“Heavens, it’s the one from the Primordial Mountain Range.”

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Countless cultivators began to tremble.

That was the strongest expert of the Primordial Mountain Range, an existence ranked in the top six of the Primordial Supreme Ranking!

In the sky, the experts of the various large families could not help but sigh.

“I didn’t expect even the Primordial Dragon Emperor to be here.
Hasn’t he been hiding in the Primordial Mountain Range and had never left?”

“No matter how much he wants to hide, I’m afraid he won’t be able to sit idly by after such a huge matter has happened.”

Only a fool would sit idly by.
With so much wealth down here, who wouldn’t want to interfere?

Yun Lige and the others were all below, staring fixedly at the dark experts in the sky.
Their hearts could not help but beat faster, and they felt extremely depressed.

“These guys are so abnormal! They’re much stronger than the people from the Hall of Gods!”

Jun Bujian said with a solemn expression,

“That’s for sure.
Putting everything else aside, in the Eternal Forest, other than the Ye family, everyone from the top twenty families has come.
Which one of these families doesn’t have a top-notch Martial Monarch Realm expert? Moreover, some families even have more than one.”

Other than that, there were also the other factions on the entire continent.
In total, there were countless Martial Monarch Realm experts.

This is not even counting the few quasi God Realm experts and the Ancient Dragon Emperor in the sky who has already reached the God Realm.

Yun Lige and the others immediately fell silent.

Wasn’t this… too many people?

Since ancient times, no one had ever made the entire world their enemy.

However, at this moment, Lu Xiaoran stretched and said to the few of them, “All of you, guard below.
No one is allowed to come out.
If my plan succeeds, everything will be fine.
If it doesn’t, activate the array formation I left behind.

“That’s a God Realm teleportation formation.
Even the ancient Dragon Emperor in the sky can’t stop it.

Everyone’s eyes turned red.

At this moment, their master was still thinking about their safety.

In fact, Lu Xiaoran had no choice.

He also wanted to run, but he could not escape this time.

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Since he was already destined to be involved, why should he let his disciples follow?

If his plan really failed, at the very least, he should let these disciples leave.

“I didn’t expect that a despicable guy like me who would do anything to survive would one day think for others in the face of danger.
I don’t even feel like myself.”

Lu Xiaoran rubbed his temples and mocked himself.

After taking in so many disciples, his heart seemed to have softened.

He was no longer as ruthless and unscrupulous as before!

Shaking his head, he tapped his foot lightly and slowly soared into the sky.

The big shots from all directions cast their gazes on Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran dared to guarantee that as long as he dared to say anything that made him appear to be weak, these people would immediately charge over mercilessly and tear him into pieces.

Facing so many experts attacking at the same time, Lu Xiaoran might really be unable to take it.

After all, he was only at the perfected tenth level of the Martial Monarch Realm and had yet to officially break through.

Moreover, he was almost certain that the mastermind this time was the Ye family from the Eternal Forest.

With such a huge matter happening this time, only the Ye family did not come.
If it was not the Ye family, who else could it be?

Even if he really fought and and ended up panting from exhaustion, the Ye family would definitely step forward to harvest.

After taking a deep breath, Lu Xiaoran removed the complicated thoughts in his mind and said with clear eyes,

“Since everyone is here, I won’t waste my breath.”

“You guys came here just to snatch my things.
However, I definitely can’t let you snatch them away for nothing.

Therefore, I also thought of a compromise! ”

As soon as he finished speaking, a Martial Monarch Realm expert from the Wang family sneered.

“A compromise? What compromise? Your only solution is to give up all your treasures.”

The other Martial Monarch Realm expert from the Wang family beside him also sneered.

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“That’s right.
The only thing you can do now is give up your treasure.
Other than that, there’s no room for discussion.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran directly activated the Trinity True Eyes and used the eternal flames.

The two low-level Martial Monarch Realm experts were swallowed by the eternal flames on the spot.

The moment the screams sounded, the expressions of the others suddenly changed drastically.
The experts of the families behind the two of them naturally did not watch Lu Xiaoran attack.
They immediately roared and wanted to go forward to save him.

However, how could Lu Xiaoran give them a chance?

The Great Dao Reincarnation was directly activated, accelerating the time flow beside the two Martial Monarch Realm experts and instantly increasing the speed of the flames.

The two of them were only low-level Martial Monarch Realm experts to begin with, and Lu Xiaoran was already at the perfected tenth level of the Martial Monarch Realm.
How could the two of them resist?

In just an instant, the two of them were directly cremated on the spot by Lu Xiaoran.

He had instantly killed two Martial Monarch Realm experts!

Although they were only two low-level Martial Monarch Realm experts, they were still Martial Monarch Realm experts!

It was unbelievable for them to be instantly killed just like that.

Moreover, it was an instant kill?

