“System, is he a villain? If I take him in, won’t I become enemies with that hot shot in the future?”

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“As the saying goes, with risk, comes benefit.
Master, don’t be afraid.
Although the villains have poor luck, this guy’s talent is definitely not bad.
After all, not everyone is qualified to become a stepping stone for hot shots.”

“What you said makes sense.
I’ll give you a name.
In the future, your name will be Wang Cai.”

“Wang Cai? I can tell that this is a lucky name that will bring me a bright future.
Thank you for giving me this name, Master.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and walked towards the entrance with his hands behind his back.

What Wang Cai said was not unreasonable.
A villain who could be stepped on by the protagonist was also not simple.

In any case, he only needed to bring him along and let him live an ignoble life in the Heaven Demon Sect to increase his cultivation.

If the other party did not cultivate to the limit and did not provoke that hot shot, he would not be in any danger.

On Yun Lige’s side, he was still somewhat unwilling to accept what had happened.
In his life, he had never done anything bad.
However, his fiancée had been stolen and his entire family had been destroyed.
How could he let such a huge grudge go?

“Elder, although my meridians have all been severed, I heard that the Heaven Demon Sect has a Spirit Replenishing Pill that can extend one’s meridians.
It’s rare in the world.
Therefore, I’ve specially come to join the Heaven Demon Sect.
Elder, please give me a chance.”

The elder glanced at him and said speechlessly, “You also know that that’s a rare medicinal pill.
How could it be casually given to a new disciple? Leave.
Stop wasting time.”

“Elder, my talent is not bad.
As long as I can repair my meridians, I definitely won’t disappoint the sect.”

“How do I know if your talent is good or not? Moreover, the Spirit Replenishing Pill is too precious, so I don’t have it.
Stop talking and leave quickly.
If you don’t leave, don’t blame me for getting someone to throw you out.”

Yun Lige clenched his fists tightly, but he was helpless.

The status of the Heaven Demon Sect was extraordinary.
Even in his previous state, he was not qualified to join, let alone now when he was only a cripple.

However, at this moment, a calm voice sounded quietly in his ear.

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“You want to enter the Heaven Demon Sect?”

Yun Lige was stunned.
He turned his head towards the voice and was slightly shocked.

The other party was a handsome cultivator.
His appearance was refined and his aura was outstanding like an immortal.

Before he could react, the elder in charge of the assessment hurriedly ran in front of Lu Xiaoran and bowed.

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand, indicating that there was no need for him to be polite.
Then, he arrived beside Yun Lige.

“Why do you want to enter the Heaven Demon Sect?”

Yun Lige was quick-witted and knew that Lu Xiaoran’s status was definitely not low.
He immediately lowered his head and cupped his hands.

“With your current state, the difficulty you will face if you want to take revenge will probably far exceed your imagination.”

Yun Lige’s gaze was firm, as if flames were burning in it.

“Even if I have to climb a mountain of blades or enter a sea of flames, I will definitely work hard.
Unless I die and my Dao dissipates, I will definitely do all that I can.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.
That’s right.
The path of cultivation was long and boring.
What one needed was passion and unwavering faith.

“In that case, are you willing to take me as your master?”

As soon as he said this, everyone was shocked.

Everyone could tell that Lu Xiaoran’s status was not low.
Otherwise, even the assessment elders would not be so polite to him.

However, such an expert from the Heaven Demon Sect had actually agreed to take in Yun Lige, whose meridians had been severed, as his disciple.
This was simply unbelievable.

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Just how lucky was this Yun Lige?

Yun Lige was not stupid.
Without saying a word, he immediately knelt down and worshiped the other party.

“Disciple Yun Lige greets Master.”

After being successfully acknowledged as the other party’s master, a clear female voice sounded in Lu Xiaoran’s mind.

Ding… congratulations on obtaining your first disciple.
You will be rewarded with a Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture and a Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear.

Lu Xiaoran looked inside and his face twitched.

A top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique?

And a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapon?

Wang Cai had not disappointed him.

Even someone like Lu Xiaoran did not have a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique or Martial Monarch Realm weapon yet.

If these two items were released, it would probably immediately cause chaos in the world!

Indeed, hacking was a hundred times stronger than cultivating.

Lu Xiaoran felt really good.

The assessment elder immediately surrounded and dissuaded.

“Elder Lu, that won’t do.
His meridians are all broken.
If you accept him, it will definitely ruin your reputation.”

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Lu Xiaoran retracted his thoughts and smiled.

“It’s fine.
My Zhishui Peak also lacks a handyman to clean.
Let him clean the place and give him a chance.”

The assessment elder touched his nose and smiled awkwardly.

“Since you insist, Elder Lu, then I suppose.
I’ll help him register now.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and threw him a small porcelain bottle.
Then, he grabbed Yun Lige with one hand and brought him back to Zhishui Peak like an eagle holding a chick.

The assessment elder opened the porcelain bottle and took a look.
He immediately drew a cold breath.

“Hiss ~! It’s actually a Qi Gathering Pill! As expected of an inner sect elder, how generous.
This is definitely not something us low-level elders can compare to.”

On the other side, Lu Xiaoran brought Yun Lige back to Zhishui Peak before throwing him on the grass.

He stood in front of Yun Lige.

“Although you have acknowledged me as your master, before I officially teach you the cultivation technique, I have to explain some rules to you first.”

Yun Lige knelt obediently in front of Lu Xiaoran.

“Please tell me, Master.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and said, “Although our Heaven Demon Sect has the word ‘demon’ in its name, it’s not the kind of evil demon sect that kills without batting an eye.
Instead, it’s a martial arts sect recognized by the Great Zhou Empire.
The name has the word ‘demon’ in it just to be domineering.”

“Therefore, firstly, you are not allowed to casually harm ordinary people outside.”

“Secondly, if you encounter evil people who harm others, you have to lend a hand to those being harmed.
You have to promote the reputation of my Heaven Demon Sect and help the sect publicize and attract more disciples.”

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“Third, in the sect, you have to respect the old and love the young.
You have to be a team player and not do anything rash.”

“Fourth, if you encounter anyone who dares to humiliate our Heaven Demon Sect outside, you have to stand up for the sect.
You can’t let others humiliate the reputation of our sect.”

“These four points are the rules of our Heaven Demon Sect.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded in satisfaction again.

“That’s right.
Next, I’ll tell you the rules of Zhishui Peak.”

“The rules of Zhishui Peak are very simple.
The key is the word ‘ignoble’!”

Yun Lige could not help but be somewhat dumbfounded.
Lu Xiaoran continued,

“Firstly, except for the first and third rules, you don’t have to obey all the rules of the Heaven Demon Sect .”

“Secondly, we definitely won’t take the initiative to provoke trouble.
It’s best if we don’t step out of the range of Zhishui Peak.
We don’t want to compete with anyone, don’t casually make friends, and don’t casually make enemies.
Most importantly, we don’t expose our true cultivation.”

“Third, if someone really provokes us, we have to observe the situation before deciding to attack.”

“The key to this is: It’s best for you to run when you’re both at the same level.
If your opponent is at a lower level, you should directly kill the other party with your ultimate technique.
After killing the other party, you have to grind their bones and scatter their ashes.
You have to be fast and leave no traces.
If you can fight in a group, you shouldn’t fight alone.
If you can run, it’s best not to fight.”

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