a while, I’ll let you transcend the tribulation.
Don’t worry, with me around, I guarantee that you’ll successfully transcend the tribulation.”

“Alright, go out first and prepare quickly.”

After Patriarch Jun left, Lu Xiaoran immediately gathered a few more disciples in.
Then, he arranged everything he needed to prepare and pay attention to before stopping.

Soon, several auras appeared near the Nameless Sect.

Some were strong and some were weak.

Although many of them were not powerful, it did not stop them from being greedy.

When lions hunted, vultures and crows would also accompany them.

After the lions finished eating the residue, they would swarm over.

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This was the eternal law of nature.

Lu Xiaoran did not panic at all and quietly waited for the true big shots to appear.

As long as he could deal with those big shots, he did not even need to look at these small fries.

Yun Lige and the others had been ordered to pile the Martial Monarch Realm weapons on the peak of the Nameless Sect.
There were a total of 100,000 of them! They were almost piled into a small mountain.

Beside them were hundreds of thousands of Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pills.

Because the two small mountains were both at the Martial Monarch Realm, they emitted a powerful golden light.
They were like two small suns that illuminated the surroundings.
At the same time, they also made countless cultivators hiding in the distance drool.

Time passed second by second.
After an unknown period of time, finally, as the void barrier in the sky trembled, an extremely powerful aura slowly descended.

All the cultivators began to look towards the sky.

The void barrier in the sky was slowly opened.
Then, a huge spirit energy ship that was like a city slowly appeared in the sky.
It was majestic and covered the sky.

“This… this is the Wang family of the Eternal Forest, right? The Wang family is here.
This is the family that is ranked in the top twenty in the Eternal Forest.”

“Is that so? I think I’ve seen it before.
Their patriarch is already in the top 200 of the Primordial Chaos Supreme Ranking.
I think he’s ranked 198th.”

A few figures quickly landed from the spirit energy ship and floated in the void.
They looked at the Nameless Sect below but did not attack directly.

“Patriarch, did you see that? One of the two golden mountains below is a pile of Martial Monarch Realm weapons, and the other is a pile of Martial Monarch Realm pills.”

“Patriarch, why don’t we attack first and snatch some before the other families arrive?”

The family head glanced at the Wang family elder in extreme disdain and sneered.

“Snatch? How? Don’t forget that the guy below is the number one existence on the Primordial Chaos Supreme Ranking.
If our Wang family’s ancestor goes down, he will probably be instantly killed.

“Moreover, so what if we snatch it? The bird that sticks out gets shot.
At that time, the other families will make you spit it out.
At that time, what can you do?

“The only smart thing we can do now is to wait and see what those top-notch factions do before considering our matter.

As soon as he finished speaking, another huge spirit energy ship appeared in the void.

Accompanying this was a deafening voice.

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“Old Wang, your family sure is early!”

Patriarch Wang immediately bowed to the other party.

“Patriarch Chen, you’re too kind.
My Wang family is only a little closer.”

When the people below heard this, they could not help but tremble in fear.

“Who is this family? Why is the patriarch of the Wang family, a top twenty family in the Eternal Forest, so polite to the other party?”

“Of course they have to be polite.
That’s a family that’s ranked in the top ten in the Eternal Forest! Their family has several big shots who are on the Primordial Ranking.
Can the Wang family afford to provoke them?”

“Hiss! The dragons are really going out to sea today.”

A moment later, huge spirit energy ships appeared in the sky.
The flags on each spirit energy ship represented a huge family.

Each one of these families was famous.
They all had spots on the Primordial Chaos Supreme Ranking.

Because the aura gathered in the sky was really too dense, the clouds were even shaken away.

Not only that, but because there were too many auras, the experts had no choice but to suppress them.
As a result, many cultivators were forced to circulate their cultivation techniques to resist.

However, even so, many cultivators still knelt on the ground because they could not withstand the pressure.

It was even to the extent that some small fries who had yet to break through to the Connate Realm were already bleeding from their seven orifices and were about to die because of this aura.

At this moment, a dragon roar suddenly sounded from the sky.

This dragon roar seemed to have come from the ancient times and pierced through the hearts of countless human cultivators.

Even the many families in the Eternal Forest had solemn expressions as they stared fixedly at the sky.

Over there, an indistinct figure shuttled through the clouds.
Its golden scales flickered with a cold light that was filled with a destructive aura.

No one expected even an expert of this level to come.

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