“There’s no need to be afraid of him.
So what if he’s a Saint Realm expert? This is the Divine World.
A Saint Realm expert is only an ant.
Suppress him!”

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After everyone spoke, they attacked together in an attempt to suppress Yang Jian.

However, Yang Jian did not care at all, as if he did not care about these people at all.

He only stared fixedly at Lu Xiaoran and gritted his teeth.

“Lu, remember this.
One day, I’ll let you know the outcome of killing my senior sister!”

“I will burn your entire Lu family’s bones and scatter their ashes.
I will kill everyone in your Lu family!”

“Bastard, you bastard, you’re still talking nonsense.

Everyone increased the pressure.
Because Yang Jian had endured too much pressure, the surface of his body had already begun to collapse.
His skin cracked, and blood surged out.

However, Yang Jian was still not afraid at all.

“And you guys, the Seven Water Pavilion! You’re also the culprits behind my senior sister’s death.
When I, Yang Jian, return, it will be the day your Seven Water Pavilion is destroyed! Hahahaha…”

Laughing at the sky, Yang Jian suddenly slapped his palm on his chest.
His entire body instantly exploded into a bloody mist.

A golden light suddenly shot out from the blood mist.

“Not good! He’s escaping!”

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.
No one expected Yang Jian to have such a move.

Moreover, what was even more terrifying was that even with so many of them, they were actually unable to stop that golden light.

“You want to leave? Did you ask me?”

At this moment, Steward Lu, who was beside Lu Xiaoran, suddenly attacked.
In an instant, he approached the golden light.

Then, with lightning speed, he slashed out a palm wind, attempting to shake the golden light off.

Unfortunately, when his palm wind touched the golden light, it was directly bounced off.

Steward Lu’s pupils constricted.
He was a dignified fourth level God Realm expert, and Yang Jian was only a small Saint Realm expert who had not even reached the God Realm.
However, Yang Jian was actually able to resist his attack?

However, although he was shocked, Steward Lu was still the first to rush out and pursue Yang Jian.

However, Lu Xiaoran’s voice suddenly sounded at this moment.

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“Alright, stop chasing.
You won’t be able to catch up to him.”

Steward Lu’s heart trembled and he immediately retreated.

“Young Master, are we really going to let him off?”

Lu Xiaoran smiled and said, “He’s just a small fry.
What’s there to be afraid of?”

Steward Lu could not help but frown slightly.

He did not know what was going on with Lu Xiaoran.

However, since Lu Xiaoran had said so, he should have his reasons.

After all, he was only a small steward of the Lu family.
Therefore, he still had to listen to Lu Xiaoran’s orders when he encountered problems.

Therefore, he did not say anything and retreated to the back.

As for the sect master, elders, and disciples of the entire Seven Water Pavilion, they all knelt on the ground in fear and collectively apologized to Lu Xiaoran.

“Young Master Lu, I’m sorry.
It’s all our fault! If not for us, you wouldn’t have suffered such humiliation today.”

“Please forgive us, Young Master Lu.
We really didn’t take good care of you.”

Lu Xiaoran was not angry and only said indifferently,

“It’s fine.
It’s not your fault.
I won’t blame you.”

Everyone pounded their heads repeatedly.

“Don’t worry, Young Master Lu.
Nothing like this will happen again!”

The Seven Water Pavilion’s sect master even walked over with a slight hunch of his back.

“Young Master Lu, I invited you to take a seat previously to welcome you.
However, you didn’t show up.
Now, I’ve gotten someone to make an even better table of food and wine.
They’re all made with materials that contain extremely divine power.
Young Master Lu, please do me the honor this time and don’t reject our Seven Water Pavilion again.”

The corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up.

He was just about to find a chance to spend time alone with the Seven Water Pavilion’s sect master.

He did not expect the other party to speak first.

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The other party probably wanted to give him something to make up for what had happened between Yang Jian and Ling Qingxue just now so that he would not be too angry.

Lu Xiaoran was naturally not angry.
However, he needed to exchange for spirit stones and could use this opportunity to be alone with the other party for a while.

At the same time, a golden light instantly entered a pool hundreds of kilometers away from the Seven Water Pavilion.

A moment later, the pool boiled.
Then, all kinds of creatures erupted in blood, and the entire pool was dyed red by blood.

Then, all the blood gathered again, gradually forming a human figure.

When the water surface returned to its clear appearance, the figure finally slowly stepped out of the pool.

“Fortunately, I had long set up a trap and left a few drops of my blood essence in this pool.”