At this moment, everyone’s hearts suddenly trembled.

They suddenly remembered that other than being rich, this Lu Xiaoran was also the number one expert on the Primordial Chaos Supreme Ranking!

Previously, everyone had been blinded by Lu Xiaoran’s wealth.
Moreover, they had never seen Lu Xiaoran’s strength and did not take it to heart.

At this moment, they finally treated Lu Xiaoran seriously and carefully.

Lu Xiaoran also heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, there were two low-level Martial Monarch Realm experts.
If there were two high-level Martial Monarch Realm experts, it would be troublesome.

The power of his eternal falmes increased according to his cultivation.

At the same time, it also depended on the other party’s cultivation.

If the other party was a high-level Martial Monarch Realm expert, although the other party could also be burned to death, Lu Xiaoran would not be able to instantly kill the other party.

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This would not make him look as cool.

And if he did not look cool enough, there would be a stiff friction and they would not be shocked.

“Bastard! You’re courting death!”

The family of those Martial Monarch Realm experts suddenly became furious.

Lu Xiaoran glanced over again.

This glance frightened everyone until they suddenly took a few steps back and circulated their cultivation techniques with all their strength.
They tried their best to guard against Lu Xiaoran, afraid that he would burn them too.

However, they were not stupid.
Although they did not dare to attack Lu Xiaoran, with all the super experts in the world gathered here, how could they not find someone to deal with Lu Xiaoran?

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and attack together and kill this brat.
There are a large number of Martial Monarch Realm weapons, divine pills, and Martial Monarch Realm pills down there.
Don’t you want them?”

Patriarch Shi swept his gaze coldly over the other party and said coldly, “Wang Shenghai, can you stop talking nonsense there? If you want to do it yourself, don’t drag us down.
It’s not up to you to order us around.”

The Wang family was humiliated and gritted their teeth in anger, but they were helpless.
After all, the Shi family was much stronger than their Wang family.

Actually, there was a reason why many families did not attack.

The higher one’s cultivation was, the more one could tell what was going on.

Lu Xiaoran was an existence who had been conferred the first place on the Primordial Supreme Ranking.

Although they did not know who the mastermind was or why they said that Lu Xiaoran was the strongest person in the world,

However, they at least knew one thing.

That was, since Lu Xiaoran had so many Martial Monarch Realm weapons and Martial Monarch Realm pills, he definitely also had extraordinary methods.

There was no harm in listening to what he wanted to do before making a move.

In any case, everyone in the world was here.
What was there to be afraid of?

“What are you trying to say? Speak.”

The Shi Family Head spoke indifferently, and the corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up.

Then I’ll be direct.
If we really fight, it’s impossible for me to be arrogant enough to say that I can defeat everyone in the world.”

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However, at the very least, I think I can still make a portion of you die here.

“And you guys don’t want to sacrifice the Martial Monarch Realm experts in your family to obtain some Martial Monarch Realm Martial Monarch Realm pills, right?”

One of the Martial Monarch Realm experts sneered.

“We have so many families here.
Even if we only sacrifice one Martial Monarch Realm expert, it will still be enough for you to suffer.
Your point of view is simply not valid.”

Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“You’re right.
May I ask which family you’re from?”

The other party immediately said proudly, “My name remains unchanged.
I’m Yu Zesheng from the Yu family in the Eternal Forest!”

“Oh! The Yu family, right? Then in a while, I’ll take special care of your Yu family.
In any case, I’m going to die anyway, so I’ll just specifically target your Yu family.
I’ll make sure to kill all the Martial Monarch Realm experts in your Yu family.”

The smile on Yu Zesheng’s face instantly stopped, and he seemed to have become a huge sand sculpture.

Some of the surrounding families could not help but laugh.

This made Yu Zesheng even more embarrassed.

He originally wanted to show off, but he did not expect something like this to happen.

If Lu Xiaoran was forced into a corner and he really attacked the Yu family and severely injured them, the Yu family would be completely finished from now on.

Patriarch Shi and the other big shots also understood Lu Xiaoran’s meaning and were slightly shocked.
Previously, they wanted to be the first to attack, but now, they had to think twice.

Lu Xiaoran continued, “Since everyone wants something and doesn’t want to lose the strength of their families, why don’t we just shake hands and make up?”

“As long as you join my Nameless Sect and become disciples of the Nameless Sect, every Martial Monarch Realm expert can buy my Martial Monarch Realm weapons and Martial Monarch Realm pills.

“Saint Realm items can also be bought!

“Moreover, each person only needs to pay two spirit stones for every item.
However, each person will only be limited to two portions every year.

“Two spirit stones.
You won’t lose out if you don’t buy it.
Two spirit stones.
Bring two Martial Monarch Realm weapons or Martial Monarch Realm pills home every year.
If you want them, then join now! What are you waiting for?

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