bs, but in the end, there’s nothing at all!”

Han Zhen had never liked to voice his thoughts out loud because he was afraid that the surrounding people would hear him.

However, this time, he really could not help it.

Damn, did these idiots spend all their wealth on array formations?

Ever since he escaped from Jun Bujian and the others yesterday, he had almost never stopped.
He had been using his treasures to find the ancient tomb.

Among them were 120 King Realm tombs, 73 Emperor Realm tombs, 26 Supreme Realm tombs, and 7 Saint Realm tombs.

However, he had only gathered 15 low-grade spirit stones!

15 low-grade spirit stones!

Who would dare to think of this?

This was not just poor.
This was simply shameless!

The most hateful thing was that in order to deal with these array formations, he had spent a lot of effort and even consumed several Saint Realm pills.

Han Zhen had gritted his teeth and saved every cent he had.
He was not like those rich second-generation heirs.
They had the support of their families and could eat medicinal pills like candy.

Most importantly, it would be easier if he could dig out some spirit stones or equipment.

However, he had only obtained 15 low-grade spirit stones.

He, Han Zhen, had never made such a loss in his life.

No, the more he thought about it, the angrier he became.
He could not take it anymore.
Han Zhen felt that his intelligence had been insulted, and he could not stand this.

A cold glint flashed in Han Zhen’s eyes.

This was the first time in his life that he had such thoughts.

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In the past, no matter what, he had always been cowardly.

However, today, he did not want to endure it.
He wanted to do what a man should do!

He wanted to go to the Great Zhou Imperial City and snatch a sum of spirit stones.

He had no choice.
He was really furious.

As the saying went, a leopard never changes its spots.

However, when one was angered to the extreme, it was possible for them to really change their character.

After taking a deep breath, Han Zhen emboldened himself and flew towards the Great Zhou Imperial City with a firm gaze.

In the deep night, the entire Great Zhou Imperial City was in darkness.

Han Zhen could not help but frown slightly.

Did the Great Zhou Imperial City not even have any places with lights at night?

This was the Imperial City.

In the Imperial City, cultivators were counted in billions.
Among so many people, even if only a tenth of them did not sleep, the number would still be terrifying.

The lights would spread throughout the entire city like stars in the sky.

However, today, this place was actually pitch-black.

Could it be that the Great Zhou Imperial City was also very poor?

Below the Great Zhou Imperial City, Lu Xiaoran had just set up the array formation when he suddenly could not help but look up at the sky.

Strange, why was there a Martial Monarch Realm expert in the sky?

Moreover, this aura seemed to be very unfamiliar? It had never appeared before!

Was it a spy from the Hall of Gods?

If the other party was a spy from the Hall of Gods, he definitely could not let the other party off.
Otherwise, if the other party returned and told Su Chen about this, wouldn’t it be a waste to set up so many array formations here? Although it wouldn’t cause Lu Xiaoran any trouble, he still didn’t want to waste the formations.

If it was Han Zhen… that guy was a cowardly and ignoble guy.
In fact, he and Lu Xiaoran were so similar that he could even be Lu Xiaoran’s sworn brother.

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If Lu Xiaoran wanted to kill the other party, he probably wouldn’t succeed.

If the other party escaped, it would also be very dangerous and he would easily alert the enemy.

Lu Xiaoran knew that this guy had a God Realm movement technique and definitely had many other killing moves.

If Han Zhen wanted to escape, he might not be able to catch him.

Of course, Lu Xiaoran also had a way to prevent him from escaping.

He could activate all the array formations here.
In this way, even if the other party used a God Realm cultivation technique, he would not be able to escape.
At the very least, he would not be able to escape for a second or two.

And one or two seconds was enough for him to cause a lot of damage.

Han Zhen probably would not be able to handle this damage.

However, in that case, his array formation would not be able to deal with the Hall of Gods.

At that time, it would really cause a huge loss.

Giving up the formations he needed to resolve another bigger problem just to deal with Han Zhen was clearly not very cost-effective.

However, just as Lu Xiaoran was thinking, three more Martial Monarch Realm auras suddenly attacked from afar.

Lu Xiaoran immediately narrowed his eyes.

Did this aura come from the Primordial Mountain Range? Did it come from the Great Qin Empire?

Han Zhen also sensed the other party’s aura immediately and moved to the Imperial City.

Three Martial Monarch Realm experts had actually arrived.
Could they be the pursuers from the Jun family? Were they waiting for him here?

How did they know that he was here?

At the same time, the air in the sky distorted as three Martial Monarch Realm experts stepped out of the void.

“Is this the Great Zhou Imperial City?”

“Hmph! Looking at this small place, it’s even inferior to a corner of the Great Qin Imperial City.
You actually have the guts to resist the Hall of Gods.
You’re really courting death.”

“Alright, stop talking for now.
Go and punish the Great Zhou Imperial Family.
Otherwise, the Hall Master will be displeased.”

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