“Hiss ~! Is it that powerful?”

The avatar suddenly began to be excited.

Heavens, the Lu family was actually so impressive?

Now, as long as the main body entered the Lu family, it was equivalent to finding an organization.
In the future, he could eat and drink well in the Lu family and cultivate in peace.
He did not have to be afraid of anyone.

After he finished asking his questions, Lu Xiaoran’s avatar immediately transmitted this information.
In this way, the main body in the cave would now think of a way to find him.

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At this moment, the surrounding people had already begun to discuss the other sects.

“Speaking of which, the Taiyi Sword Dao and the Heaven Saber Pavilion have taken in two extremely talented disciples in the past two years!”

“Who doesn’t know? This matter has almost spread everywhere.
I heard that these two are so powerful in the Sword Dao and Saber Dao that it makes one’s heart palpitate.
Now, they have been conferred the title of divine sons by the two sects!”

“Heavens, they’re already divine sons after just being recruited? Isn’t this too awesome?”

“Isn’t that because of their talent? I heard that the disciple of the Taiyi Sword Sect has an extremely fast cultivation speed.
In less than two years, he increased from the second level of the God Realm to the ninth level of the God Realm.
I think the one from the Heaven Saber Pavilion is also not bad.
He should also be near this cultivation level.”

Lu Xiaoran’s avatar could not help but sigh.

Indeed, good disciples all belonged to other people.

Look at their talent.
They were simply awesome!

When his disciples were in the mortal world, their cultivation were still be presentable.
Now that they had come to the Divine World, their talent should be insufficient.

Thinking of this, he suddenly sensed something and immediately could not help but tremble.

“The main body’s cultivation actually increased by two realm levels? I’m now at the fourth level of the God Slaying Realm? Tsk tsk, this is really too powerful! As expected of the main body, the speed of this cultivation increase is really awesome.”

At the same time, in the same cave.

Through the understanding of his avatar, Lu Xiaoran already gained some confidence.

There was basically not much difference between the Divine World and the lower realm.

However, his luck was not very good.

Therefore, every time he wanted to leave the mountain, he would encounter someone fighting.

It was also because of this that he thought that this world was too dangerous and did not step out of the cave again and again.

Now, after such a long period of cultivation, he had already become a fourth level God Slaying Realm cultivator.

It was one realm higher than an ordinary True God Realm expert.

At the very least, if he encountered those God Realm small fries in the future, he would not have to be too cautious and not dare to attack.

He packed his treasures and tried to communicate with Wang Cai.

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“Wang Cai, are you there? Did you advance successfully? We’re leaving.”

“Wang Cai, come out quickly.
You’ve been gone for more than two years.
It’s time for you to advance, right?”

Wang Cai had the same strength as him.
It would be best if it could come out.

At the very least, it could become his backup plan.
If he encountered any enemies, they could also work together.

This was equivalent to giving himself another life-saving method.

After shouting several times, Wang Cai still did not appear.
He could only choose to give up.

Then, he left the cave with his resources and arrived at the peak of the mountain again.

Just as he arrived at the peak of the mountain, thunder sounded in the distance again.
Several figures arrived at the peak of the mountain and fought in the clouds.

“Li Cuifang, you shameless bastard.
You actually seduced my wife, your sister-in-law.
Do you think I won’t kill you?”

As soon as the other party finished speaking, a golden arrow suddenly shot out from the top of the mountain below, transforming into a dazzling light that instantly arrived in the sky.

Before anyone could react, it directly exploded.

The terrifying pressure condensed on it made one’s heart palpitate.
The God Realm experts did not even have the chance to react before they were blasted into ashes on the spot.

On the mountaintop, Lu Xiaoran retracted his divine artifact, the Sun Shooting Divine Bow, and spat fiercely at the ground.

Generally speaking, he had always been a more “ignoble” person and was unwilling to casually provoke others, even if the other party was only an insignificant God Realm cultivator.

If possible, he would not involve too many people.

However, today, he really could not help it.

These God Realm experts were simply like a group of idiots.
As long as he flew to the foot of the mountain, a group of God Realm experts would always appear and fight at the top of the montain.
They were simply like a group of lunatics.

Since they all liked to fight so much, Lu Xiaoran might as well send them down to hell to fight.

Immediately after, Lu Xiaoran quickly left this area and began the journey to find the Lu family.

Just as he left, the air distorted.
Another golden door opened in the sky.

It was a door to the Divine World that connected to the lower realm.

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