r nurture a Jun Changming previously? With such good education experience, he will definitely be in high demand.

“What cultivation experience does he have? He took those treasures from me and gave them to others to use.
That’s why their cultivation speed increased.”

“But they don’t know that.
They only know that Eldest Senior Brother is handsome and rich.
He can casually give away divine pills and Martial Monarch Realm pills.”

Lu Xiaoran was completely speechless.

Helpless, he could only step in and get the heads of the various large families to be evenly distributed to the various disciples to prevent them from being unbalanced.

Then, he began to give his disciples and grand disciples new training.

Be it the disciples or the Martial Monarch Realm experts who had just joined the sect, they all worked hard to increase their cultivation.

He could not be careless when dealing with the Ye family.

Lu Xiaoran used the Great Dao Reincarnation to increase his speed, allowing the Martial Monarch Realm experts to cultivate faster.

In any case, these people had already signed the blood essence contract.
Lu Xiaoran did not have to worry at all that they would be disobedient.
If they dared to be disobedient, he would directly kill them.

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Moreover, the other party in the blood essence contract was Buttface.
If they wanted to use the contract to restrain him and refuse the order, Lu Xiaoran would not need to be afraid at all.

Buttface’s self-destruction would not affect him.

With the Great Dao Reincarnation and a series of divine pills, Martial Monarch Realm pills, and divine beast eggs, Lu Xiaoran quickly nurtured these experts to an extremely powerful level.

Basically, all the Saint Realm experts had increased to the Martial Monarch Realm.

As for Martial Monarch Realm experts, they would break through their limits from time to time.

It was very easy for them to transcend the tribulation and become gods.

With the help of the Golden Luck Dragon, they could all transcend the tribulation.
They did not have to worry about failing the tribulation at all.

In this way, in a few days, Lu Xiaoran had obtained 17 God Realm experts as his subordinates!

A few days later, he finally broke through his limit and reached the requirement to transcend the tribulation and become a god.

Because Elder Tianji had long reminded him, Lu Xiaoran knew that his tribulation would definitely have an extremely powerful effect.

Therefore, he did not choose to transcend the tribulation in the sky above the Nameless Sect.

He had specially arrived at the Wuwang Sea east of the Eternal Forest.

The Wuwang Sea was endless.
The range of this place was far from what the land could compare to.

Lu Xiaoran did not have to worry at all that the heavenly tribulation would harm his family and friends in the ocean.

Before transcending the tribulation, Lu Xiaoran first found a few small islands and set up various defensive array formations to increase his combat strength…

Although he did not know if it would be useful, it was fine as long as it was somewhat helpful.

He felt somewhat comforted.

Then, Lu Xiaoran casually roasted more than a hundred Golden Luck Dragons and ate until his stomach was as full as a ball.

After burping deeply last night, Lu Xiaoran finally began to look at the sky with a solemn expression.

As soon as he finished speaking, he directly released his aura.

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At the peak of the tenth level of the Martial Monarch Realm, as long as he could maintain this state for a full ten breaths, he could trigger the heavenly tribulation.

Soon, after sensing Lu Xiaoran’s strength, the power of laws in the sky quickly responded.
It gathered the lightning clouds and began to carry out the heavenly tribulation.

Although he had also seen others transcend the tribulation many times, he only knew how terrifying this tribulation was when he faced it himself.

The feeling of all the pressure being concentrated on him simply made him feel like he had nowhere to hide.
His heart raced.

As soon as this aura appeared, Lu Xiaoran could clearly sense that the originally unstable sea began to surge at this moment.

It was as if even the seawater was afraid.

At this moment, be it the demon beasts in the sea or the cultivators on the nearby islands, they all fled quickly.
No one dared to approach this place at all.

They were afraid that they would be implicated.

Lu Xiaoran swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and his eyes became firm.
After taking a deep breath, he directly stepped forward and soared into the sky.

Sensing that someone was provoking his dignity, the thunderclouds suddenly began to attack.
A lightning arc as thick as a bucket fell and fiercely struck Lu Xiaoran’s head.

The huge explosion and trembling force directly made Lu Xiaoran’s body unable to help but pause slightly.

The heavenly tribulation was indeed worthy of being a heavenly tribulation.
It had only casually struck down but this force was already not something ordinary humans could compare to.

The most terrifying thing was that this was only the first bolt of lightning.
It was unknown how many more lightning bolts there were.

Lu Xiaoran could not help but ridicule in his heart.

This lightning was simply unfair.

Its strength was obviously dependent on the strength of the person in question.

Previously, he had seen his disciples clear the level.
However, their lightning was clearly much weaker than his!

Why was it so much stronger when it came to him?

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