The creation of a God Production Realm expert was something independent from the Divine World.

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It was extremely convenient.
They could create things at any time and anywhere.
At the same time, the things they create practicality far exceed what was created in this world.

For example, an ordinary condom can only be blown to the size of a basketball, but the one Lu Xiaoran created can even be blown to the size of a mountain.

This was the difference.
It was better and could not be pierced.
There was a qualitative difference.

Lu Xiaoran tried to create a flower, but it took a little longer.

Other than that, he also tried to create other life forms.
However, he failed and couldn’t even create a dung beetle.

It seemed that even though a God Production Realm expert could create something in their own space, a God Production Realm expert still had to rely on their own cultivation to survive.

Experts could create beautiful women, servants, and the like.

Those with trashy cultivation levels could only create rubber dead things like condoms and extremely low-level life forms like flowers and plants.

However, this was already very good for Lu Xiaoran.

In any case, he did not need money.
What was wrong with having another method?

After the avatar studied the cultivation method of the God Production Realm, it immediately began to return to his main body.

On the other hand, Lu Xiaoran’s main body was eating with the Seven Water Pavilion’s sect master.

The only people present were the sect master of the Seven Water Pavilion and Lu Xiaoran.

To the Seven Water Pavilion, the Lu family was their ancestor.
Therefore, other than the sect master of the Seven Water Pavilion, everyone else could only guard outside and not easily enter.

“Young Master Lu, I still have to apologize to you again.
Please don’t take what happened today to heart.
Those two damn idiots, Ling Qingxue and Yang Jian, are really crazy.
They actually dared to go against Young Master Lu.”

Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over him and said indifferently, “It’s fine.
He’s already dead.
There’s nothing to say.”

The Seven Water Pavilion’s sect master heaved a long sigh of relief.

Before he could smile, Lu Xiaoran continued, “However, I have something to ask Sect Master Wang.”

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Sect Master Wang’s expression turned serious as he suddenly said, “Young Master Lu, feel free to tell me.”

“I want to ask, does your sect buy divine crystals? Do you use spirit stones to buy divine crystals?”

“Of course.
In fact, small sects like ours often accept some divine crystals because we have to pay tribute to the families we rely on.
However, when we buy divine crystals, we also buy them from some large factions.
Usually, our prices will be lowered.”

“What’s the approximate ratio?”

“Let’s put it this way.
The exchange ratio between the spirit stones is 1:10 for every level.
The ratio between the divine crystals is also 1:10 for every level.
As for exchanging top-grade spirit stones for low-grade divine crystals, the exchange ratio should also be 1:10.
However, when we go out to exchange for them, the exchange ratio will increase to 100:1.
Some black-hearted people might even exchange it for a ratio of 200:1.”

“Then, does your sect consume a lot of spirit stones?”

“Of course.
After all, this is the Divine World.
In this place, the God Realm is the beginning.
All the people who join small sects like ours are here to step into the God Realm.

“Therefore, almost everyone would consume spirit stones desperately to increase the strength of their disciples.

“It has to be known that if we can nurture disciples at the God Realm and send them to the various large families and higher-level sects, we will obtain a generous reward.
This is even much higher than the cost of creating a God Realm expert.
It’s rather profitable.

“Other than that, if the chances of the disciples of a sect becoming gods are high enough, we will attract more and more outstanding disciples to join us.

“This is almost one of the most important foundations of a sect’s long-term and sustainable development.

“Do you have an accurate number?”

“Yes… our Seven Water Pavilion currently has a total of about 100,000 disciples and elders.
The consumption of spirit stones every month exceeds a billion high-grade spirit stones.”

Lu Xiaoran calculated and realized that it was quite normal.

A billion high-grade spirit stones was only 100 million top-grade spirit stones.

100 million top-grade spirit stones was really nothing.

If these were exchanged for divine crystals, it would only be 1 million low-grade divine crystals.

It was about 10,000 high-grade divine crystals, which meant that they only consumed 120,000 high-grade divine crystals a year.

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It had to be known that the offerings the Seven Water Pavilion gave to the Lu family every year were as high as 100,000 high-grade divine crystals.
They even gave red packets to their disciples.

In this way, it was almost equivalent to the offerings the Seven Water Pavilion gave to the Lu family every year.

However, the more the sects below consumed, the better it was for Lu Xiaoran.

Because the more he had, the more convenient it would be for Lu Xiaoran to sell the top-grade spirit stones he had.

“I’ll do business with you.
I’ll give you enough top-grade spirit stones.
Go and buy divine crystals for me.
I want top-grade divine crystals for everything.
Other than top-grade divine crystals, I don’t want anything else.”

Sect Master Wang could not help but be stunned.

