Eternal Forest, Shi Family.

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As one of the top ten families in the Eternal Forest, the Shi family had an extraordinary status in the Eternal Forest.

This was closely related to the constant hard work of the Shi Family members.

Even the head of the Shi family was cultivating all the time.

However, at this moment, the sudden intrusion of a figure broke the peace of the Shi Family.

“Patriarch, Patriarch, something bad has happened! Something bad has happened!”

The patriarch of the Shi Family woke up from his cultivation.
His eyebrows could not help but raise slightly, and his expression was somewhat displeased.

“What’s going on? What’s with the panic?”

The Shi Family disciple hurriedly handed over a jade slip.

“Patriarch, take a look at this.
After reading this, you won’t complain about me anymore.”

The patriarch of the Shi family immediately sent his divine sense into it.

“Primordial Supreme Ranking, what’s this?”

“I don’t know, but now, this thing has been spreading like wildfire outside.
It’s said to be a ranking of the strength of the cultivators in this world.”

“Oh? How arrogant.
There’s even a ranking for such things?”

The head of the Shi family immediately focused and began to look at the rankings.

Soon, he discovered the crux of the problem.

“300th, Patriarch East Demon, Jiang Taixuan, fifth level Martial Monarch Realm.”

“200th place, Grand Pure Demon Master Lin Batian.
Seventh level of the Martial Monarch Realm.”

“These rankings are rather well-deserved.”

As he spoke, he continued to look down.

“The 100th place is Jun Tianzui from the Jun family… the 90th place is Chen Shuhua from the Chen family… the 80th place is Shi Huairou from our Shi family… the 76th place…”

“The top 100 spots have almost all been taken by the top ten families of our Eternal Forest.
If I remember correctly, this Jun Tianzui should be at the ninth level of the Martial Monarch Realm, right? Is the competition for the top 100 so intense?”

Patriarch Shi continued to read and could not help but frown.

This was because he saw that he was only ranked 27th.

It had to be known that he was at the perfected tenth level of the Martial Monarch Realm!

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However, when he saw that the few family heads who were as famous as him also had similar rankings, he felt relieved.

The people ranked in the top twenty were all the ancestors of the top ten families in the Eternal Forest.

These ancestors had almost all survived from the ancient times.

Some of them were stuck at the tenth level of the Martial Monarch Realm and could transcend the tribulation to become gods at any time.

Some had already transcended the tribulation, but they had failed and had no choice but to cultivate again.

This type of existence was called a quasi God Realm expert.

Their combat strength had already surpassed the tenth level of the Martial Monarch Realm.

Of course, there were also some God Realm experts who transcended the tribulation to become gods but used secret techniques to block themselves from being sensed by the Heaven Dao laws.

In this way, they naturally did not have to be discovered by the Heaven Dao and could naturally stay in this world to intimidate the other families.

Such a top-notch expert usually would not casually attack.
This was because even if he had a secret technique to stay hidden, he would still be easily discovered by the Heaven Dao laws.

It was common knowledge that there was currently such a person in the Ye family.

However, despite being hidden, this person was still recorded on the Primordial Chaos Supreme Ranking.

What was even more terrifying was that the other party’s information was clearly displayed on this ranking.

Even a quasi God Realm expert had been recorded.
This guy who created the Primordial Supreme Ranking was quite capable!

Patriarch Shi’s expression was already solemn to the extreme.

What really made him afraid was not anything else, but that this ranking only ranked the Ye family seventh!

That was a quasi God Realm expert!

That was a top-notch existence that even Martial Monarch Realm experts respected.
Such a person had already been given the chance to step into that world and surpass human martial artists!

With this doubt, the Shi Family Head continued to read.

Sixth place, Ancient Dragon Emperor of the Primordial Mountain Range.

This was a God Realm expert of the dragon race, a supreme demon big shot who hid in the Primordial Mountain Range all year round.

Second level of the Martial Monarch Realm.

The head of the Shi family: “???”

What was going on? A second level Martial Monarch Realm expert was ranked in the top five of the continent? Was there a mistake?

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Could it be that this Han Zhen could defeat a God Realm expert?

Fourth place, the Island Master of the Honno Sea Island.

A lot of question marks immediately appeared in the head of the Shi family master.

Then, the third place went to Elder Tianji.

The Shi family head more or less knew what was going on with Elder Tianji.

He had more or less heard of the series of rumors regarding Elder Tianji, the Heaven Secrets Pavilion, and the Heaven Secrets Cliff.

Ever since this extremely mysterious organization appeared in the Eternal Forest, it had always been an existence that the various large families in the Eternal Forest feared.

It was not strange for her to be ranked third.

The second place was Ye Junlin!

The Shi Family Head still acknowledged Ye Junlin.

The things that had happened to Ye Junlin had really left a deep impression on him.

Even the head of the Shi family had to take it seriously!

