinned by her!”

Shaking his head, he still rushed forward.

This was because he could sense that Lu Xiaochen was about to collapse.

Indeed, in less than two seconds, the moment Lu Xiaoran arrived at the martial arts arena, Lu Xiaochen was struck to the ground by the other party’s palm and smashed fiercely onto the ground like a cannonball.

Immediately after, the other party slowly landed.
The gauze dress on her body danced in the wind, making countless Lu family disciples obsessed.

Lu Xiaochen crawled out of the pit and coughed twice.

“Divine Maiden Gong is indeed powerful.
I admit defeat.”

Gong Wan’er smiled politely and said,

“Young Master Lu, don’t underestimate yourself.
I cultivate several divine techniques, and the quality is very high.
That’s why I have such a powerful cultivation.
If Young Master Lu has enough resources, your cultivation might not be inferior to mine.”

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