mily were simply unable to withstand the suppression of more than a hundred God Realm experts.

This was a completely one-sided suppression.

At this moment, the Ye family had become a living hell.

Shi Changlin chased after the two Ye family Martial Monarch Realm experts and arrived at the Ye family’s holy land.

Before the two of them could escape into the holy land, Shi Changlin had already caught up.
He punched out and tore through the spatial barrier, creating a 100,000-meter-long void river.

The punch swept across the two Martial Monarch Realm experts and instantly shattered half of their bodies.

The two of them spat out a mouthful of blood at the same time and fell out of the sky, extremely frightened.

The next moment, Shi Changlin also arrived beside the two of them.

In a world where the weak were prey to the strong, only idiots would be merciful to their opponents.

Because the Ye family was powerful, they had destroyed many descendants of the family, including the descendants of the Shi family.

Now, it was Shi Changlin’s turn to take revenge.
He naturally would not be soft-hearted at all.

As the cultivation technique circulated, Shi Changlin’s pressure had already erupted.

God Realm experts did not need to attack.
With just a thought, their divine power would attack automatically within a certain range.

Even if the other party was a Martial Monarch Realm expert, the other party would still be like an ant to him.

This was the strength of a god!

Facing that destructive attack, the two Martial Monarch Realm experts closed their eyes in despair.

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However, at this moment, Shi Changlin seemed to have sensed something and suddenly stopped.

Then, he looked into the Ye family’s holy land.

At some point, a servant had been standing there quietly.

Shi Changlin frowned slightly in confusion.
Since when did a servant of the Ye family dare to look him in the eye?

The two Martial Monarch Realm experts could not help but be somewhat puzzled when they saw that Shi Changlin did not attack them.
Then, they followed Shi Changlin’s gaze and looked in that direction.

“This outfit….
are you a sweeper disciple of the Ye family’s Holy Land? What are you doing? Why didn’t you run just now?”

The two Martial Monarch Realm experts could not help but roar.

When Shi Changlin attacked just now, this sweeping servant could have escaped.

He just stood there instead of running.
In the end, he was discovered by Shi Changlin.
Did he have a death wish?

In the past, they would definitely not care about the life of a sweeper disciple of the Ye family.

However, now that the Ye family had encountered a disaster, they would definitely try their best to escape!

However, the servant’s expression did not change much.
He only looked at Shi Changlin with a calm expression.
Then, he walked towards Shi Changlin.

“Originally, I was hoping that you guys could stall for time so that we would be able to discover Lu Xiaoran’s flaws.
I didn’t expect you guys to be so useless.”

Forget it, I can only attack.
After all, I’m also a disciple of the Ye family in this life.

“Are you crazy? What nonsense are you talking about?”

The two Martial Monarch Realm experts looked at the servant as if they were looking at a fool.

Only Shi Changlin vaguely felt that something was wrong.

If it were before he joined the Nameless Sect, he would definitely think that this servant was crazy.
However, now, Shi Changlin knew that the more insignificant a character was, the more he could not be underestimated.

The sect master had taught him that such a character was most likely a hidden big shot.

His status was low and he was unknown, but he was not afraid at all when facing a God Realm expert.
His expression was extremely calm.

Even if such a guy was only putting up an act, he could not be underestimated.

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However, Shi Changlin was not stupid.

If the other party was only a hidden big shot at the first or second level of the God Realm, he might not be afraid of him.

In that case, he did not have to worry too much.

He wanted to test the other party.

Thinking of this, Shi Changlin suddenly attacked.

His divine sense surged.
In an instant, divine power surged towards the other party like a wave.

The attack also surged towards the two Ye Family Martial Monarch Realm experts.

If Shi Changlin was going to attack, he would want to kill all of them in an instant.

This was also the rule of the Nameless Sect.

The disciples of the Nameless Sect were not allowed to take action carelessly.
If they did make a move, they needed to make sure to burn the other party’s bones and scatter his ashes.

Sensing the powerful pressure of the God Realm again, the two Ye family Martial Monarch Realm experts felt like they had stepped into the door of hell again.

At the same time, an even stronger and faster aura suddenly erupted from behind them!

Almost in an instant, the extremely powerful aura tore through space and swallowed Shi Changlin’s aura in an unstoppable manner.

Sensing the powerful aura that was enough to destroy him, Shi Changlin’s pupils constricted.
He was extremely frightened, and the hair on his body stood on end.

“Damn, I’ve messed with the wrong person.”

Almost the moment this thought appeared, Shi Changlin immediately circulated his divine power with all his strength and retreated quickly.

He had no intention of resisting.

The other party’s aura almost suffocated him.

At this moment, any resistance was useless.

Running was the best choice!

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