Before this saber beam landed, its aura had already suppressed the strength of dozens of Martial Monarch Realm experts.

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It was as if only the aura of the saber beam was left in the world.
All the other auras had disappeared!

The spatial barrier shattered one after another.
The saber beam was about to envelop all of Lu Xiaoran’s demons in an invincible manner.

At the critical moment, Lu Xiaoran stepped forward and caused ripples to appear in the void.
At the same time, the Battle God Art in his body circulated crazily.
With the help of the Supreme Profound Dipper and the Great Dao Reincarnation, he reduced the other party’s attack speed and increased his own attack speed.

Then, with the Kunlun Sword in hand, he swept it horizontally, releasing a sword beam more than 100,000 feet long.

The moment the sword beam appeared, it directly collided with the saber beam.

The moment the two collided, the small hill was directly torn apart and exploded into ashes.

The point of contact between the saber and the sword tore apart space.

Seeing that the spatial rift was constantly spreading, Lu Xiaoran did not waste much time.
He used the Mountain and River State Painting to directly put Li Changsheng and the other Martial Monarch demon beasts into the Mountain and River State Painting.

Li Qingfeng’s demon beasts were not so lucky.

Sensing the strength of this force, they were extremely frightened and turned around to escape.

Unfortunately, the strength and speed of the shock wave far exceeded them.

The shock wave spread over and instantly swallowed several Martial Monarch demon beasts, shattering them into pieces.

Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes slightly.

This Li Qingfeng’s strength was rather strange.

His true cultivation level was not even at the Martial Monarch Realm.
Or rather, he did not have any cultivation at all.
He should only be a mortal.

However, the damage he caused was so real and powerful.

This damage seemed to have been augmented by the rules of the God Realm.
As a result, although he was only an ordinary person, he was able to fight evenly with Lu Xiaoran in that exchange.

The power of laws of the God Realm surpassed the power of laws of the mortal realm.

Therefore, the fluctuation produced by the attack was so powerful.

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The two were on completely different levels in terms of quality.

Although Lu Xiaoran’s attack had not reached the God Realm, he had the Trinity True Eyes and the divine weapon, the Divine Art.

With the three combined, even if one’s cultivation was not at the God Realm, it was still enough to resist the power of the God Realm rules.

After this move, Li Qingfeng did not stop at all.
He directly crossed space and arrived in front of Lu Xiaoran.

The huge hand tore through the spatial barrier in the void, attempting to directly tear apart Lu Xiaoran’s neck.

Lu Xiaoran was not careless at all.

Although he did not know how a mere mortal like Li Qingfeng could use the power of laws of the Divine World so easily, it was basically standard for hot shots to exceed expectations.

After all, it was just a matter of speed.

Without any hesitation, Lu Xiaoran directly slashed out with the Kunlun Sword.
Li Qingfeng did not dodge and directly resisted with his large hand.
The web between his thumb and index finger directly blocked the Kunlun Sword and emitted lightning power.
In an instant, he threw a punch with his left hand.

Lu Xiaoran did not dodge at all and allowed the other party’s punch to land on his body.

How powerful was Li Qingfeng’s punch that contained the power of laws of the Divine World?

It shattered the space and imprinted itself on Lu Xiaoran’s shoulder.
In just an instant, it shattered the armor on Lu Xiaoran’s body!

The two Martial Monarch Realm armors exploded one after another and could not even resist for a second.

When Li Qingfeng’s Divine World power of laws smashed into Lu Xiaoran’s third armor, it was suddenly blocked by a powerful force.

Li Qingfeng’s pupils constricted as if he had thought of something.

Only divine armor could resist divine power.

Otherwise, his fist would definitely be able to destroy Lu Xiaoran’s armor.

Li Qingfeng could not help but spit.

At this moment, he had a new understanding of Lu Xiaoran’s strength!

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Almost at the same time, Lu Xiaoran directly activated the Mountain and River State Painting and threw it behind Li Qingfeng, releasing Li Changsheng and the other Martial Monarch demon beasts.

“Don’t let Li Qingfeng’s lackeys off.”

Hearing Lu Xiaoran’s voice, everyone almost instantly transformed into lightning and rushed towards the various Martial Monarch demon beasts.

One had to eliminate the roots to prevent the other party from rising again.

This was one of the extremely important sect rules of the Nameless Sect.
It could even be ranked in the top three rules.

“It’s been a trillion years.
I, Patriarch East Demon, have returned.
Li Qingfeng, this time, you will definitely die!”

Jiang Taixuan, who had just come out of the Mountain and River State Painting, immediately said according to the words Yun Lige and the others had taught him.

Hearing that 1 trillion years, the muscles on Li Changsheng and Song Xinian’s faces could not help but twitch fiercely.
They gave Jiang Taixuan a thumbs up in unison.

“Old Jiang, you’re a ruthless person!”

