“What? The Great Qin Empire lost?”

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When he heard this news, Lu Xiaoran was instantly dumbfounded.

The Great Qin Empire had lost so quickly?

That was a freaking empire!

Were these hot shots all so shameless?

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran felt bad.

In fact, it was very reasonable for Su Chen to destroy the Great Qin Empire so quickly.

This was because he was constantly absorbing new experts in battle.

The more experts he absorbed, the stronger he would be.
On the other hand, he would also further weaken the combat strength of the Great Qin Empire.

Therefore, this outcome caused the Great Qin Empire to be destroyed faster.

Moreover, what was even more unexpected was that the emperor of the Great Qin Empire had actually lost.

However, thinking about it carefully, it was understandable.

After all, he was the emperor of the Great Qin Empire.
Compared to someone like Su Chen who had the protagonist template, he was basically a super bad villain.
It was only natural for him to die.

However, this was really not good news for Lu Xiaoran.

This was because Lu Xiaoran did not have as many people as Su Chen did.

The Hall of Gods had absorbed countless Martial Monarch Realm experts from the Great Qin Empire.
There were at least dozens of them.

This was even when all the other factors were not considered.
Moreover, the other party had both Martial Monarch Realm weapons and armor.

Other than that, the other party also had a huge number of spirit stones that he could not use up!

Su Chen’s manpower, combat strength, wealth, and other aspects completely suppressed him.

Therefore, he could only choose to take the high-end path.

This was also why he had chosen to go to the Primordial Mountain Range and find so many demon beast subordinates to nurture with the divine beast egg to increase their strength.

Lu Xiaoran’s idea was very simple.
He would first nurture a certain number of experts and crush the other party in terms of number.
Then, he would head to the Great Qin Empire and directly kill all the experts of the Hall of Gods, including Su Chen.

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He would completely destroy the Hall of Gods.

Of course, there was a problem with this plan now.

This was because after Su Chen conquered the Great Qin Empire, it was very easy for him to cross the Primordial Mountain Range.

Previously, he had been rejected by Ji Wushang.
Later, it was also Ji Wushang who complained.

As a protagonist, he definitely had to kill Ji Wushang.

Moreover, it probably wouldn’t take long.

Of course, it would not be today or tomorrow.

These hot shots all had a common problem.
They were all especially rash and would never tire.

Ordinary protagonists might have relatively stable and normal personalities, such as Li Liushui.

However, Su Chen was definitely not like that.
He was a tycoon hot shot that would directly show off endlessly after becoming rich.

People like him actually had an extremely low self-esteem.

As the saying went, the less impressive a person was, the more they tried to show off.

Since he had already defeated the Great Qin Empire, he had to at least become an emperor.

After a few days, in order to increase his prestige, he would no doubt directly attack the Great Zhou.

Lu Xiaoran could not watch them destroy the Great Zhou and the Heaven Demon Sect, right?

Was he supposed to watch so many brothers and friends die in vain?

Was he supposed to hide for a few years before coming back to take revenge?

If he did that, he would probably develop mental demons.

Just as Lu Xiaoran was having a headache, Wang Cai’s voice suddenly sounded.

Ding… detected a new disciple to recruit.

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows.

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The other party was a tycoon.
How could he turn the tables just by recruiting a new disciple?

However, forget it.
He didn’t have any good solutions anyway.
He would take a look first.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran immediately said, “Show me his information.”

“Alright, information is being generated.”

Soon, a screen lit up in Lu Xiaoran’s mind with the other party’s information.

Jun Bujian, the Holy Son of the Jun family, one of the ten top-notch families in the Eternal Forest.

First level Martial Monarch Realm.

Since ancient times, those with great talent were always the successor of the Jun family.

“Damn, his background is quite big.
As the Holy Son of the Eternal Forest, his status is probably much higher than Song Xinian.
After all, Song Xinian is only the Holy Son of the Great Qin Empire’s Vast Heaven Sect.
However, he’s directly from the Eternal Forest, the strongest existence in this world.”

After a pause, Lu Xiaoran said, “Wang Cai, release Soul Guidance.”

“Sorry, Master.
I’m unable to use Soul Guidance on him at the moment.”

Tell me, is he crippled or dead? His soul is probably about to dissipate, right?”

“No, he’s fine now.
He’s still the Holy Son of the Jun family that the Jun family’s elders think highly of.
Moreover, his luck is not bad.
If it increases a little more, he can be considered a hot shot.
It’s also because he has luck protecting his body that he can resist skills like Soul Guidance.”

“Wang Cai, be a human.
Could it be that you want me to take in a guy with an extraordinary status, strength, and talent who is at the peak of his life as my disciple?”

