Lu Xiaochen’s words made Lu Xiaoran’s face twitch fiercely.

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Did he care about the God Creation Realm?

What he cared about was the God Monarch Realm!

Even if he could not become a God Monarch Realm expert, he should at least reach the God King Realm or the God Emperor Realm!

A faint sadness enveloped his heart.

After the two of them chatted for a while, Lu Xiaochen finally left.

After Lu Xiaochen left, Lu Xiaoran sighed and returned to his house.

There was nothing he could do.
Since he was already here, what else could he do?

In any case, this Lu family seemed to be relatively safe.
Moreover, Old Master Lu and the others were indeed quite sincere to him.
He would cultivate here now and wait until his cultivation level was higher.

It would be best if he could cultivate to the God Monarch Realm peacefully.

Of course, if he could not and had to leave, he would provide the Lu family some luck.
At that time, he would be worthy of their honesty.

After Lu Xiaochen gave away the resources, he immediately went back to report.

“Grandpa, Xiaoran’s matter has been arranged properly.
The resources have all been distributed to him.”

Old Master Lu nodded and stroked his beard.

“Grandpa, you’re too kind.
This is what I’m supposed to do.”

“It’s best if you think that way.
In the future, bring Xiaoran along when you go out.
He has been wandering outside for so many years.
Our Lu family owes him.
Give him more compensation.”

“Alright, if there’s nothing else, go back and cultivate first.”

On the other side, in Myriad City, in the Wind Cloud Sect.

“Elder Feng, back then, you were the one who brought me and my disciple to the Wind Cloud Sect.
Now, you want us to leave?”

The question with a pained expression made Elder Feng’s face turn red.

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This guy actually had the cheek to criticize him?

That’s right.
Back then, he was the one who had led Jun Bujian into the Wind Cloud Sect.
However, he did not expect to have invited a wolf into his home.

This unknown disciple basically ate and cultivated before eating.
He spent all day in the canteen and the Dao Field.

The only exception was that he would go to the warehouse on time to receive cultivation resources every month.

Originally, it was not a bad thing for cultivators to cultivate diligently.

It was even to the extent that at the beginning, the sect master and the elders of the sect even praised him for having good taste and finding such a large group of hardworking seedlings.

However, as time passed, their perception of these new disciples changed.

The goal of cultivation was naturally to become stronger.
This was true.
However, since they had joined a sect and cultivated together, it meant that everyone had to work together.

As disciples, weren’t they supposed to help out the sect when the sect encountered trouble?

As disciples, weren’t they also supposed to make an effort to complete the sect’s mission?

Most importantly, if the sect went to war with another sect to compete with the other sects for territory and resources, shouldn’t the disciples participate in the battle?

However, Jun Bujian and his disciples didn’t do any of these things.

When it came to meals and benefits, they were always the ones to arrive first.
However, when it was time to fight, they would be the first ones to escape.

Take the recent incident for example.
The Wind Cloud Sect and the Dragon Tiger Sect next door had started fighting over a mineral vein.
They had challenged each other and were prepared to end the battle in one go.

In the end, at the critical moment, Jun Bujian actually brought his disciples and ran away collectively, saying that they had eaten something bad and had diarrhea.

Everyone’s cultivation was above the God Realm.
What kind of thing would give them diarrhea?

Coupled with the previous few incidents, the Wind Cloud Sect had already completely understood that this group of people was purely the type to take advantage of the sect.
They did not really want to join their Wind Cloud Sect at all.

Therefore, in order to ensure the healthy development of the sect and to stop their losses in time, the Wind Cloud Sect had no choice but to kick Jun Bujian and the others out.

“Elder Jun, there’s really no other way.
There have been some financial difficulties in the sect recently.
We’ve been letting a lot of disciples go.
My disciples have also been reduced by a lot.
If it was up to me, I’d rather leave myself than to let Elder Jun leave.

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You know, I value loyalty the most.

It was only natural for Jun Bujian to understand.
He had already been in the Divine World for several years.
How could he not know these tricks?

He just did not want to make things too ugly in case things became too awkward when they met in the future.

Moreover, there was nothing he could do.
It seemed that he could not continue to take advantage of this Wind Cloud Sect.
He could only find another sect.

The only good thing was that his cultivation had already increased to the third level of the True God Realm.

As long as he was given another two to three years to cultivate to the late-stage True God Realm, he would have a chance to establish himself in Myriad City.

“Alright, then.
After all, I can’t make things difficult for Elder Feng, right? However, if my disciples and I leave the Wind Cloud Sect, it will probably be difficult for us to find a place to live in for a while.
Therefore, can you ask the Wind Cloud Sect to let us cultivate here for the time being and let us leave before we find the next sect?”

Elder Feng almost vomited blood.

How could the other party still dare to say such a thing?

