In any case, they were all Martial Monarch Realm experts.
He estimated that he would be able to obtain many good things this time.

Then, he took a deep breath and wrapped the Martial Monarch Realm sword in spirit energy before pulling it out of his intestines bit by bit.

“Hiss! It hurts! It hurts!”

This damn bastard.
You better not let me find out who you are.
Otherwise, I’ll definitely pull out your thing and stuff it into your intestines!

“Bastard! His methods are actually even more despicable than mine.”

However, when he saw the blood-stained Martial Monarch Realm sword in his hand, Han Zhen smiled again.

His injuries were very easy to repair, but it was not every day that he could obtain a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

“Who asked you to stab me? You’re probably crying in some corner now that your Martial Monarch Realm weapon is gone, right?”

However, a moment later, Han Zhen was somewhat puzzled.

“Speaking of which, how did this person do it? Although I wasn’t prepared at that time, my protective astral aura and the Martial Monarch Realm armor on my body are not useless.
Could this guy ignore the defense?”

“Probably not, right? Isn’t it too abnormal to ignore defense? With such a powerful ability, he wouldn’t have to hide in the dark and ambush me.”

Thinking of this, Han Zhen shook his head and immediately walked to the few array formations to collect the storage rings and storage bags left behind by the three Martial Monarch Realm experts.

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On the other side, in the Great Qin Imperial City.

“Your Majesty, faster… faster…”

As soon as this voice fell, a beam of light suddenly broke through the hall and stood in midair, looking in the direction of the Great Zhou Empire.

A moment later, Shangguan Liuli flew up from below and put a cloak on Su Chen.

“Your Majesty, what’s wrong?”

Su Chen narrowed his eyes slightly and emitted two sharp lights that were as cold as swords.

“Someone killed the three Martial Monarch Realm experts I sent to the Great Zhou.”

Shangguan Liuli’s heart skipped a beat and she was somewhat shocked.

“Isn’t the person with the highest cultivation level in the Great Zhou Empire only a Supreme Realm expert? How could he kill a Martial Monarch Realm expert? Did you sense wrongly?”

Su Chen glanced at her coldly.

“Do you think I’m joking?”

Shangguan Liuli’s heart skipped a beat and she immediately lowered her head.

Su Chen snorted and immediately said, “Looks like this Great Zhou still has some skills.
No wonder they dared to oppose me previously.
Relay my orders.
The army is prepared to set off.
Everyone is to be mobilized.
I want to personally visit the Great Zhou Imperial City.”

“Your Majesty, why do you have to do it yourself? Just let your subordinates do it.”

“There’s no need to say anything.
This is my first battle after ascending to the throne.
I naturally have to attack personally.”

Su Chen actually had another goal.

He wanted to use this opportunity to intimidate the other Imperial Family members and then subdue them one by one.

Only by recruiting enough Imperial Family experts could he further expand his strength and also increase his strength.

His ambition was not just limited to a small Great Qin Empire.

What he wanted was to enter the Eternal Forest and advance to a higher level.

In the blink of an eye, it was the second day.
The Great Qin Empire was divided into five armies that covered all the territories of the Great Zhou Empire from the east to the west.
They marched straight in in an attempt to sweep through the entire Great Zhou Empire.

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They did not plan on giving the Great Zhou Imperial Family any chance of escape.

Nearly a million huge battleships flew over from the sky, sweeping away the clouds.
Their extremely powerful aura made countless sects in the Great Zhou Empire feel suppressed.

That aura would probably remain in their minds for the rest of their lives.

Fortunately, Su Chen would not attack these small sects.

It was not that Su Chen was kind-hearted, but that small sects were all leeks.
In the future, if they contributed taxes and handed over spirit stones, it would be easier for him to gather resources for the higher-ups to enjoy.

In some hidden corners below, many demons hidden in the Primordial Mountain Range yearned to attack this large fleet.

On the one hand, the Primordial Mountain Range had just fought a battle with the Great Qin Empire.
The two sides were like fire and water.

On the other hand, humans would refine demon beasts into medicinal pills and Dharma treasures, and demon beasts also liked to eat humans to increase their cultivation.

“Boss, should we attack?”

“There’s no rush.
Let the experts in front go over first and let them fight Master in the Imperial City.
When the battle begins in the Imperial City, we’ll rush forward and attack the experts in the back.”

“That’s right.
Listen to Boss Ox and restrain your auras.
Don’t expose your identities.
Let these humans go first.
We’ll focus on the ones with weaker cultivation in the back.
It’s safer this way.”

In the sky, on the largest battleship was Su Chen’s battleship.
A large number of top-notch experts had gathered on it.
Not only did it look as majestic as a huge mountain, but it was also impregnable inside.

“Your Majesty, we’ll reach the Imperial City in less than 50 breaths.”

Su Chen nodded indifferently.

“How’s the progress of the few armies?”

“Everything is going smoothly.
The sects of the Great Zhou don’t dare to stop us at all.
However, it seems that the team in the east has encountered some small obstruction.
It’s said that a Martial Monarch Realm expert has fought them.”

“Hmph! A mantis trying to stop a chariot.
Relay my orders and get them to quickly destroy that Martial Monarch Realm expert and rush to the Great Zhou Imperial City.”

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