Even though he was only at the tenth level of the Martial Monarch Realm now, it was said that he was suppressing his strength.
If he wanted to reach the God Realm, he would be able to do so with little to no effort.

Therefore, it was not strange for this guy to be ranked second.

However, when he saw the first place, the Shi Family Head was completely dumbfounded.

“Lu Xiaoran? Who is this? Moreover, he’s a perfected tenth level Martial Monarch Realm expert and not a God Realm expert.
Could it be that he’s stronger than Ye Junlin?”

With a trace of doubt, the head of the Shi family could not help but frown and continue to read Lu Xiaoran’s information.

With just a glance, the dignified tenth level Martial Monarch Realm expert of the Shi family actually cursed on the spot.

He was so shocked that he had already forgotten his identity.

The more he read, the more shocked he became.

The other party had the most Martial Monarch Realm weapons in the world! He already had more than ten thousand Martial Monarch Realm weapons?

The other party also possessed the most Martial Monarch Realm pills in this world? The number of Martial Monarch Realm pills he had was almost endless?

He had divine pills that had never been seen in this world!

And even divine beast eggs?

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He even had divine beast eggs and divine pills?

Wasn’t that something that only the Divine World had?

Had he gone to the Divine World to steal them?

The head of the Shi family felt like he was about to collapse.

This guy was simply too powerful and abnormal.

No wonder this guy was evaluated as the strongest.
He was not an ordinary person at all.

Who was he? Was he a god?

Even a God Realm expert could not be so abnormal, right?

After all, wasn’t the quasi God Realm expert from the Ye family and the quasi God Realm demon from the Primordial Mountain Range both ranked behind him?

This Lu Xiaoran was simply too heaven-defying!

However, this was not the main point.
The main point was that all the cultivators in the world had probably gone to find Lu Xiaoran.

No matter if Lu Xiaoran was a Martial Monarch Realm expert or a God Realm expert, the entire world would still be able to obtain a slight advantage.

Taking a deep breath, the Shi Family Head’s eyes revealed a cold light.

The Shi Family definitely could not miss this opportunity!

“Relay my orders.
Gather all the disciples of the Shi Family and set off for the Great Zhou Empire.
No matter what, we have to find the Nameless Sect in the shortest time possible.”

After his subordinates went to gather the disciples of the Shi Family, the head of the Shi Family took a deep breath and said, “This might be the Shi Family’s chance.
Patriarch, you’ve been silent for so many years.
Let’s leave the mountain one last time for our Shi Family.”

In fact, it was not only the Shi family.
At this moment, almost all the families in the entire world were heading towards the Great Zhou Empire at the same time.

It was inevitable.
In the face of such huge benefits, everyone was tempted.

The greed of humans was endless.

Moreover, even if one was not greedy, wouldn’t others be?

After all, what if other people tried to snatch Lu Xiaoran’s equipment?

No one was able to resist it.

If others snatched Lu Xiaoran’s equipment and greatly increased their strength, it was hard for these families to guarantee that the other families won’t come and destroy them.

In this world where the weak were prey to the strong, if the balance was not broken, everyone would obediently abide by the rules and not overstep their boundaries.

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However, once the balance was broken, the dark side of people would erupt without any reservation.

Of course, everyone was also aware that Lu Xiaoran was shockingly powerful.
After all, the other party was ranked first in the world

However, compared to how terrifying Lu Xiaoran was, the resources he had were even more tempting!

Most importantly, if everyone in the world went over, no matter how powerful Lu Xiaoran was, how could he resist?

Two fists were no match for four hands!

Great Zhou, Nameless Sect.

Lu Xiaoran was originally cultivating, wanting to break through the last realm.

In any case, he had Wang Cai.
Even after breaking through to the God Realm, he did not have to worry about being forcefully brought to the Divine World by the power of laws.

Suddenly, Ji Wushang’s arrival interrupted his cultivation.

“Senior Lu, something bad has happened.”

Seeing Ji Wushang rush over, Lu Xiaoran glanced at him angrily.

“Ji Wushang, did you encounter some trouble again? I haven’t looked for you yet.
I asked you to gather the spirit stones of Su Chen’s subordinates, but you haven’t given them to me yet.”

“That’s not a problem.
Su Chen has too many spirit stones under him.
It has already exceeded a few hundred trillion! I’m counting them now.
Now, there’s a more important problem!”

When Ji Wushang showed Lu Xiaoran the Primordial Supreme Ranking, Lu Xiaoran was dumbfounded.

Who had come up with this ranking?

The ranking had directly exposed him.

Who would do such an immoral thing?

Moreover, his more than ten thousand Martial Monarch Realm weapons and Martial Monarch Realm pills had been exposed… The other party had basically doomed him!

If these things were exposed, wouldn’t the entire continent tear him apart and eat him alive?

Birds die for food, and humans die for wealth.
It was impossible for the entire continent to let go of such benefits!

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