“However, this current disciple will be of sufficient help to Master in the Great Qin Battle.
The Jun family behind him is powerful enough to destroy the Great Qin Empire.”

“Of course, it is already not bad if Master succeeds in subduing Jun Bujian before Su Chen deals with the Great Zhou.
It is probably impossible for Master to take advantage of the Jun family.

“However, even so, Jun Bujian still has several Martial Monarch Realm experts with him.

They are also enough to increase a portion of Master’s strength.

Hearing Wang Cai say this, Lu Xiaoran continued, “Then what is he doing now?”

“He’s chasing after his hot shot.”

“Damn, ever since I started taking in disciples, I’ve never had a disciple who hasn’t been beaten up.
Now, look, this guy is actually suppressing the hot shots.
Are you joking with me? Is he the protagonist or is the hot shot he’s fighting the protagonist?”

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Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran continued to open the message and began to take a look.

Han Zhen was at the first level of the Martial Monarch Realm and was born to be extremely cautious.
He was naturally cowardly.

If he could beat the other party, he would silence them.
If he could not, he would run.
He never cared about his pride and only wanted to become stronger.

Damn, he was actually an ignoble protagonist!

He knew that Jun Bujian’s enemy was definitely not simple.

Although this Han Zhen was only at the first level of the Martial Monarch Realm, he probably had many tricks up his sleeve.

It was estimated that no matter how powerful Jun Byhuan was, he would still be unable to kill Han Zhen.
On the other hand, Han Zhen would develop steadily as he lived ignobly.
When Han Zhen could kill Jun Bujian, it would be the death of Jun Bujian.

At that time, no matter how powerful Jun Bujian was, he would not be able to resist Han Zhen’s attack.

Alright, in order to deal with Su Chen’s Hall of Gods, he indeed needed more people.

“Where is Jun Bujian now?”

“Master, don’t you see that Jun Bujian is leading people to pursue Han Zhen? He’s currently by the sea at the eastern border of the Great Zhou.”

“Send me the coordinates.”

“Alright, I’ll send the coordinates to Master here.”

After obtaining the coordinates, Lu Xiaoran directly used the Heaven-Breaking Shuttle and flew towards the eastern border of the Great Zhou.

At the same time, in the Great Zhou’s eastern border, several figures were chasing after something in the forest.

“Chase after him! All of you! No matter what, you have to catch up to Han Zhen and kill him.
Let him know the consequences of offending my Eternal Forest’s Jun family.”

This time, he was really furious.

They had chased for tens of billions of kilometers from the Eternal Forest!

Tens of billions of kilometers!

They had been chasing after the other party for a few months!

He had chased them from his home to a remote place like the Great Zhou Empire, but he still did not capture that damn first level Martial Monarch Realm small fry.

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The most hateful thing was that during this period of time, two of the top experts and Martial Monarch Realm experts he had brought out had actually been killed by the other party.

He had never encountered such a shameless person in his life!

As soon as he finished speaking, another violent explosion sounded in front of him.
A huge smoke rose from the ground, and the shock wave made the few Martial Monarch Realm experts of the Jun family suddenly block in front of Jun Bujian.

“Protect the Holy Son! Quick!”

Before the aftershock of the explosion dissipated, Jun Bujian pushed his subordinate away.

“Get lost! I’m not trash.
Why would I need your protection?”

Soon, a figure flew back and said with a solemn expression,

“Holy Son, Fifth Brother is also injured.
We can’t take it anymore.
If this continues, we’ll probably lose even more brothers.
Let’s retreat.”

“That’s right.
Holy Son, it’s not too late to retreat and stop the losses in time.
Otherwise, our Jun family will suffer a huge loss, especially since you’re involved.”

Jun Bujian was so furious that he almost collapsed.

“Could it be that I, the dignified holy son of the Jun family, need to let a nameless junior escape from under my nose? I refuse to accept this!”

“Holy Son, calm down.
We’re useless, but we really have no choice.
This Han Zhen is simply too good at running.
His name shouldn’t be Han Zhen.
His name should be Han Escape.”

“The key is that not only does he know how to escape, but he can also set up powerful traps one after another as he escapes.
He also has array formations, poisons, and even despicable tricks to lure people into the nests of Martial Monarch Realm demon beasts! We can’t do anything at all.”

“I don’t care.
I have to kill him! I have to kill him!”

Jun Bujian’s eyes turned blood red.

Clearly, he had already lost his mind from anger.

Not far away, Lu Xiaoran, who had just arrived and was observing in the void, could not help but shake his head.

This disciple seemed to be a little crazy!

He could not catch the other party and had even been schemed against.
If this continued, he might even lose his life to increase the other party’s experience.

However, despite this, he actually did not give up and continued to pursue.

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