“Young Master Lu, are you joking with me? You want to buy divine crystals? That’s not a small number.
The value of a top-grade divine crystal is at least 100,000 top-grade spirit stones in the black market.
This is only the normal ratio.
Even if you don’t get scammed, you still have to spend at least 100,000 top-grade spirit stones to buy a top-grade spirit stone.
How many top-grade divine crystals do you want to buy? If there’s not much, our Seven Water Pavilion can help you exchange for some.”

Lu Xiaoran glanced at Sect Master Wang.

“Then why did you say that you had no money when you handed it over?”

Sect Master Wang’s face suddenly turned red.

“Cough cough… It can’t be helped.
Young Master Lu, we’re a small family after all.
We can’t compare to your Lu family.
We have a huge family and business.
If we could, we would split the spirit stones in half to use them twice.
Who would be willing to part with wealth?”

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“Alright, stop talking nonsense with me.
I’m not interested in your little things.
To tell you the truth, the more top-grade spirit crystals you can exchange for, the better.
As for the spirit stones, you don’t have to worry.
I’ll give you ten billion top-grade spirit stones first.
Exchange them all for top-grade divine crystals.
If you don’t have enough later, you can ask me for more.”

He was not afraid that Sect Master Wang would embezzle his spirit stones.

He had long used the Trinity True Eyes to change Sect Master Wang’s will.

The Trinity True Eyes was more effective against people with lower cultivation!

Firstly, he could guarantee that Sect Master Wang would not betray him and take advantage of him.

Secondly, he could guarantee that Sect Master Wang would not reveal his information to anyone.
Otherwise, the mental mark he had planted would be enough to instantly kill Sect Master Wang.

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After Sect Master Wang heard the number Lu Xiaoran mentioned, his eyes immediately widened.

“How… How much? Ten billion? Moreover, they’re all top-grade spirit stones? Heavens, Young Master Lu, where did you get so much money?!”

“I don’t need you to be a busybody.
You only need to know one thing, and that is to help me get things done.
I definitely won’t treat you poorly.”

Sect Master Wang immediately said seriously, “Don’t worry, Young Master Lu.
Our Seven Water Pavilion will definitely complete the mission.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and continued, “That’s good.
Also, you have to be careful and hide this matter.
If possible, try not to let anyone know, understand?”

Although he had already planted a mental mark and Sect Master Wang would not take the initiative to expose him, it was inevitable that some people would investigate in secret.

At that time, he would be in big trouble.

Lu Xiaoran was not afraid.
It was just that his current cultivation was still too low and had only reached the first level of the God Production Realm.

He was still far from being able to establish a foothold in the entire Divine World.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran wanted to be more at ease.

If he was given a few more years to allow his cultivation to break through to the next few realm levels, he would definitely not be worried.

At this moment, a powerful aura suddenly sounded from outside the Seven Water Pavilion.

It was an aura that belonged to the first level of the God Slaying Realm.

It was Lu Xiaoran’s cousin, Lu Xiaochen, who had broken through.

“I didn’t expect this guy to actually break through two levels in one go.”

Lu Xiaoran was slightly surprised, but he quickly returned to normal.

Lu Xiaochen had already stayed at the ninth level of the True God Realm for a long time and had long accumulated countless cultivation.

Now that he had been enlightened, he had learned many things.
It was as if his conception and veins had been opened.
Naturally, he also broke through one after another and reached the first level of the God Slaying Realm.

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With a thought, Lu Xiaoran had already arrived in the sky.
When Lu Xiaochen saw him, he went forward and grabbed his hand without saying a word.

“Xiaoran, I broke through, I broke through! Hahahaha! I broke through to the first level of the God Slaying Realm! Did you see that? I broke through.
Now, who in the entire younger generation of Heaven Water City is my match?”

Lu Xiaoran could very well understand Lu Xiaochen’s excitement and happiness.

Thinking back, he was also so excited every time he broke through.

Later, he met Wang Cai and lost his motivation and happiness.

Just as he thought of this, the divine power in his body suddenly fluctuated again.

He had broken through again.

He had reached the second level of the God Production Realm.

It was probably because his disciples had accumulated enough cultivation that he had broken through again.

Speaking of which, where were the disciples now?

Other people would be eager to look for their mothers.
However, his disciples did not even look for him.
Instead, they all went to recruit their own disciples.

If he had known earlier, he would not have casually established the Avengers Alliance.

In the end, it seemed to have become the “Father Sorrow Alliance”.

After he found these unfilial descendants in the future, he would definitely spank them one by one.

He would spank Lige a few more times.
This brat was too disobedient and had provoked so many factions.

Moreover, he also had to hit Wuxia a few more times.
That shocking elasticity could help him forget some of his worries.

Just as he was thinking, Lu Xiaochen patted Lu Xiaoran on the shoulder.

“Xiaoran, don’t worry.
It’s all thanks to you that I improved this time.
Cousin won’t forget your help.
As long as you work well with me, I guarantee that you will break through to the sixth level of the God Realm and above in five years!”

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