“Old Jiang, are you trying to end Li Qingfeng’s bloodline?”

Jiang Taixuan’s old face could not help but turn slightly red.

Actually, he did not understand what this meant at all.

In any case, his senior brothers and sisters said it was fine to come with any big number.

As for whether it was exaggerated or not, he could not be bothered.

In any case, it was only a small matter.

Fang Tianyuan swept past the three of them and immediately said, “Stop talking nonsense.
Quickly save Seventh Junior Brother.”

Thinking of this, Song Xinian used the Great Void Chaos Steps and teleported to Jun Bujian’s side.

After his disciples’ cultivation strength increased and had long surpassed the Martial Monarch Realm, Lu Xiaoran no longer hid anything and directly imparted top-notch movement techniques like the Great Void Chaos Steps.

Jun Bujian shouted excitedly.
The moment he saw his senior brother from the Nameless Sect, he felt inexplicably at ease.

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“Don’t be anxious.
I’ll save you now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Song Xinian took a deep breath and suddenly raised his hand to slash.

With the enhancement of the Saber Soul, a powerful force directly slashed at the chains that bound Jun Bujian.

However, although the saber beam was powerful, it only left a faint saber mark on the chain.

The huge rebound impact only made Song Xinian’s figure retreat repeatedly.
Every step left heavy footprints in the void, cracking the void barrier.

It made him retreat more than ten steps before stopping.

Song Xinian could not help but exclaim.

He was currently at the Martial Monarch Realm and had a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
However, he was actually unable to break through this chain?

Patriarch Jun could not help but say, “It’s useless.
This chain is no different from a divine weapon.
It’s already two dimensions above an Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
You can’t break it.”

Everything Li Qingfeng created was at the God Realm.
The power of laws inside had long surpassed this world.

This was also why he could instantly kill so many top-notch experts when he was not even at the Body Refining Realm.

His existence had already surpassed the dimension of this world and surpassed this world.

Although Song Xinian was powerful, Song Xinian’s cultivation technique and weapon were both at the Martial Monarch Realm.
No matter how powerful he was, even if he could fight those at a higher level, it would be useless as long as he was unable to attack the power of laws of the Divine World.

Even if he had a divine soul, the function of a divine soul was only to increase his combat strength and not change the laws.

The stronger Song Xinnian was, the stronger the divine soul would be.

If Song Xinian could reach the God Realm, or if he was a hot shot, he could still use divine weapons or the power of laws of the Divine World to attack like Lu Xiaoran and Li Qingfeng.
The enhancement of the Saber Soul would also become stronger.

Unfortunately, he was neither a hot shot nor Lu Xiaoran.
Without anyone to protect him, he was unable to use these powers that surpassed the laws of this world.

At this moment, Li Changsheng had already caught up.

Seeing this scene, he immediately said with a solemn expression,

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“Although this contains the power of laws of the Divine World, we don’t have to be too desperate.
Senior Brother Song, did you see that? You’ve already slashed a small dent on this chain.
Although it’s not much, it’s still there.
As long as we work together, it’s enough to break the chain and save Junior Brother.”

After the two of them confirmed the direction, one circulated the Saber Soul and the other circulated the Sword Soul.
They took turns to attack and combined the saber and sword.
Each of them attacked with a killing move and slashed the chains until sparks flew.

The saber beam and sword beam interweaved incessantly, and the spatial barrier was being slashed at again and again!

Fortunately, the chain was indeed being slashed open bit by bit.

However, the two of them were shocked by the rebound of the chains until their blood surged.
Their bones, muscles, and even their internal organs began to crack slightly.

A trace of blood seeped out of the corners of their mouths.

Jun Bujian was shocked and touched.

“Senior Brothers, stop quickly.
The rebound of a divine weapon is really too powerful.
Even you won’t be able to withstand it.”

Zhuge Ziqiong stepped in the void and formed a seal with her hands, directly using the Azure Thearch Longevity Art.

The Azure Thearch phantom flashed behind Zhuge Ziqiong.
An emerald green light directly shone on the two of them and instantly healed their injuries.

The two of them regained their spirits and looked at each other before attacking again.

Sparks shot everywhere, and lightning bolts constantly erupted as the two of them slashed.

Finally, when their Martial Monarch Realm weapons had started to disform, the chain finally shattered.

At this moment, the two Martial Monarch Realm weapons had also completely shattered and become trash.

Even so, this was already a rather impressive result.

They had challenged the laws of the Divine World by using mortal weapons to sever a Divine World weapon.

This was a provocation to the gods!

Perhaps because of this, when the two of them completely severed the chains, a violent lightning bolt clearly fell from the sky and landed above their heads.

Without the restriction of the divine weapon chain, the spirit energy in Jun Bujian’s body began to explode.
He immediately shouted and directly shattered the chain.

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