Could it be that he couldn’t even chase the other party away now? Did the other party want to stay here indefinitely?

It was not easy for them to persuade Jun Bujian to leave.
How could they let him continue to stay in the mountain gate?

Did these guys really think of them as idiots?

Therefore, just as Jun Bujian finished speaking, Elder Feng immediately said, “It’s not a big problem.
Don’t worry.
Our Wind Cloud Sect has prepared tens of thousands of high-grade divine crystals and some medicinal pills for you.
Don’t worry, we definitely won’t let you suffer.
With the divine crystals, you can completely find a good place to cultivate outside.”

Jun Bujian frowned and said, “However, if we stay in the Wind Cloud Sect, won’t we still be able to save the sect some expenses? With all this extra money, I wonder just how many disciples you’ll be able to nurture?”

Elder Feng’s face twitched fiercely.

Did this guy not want to leave? It was obvious that he felt that the money was not enough.

Elder Feng made up his mind and gritted his teeth before taking out his storage bag.

“Brother Jun, this is all the wealth I’ve accumulated for more than a thousand years.
I’ll give it to you now.”

Jun Bujian signaled to Shi Changlin, who immediately received the storage bag.

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Then, he pretended to be polite and said, “Aiya! Elder Feng, look at you.
Why are you being so nice? You’re making me unwilling to leave the Wind Cloud Sect and you.”

Elder Feng almost fainted from anger.

“Please don’t.
As long as Brother Jun can leave the Wind Cloud Sect, that will be the greatest help to me.
Also, it will save me from being berated by the sect master.”

“Alright, since Elder Feng has said so, it will really be shameless of us if we don’t leave now.”

“By the way, when should we leave?”

“It’s best if you leave as soon as possible.
Actually, you guys should leave immediately.
I also have to return and report to the sect master.”

“Alright, in that case, we’ll leave.
Elder Feng, I’ll miss you in the future.”

In the end, under Elder Feng’s gaze, Jun Bujian and his disciples finally left the Wind Cloud Sect.

After leaving the Wind Cloud Sect, Shi Changlin and the others could not help but sigh.
“What a pity.
The Wind Cloud Sect is much richer than the Sword Demon Sect.”

“That’s right.
My days in the Wind Cloud Sect are the best among the many sects in Myriad City.
The food in their canteen makes me drool every day.”

Jun Bujian could not help but roll his eyes.

“You still have the cheek to say that? If not for you being so shameless every day, we wouldn’t have been chased out of the Wind Cloud Sect so quickly.”

“Then what’s our next step?”

Jun Bujian rubbed his temples and said with a headache, “Let’s take it one step at a time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a shout from ahead.

“The Flying Dragon Sect is recruiting.
We guarantee to give out a low-grade divine pill every month.
In addition, there are also divine crystals to be distributed.
There are many resources and rewards.
If you join the Flying Dragon Sect, cultivating to the God Slaying Realm will no longer be a dream! Come and fulfill your dream of becoming a big a shot! Come and realize your life value and chase your dreams! Come and join quickly.
We have a promotion going onr ight now.
If you recommend our sect to your friends, you’ll be rewarded… Don’t miss this opportunity.”

Everyone was silent for a moment before a sixth level God Realm disciple said,

“This Flying Dragon Sect seems to be a pretty good sect!”

“I’ve heard of it.
They seem to be much stronger than the Wind Cloud Sect.”

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“It’s not just much stronger.
I heard that the Flying Dragon Sect can already enter the top 100 of the sect ranking in Myriad City.”

Smiles began to slowly rise on everyone’s faces, making them look perverted…

Time passed quickly.
In the blink of an eye, two years had passed.

In these three years, Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation had quickly increased.
He had already reached the perfected tenth level of the God Creation Realm.
He was only a step away from reaching the God Production Realm.

At that time, he could create things in his small world.
Those things would be extremely lethal.

Lu Xiaoran looked at his divine soul.
The scale of his divine soul was also becoming stronger and stronger.

A small world was a special technique that one gained after reaching the God Creation Realm.
On the other hand, the divine soul was a characteristic that assisted all God Realm attack.

In other words, the divine soul was more important.

Of course, with his character, Lu Xiaoran would not casually go out to kill and devour divine souls.

He could not do something like that.

However, according to the rate of his cultivation, his divine soul shouldn’t have improved so quickly, right?

Could it be that… his disciples’ cultivation had also increased the strength of his divine soul?

However, even if the disciples cultivated together, the total cultivation speed would only be that of ten people.
His cultivation might increase very quickly, but the speed of his divine soul’s advancement still did not make sense!

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran immediately summoned Wang Cai.

“Coming, coming, Master, I’m here.”

“Let me look at the information of the disciples in the past two years.”

“Alright, it’s being generated.”

Soon, Wang Cai generated the information.
When Lu Xiaoran saw it, he was completely dumbfounded.

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