“After I die, my soul can use a Dharma treasure to escape.
As long as I come here, I can fuse with my blood essence and revive.

“Lu Family, Seven Water Pavilion, you owe a debt to me and Senior Sister.
Sooner or later, I, Yang Jian, will make you pay back a thousand times!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the sky suddenly darkened.

An extremely dangerous aura mixed with the threat of death suddenly descended.

At this moment, Yang Jian had exhausted all his ability.

He knew that if he could not avoid this, he would probably never have the chance to escape again.
Therefore, he completely risked his life to escape.

Unfortunately, although he had already used his strength to the limit, he still could not escape from this unknown thing.

In the next moment, he was directly covered by a blueprint, and his entire body seemed to have entered another space.

A moment later, he immediately began to shout.

“Who is it? Get out here.
I don’t care who you are.
Stop pretending.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran’s body quietly appeared in front of Yang Jian.

Actually, the moment the other party appeared, Lu Xiaoran had already used his avatar and had been staring fixedly at this Yang Jian.

He was waiting for Yang Jian to escape so that he would be able to have some alone time with him.

Yang Jian suddenly exclaimed.

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However, a moment later, he sneered.

“I originally wanted to cultivate to a certain level before going to the Lu family to find you.
I didn’t expect you to actually come knocking on my door.
In that case, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Jian suddenly erupted with an unbelievable strength.

This force quickly spread.
Moreover, from an extremely ordinary point, it suddenly spread to the point of devouring the heavens and the earth.

This was a secret technique that supported Yang Jian.
By using the power of a divine artifact, he could increase his strength to the fifth level of the God Realm in an extremely short period of time.

When he had just escaped from the Seven Water Pavilion, Yang Jian had also used that secret technique.

Now, he had already increased his strength to the limit in an attempt to kill Lu Xiaoran.

However, at this moment, an extremely terrifying aura suddenly erupted from Lu Xiaoran’s body.

Yang Jian’s attack had just arrived beside Lu Xiaoran when it was directly reflected by Lu Xiaoran’s suffocating defensive strength.

Yang Jian’s pupils suddenly constricted.

Lu Xiaoran’s terror had exceeded his imagination.

That aura probably even surpassed the True God Realm!

No, with the help of a secret technique and a divine artifact, the strength he could unleash had already reached the God Realm.

Moreover, he could fight those at a higher level.
In other words, Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation had already broken through past the True God Realm?

However, how did this direct descendant of the Lu family do it? How could he be so powerful?

Shouldn’t the descendants of the Lu family at most be at the True God Realm?

Before he could react, Lu Xiaoran’s attack had already pressed down on his head.

The eternal flames were the first to bear the brunt and instantly enveloped Yang Jian’s entire body.

Just as Yang Jian let out a tragic cry, Lu Xiaoran’s subsequent attack had already pressed down on his head.

Primordial Chaos Emperor Fist, Phoenix Cry Nine Heavens, Great Strength Vajra Palm…

The entire set of actions was smooth and natural.
It was so smooth that no one could find any flaws.

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Before the attack finished, Yang Jian’s body had already shattered.
Then, his soul also shattered again.

Unfortunately, Yang Jian did not understand in the end what was going on with Lu Xiaoran.
He was directly killed by Lu Xiaoran.

Wang Cai suddenly transformed into a bolt of lightning and shot out from Lu Xiaoran’s body, devouring Yang Jian’s luck.

Wang Cai’s voice sounded in Lu Xiaoran’s mind at the same time.

Ding… congratulations on killing the hot shot.
Reward: cultivation level increased by one level.

Ding… congratulations on killing the hot shot, Master.
Reward: profound level weapon, Eight Trigrams x1.

Ding… congratulations on killing the hot shot, Master.
Reward: profound soul x10.

Ding… congratulations, Master, on killing the hot shot.
You have received a strengthened version of the Golden Luck Dragon x100.

Ding… congratulations, Master, on killing the hot shot… ‘

There was still a pile of rewards behind, making Lu Xiaoran confused.
However, he did not listen much and directly threw everything into the Mountain and River State Painting.

His cultivation increased again and he finally broke through to the first level of the God Production Realm.

At this moment, he felt very mysterious.

It was as if he had an extremely special power that could do anything.

He summoned his small world and took a deep breath.
He focused and began to create something.

He decided to give it a try first.

A moment later, a small box suddenly formed in his small space.

Lu Xiaoran did not say a word and directly opened it.
Surprisingly, there were a bunch of unused condoms inside the box.

The current him had actually really created something with his thoughts.

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