Su Chen was not angry at all.

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He still had that calm smile on his face.

It was as if he was not afraid of Shangguan Liuli’s rejection at all.

Or rather, he was certain that he would be able to get his way with her.

“That’s right.
A mere 50 million top-grade spirit stones is indeed not much.
To a Martial Monarch Realm expert like you and the sect master of a sect, 50 million is indeed a little too little.
How about this? I’ll give you 500 million top-grade spirit stones and… a Martial Monarch Realm armor.
How about that?”

Shangguan Liuli’s eyes moved, but she did not say anything.

However, this trace of movement in her eyes did not escape Su Chen’s eyes.

This made a playful smile appear on the corner of Su Chen’s mouth.

As long as the other party’s gaze flicker, it meant that the other party was not far from being obtained by him.

So what if she was reserved?

So what if her status was high?

So what if her cultivation was powerful?

If he could not win the other party over with money, he would use other resources.

In this vast world, there were only a few things that cultivators were attracted to.

There was always a way to make them give in.

Su Chen was not only rich.

Seeing that his sect master still ignored Su Chen, the corner of Wang Cheng’s mouth curled up excitedly.

“Su Chen, you bastard, did you see that? Our sect master definitely doesn’t care about your stinky money or your things.
You should give up on your thoughts as soon as possible! Kill us as soon as possible! It will also save you from being ridiculed.

Su Chen still ignored him.
He could not be bothered to speak to such a small character.

Moreover, as long as Shangguan Liuli agreed to be his woman, he would be able to instantly kill her.

At that time, he would be the happiest.

Therefore, he continued, “Shangguan Liuli, do you want to die with them like this? Don’t you think that’s a pity? You’re so young, only 2,000 years old.
According to the age of a Martial Monarch Realm expert, you’re at the peak of your youth.
It’s very likely for you to break through past the Martial Monarch Realm in the future and become a God Realm expert.
Are you really willing to die here?”

Shangguan Liuli closed her eyes slightly, but the unwillingness in her eyes also fell into Su Chen’s eyes.

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Su Chen continued, “Five billion top-grade spirit stones.
I’ll also throw in a Martial Monarch Realm weapon and an extra Martial Monarch Realm armor.
If you’re willing, I’ll also give you three Martial Monarch Realm pills every month.
In addition, I can guarantee that you’ll break through at least a realm level in the next three years.”

Shangguan Liuli’s delicate body trembled almost imperceptibly.

The conditions Su Chen offered were really unbearable for her.

On one hand, it was death and dignity.
On the other hand, it was abandonment of dignity.
However, afterwards, she could increase her strength and also obtain so many spirit stones, Martial Monarch Realm weapons, and Martial Monarch Realm pills.

Most importantly, if she broke through another realm level in three years, her lifespan would be extended again.
Coupled with spirit stones, medicinal pills, and other resources… she might really have a chance to step into the God Realm in the future.

If she died, all her efforts so far would be in vain.

However, if she did not die, her future would be unimaginable.

After ten thousand years, everything would change.
Who would remember that she, Shangguan Liuli, was a so-called chaste woman?

What was the point of being a chaste girl?

In the world of martial artists, only by living and becoming stronger could one become famous.

Moreover, Su Chen was so powerful now.
Who could guarantee that he would not become a legend in the future?

As the woman of a legend, what was there to be embarrassed about?

Wang Cheng was still mocking him.

“Su Chen, shut your damn mouth.
What kind of figure is our sect master? Why would she care about your things? I’ve already said it.
Stop talking nonsense.
Give up and kill us as soon as possible.”

However, just as he finished speaking, a voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

“I want the spirit stones, Martial Monarch Realm weapons, and Martial Monarch Realm pills right now.”

The voice and smile of Wang Cheng immediately disappeared.

He immediately looked at the sect master in disbelief.
He looked at this woman who he had always dreamed of chasing after and who he thought might become his wife in the future.

In his heart, she had always been a noble white swan, holy, cold, and inviolable.

However, at this moment, she had actually lowered her proud head to a licentious man for money!

This was simply the greatest blow to him and almost made him completely collapse.

“Sect Master, what are you talking about? Are you crazy? How could you agree to that? No! He’s only a…”

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Shangguan Liuli berated with a cold expression, “Wang Cheng, what I want to do has nothing to do with you.
Please mind your own business.
Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

Wang Cheng was completely dumbfounded.
He looked at Shangguan Liuli in disbelief, as if he had never known her.

The corner of Su Chen’s mouth curled up slightly.
With a flick of his finger, he removed the restriction on Shangguan Liuli’s body.
Then, he threw a storage bag at her.

Shangguan Liuli immediately picked up the storage bag.
When she swept her divine sense over it and saw the items inside, she could not help but be shocked.

Although she had long heard of Su Chen’s generosity and had just heard Su Chen say the number himself…

However, when she really obtained what she was promised, she could not help but be shocked.

There were too many of them!

The dense spirit stones simply piled up into a huge mountain!

There were also Martial Monarch Realm weapons, Martial Monarch Realm armor, and Martial Monarch Realm pills.

Even a Martial Monarch Realm expert like her could not help but be moved by this.

No wonder so many Martial Monarch Realm experts were willing to be ordered around by him.

With so many good things, what was the use of the so-called dignity of a Martial Monarch Realm expert?

Could dignity be eaten as a medicinal pill?

Or could it be used as a Martial Monarch Realm weapon?

Or could it be exchanged for so many top-grade spirit stones?

Su Chen curled his finger at her.

Shangguan Liuli gritted her teeth.
Then, she really knelt down and crawled towards Su Chen like a dog.

It was not because of these five billion top-grade spirit stones, nor was it because of these Martial Monarch Realm weapons and Martial Monarch Realm pills.

She wanted to become Su Chen’s woman and win his favor.
Then, she would obtain more spirit stones and Martial Monarch Realm pills.

She now had greater ambitions.

Seeing the woman he liked crawl into someone else’s arms like a dog, Wang Cheng completely collapsed.

“Shangguan Liuli, you slut! You’re a slut! You’re a slut! I was blind.
I can’t believe that I actually liked a slut like you!”

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The corner of Su Chen’s mouth curled up slightly, and he was extremely happy.

He looked at Wang Cheng who was struggling like an ant, just like his previous useless self.

However, from now on, he will no longer be that person.
He was now the master of the Hall of Gods, Su Chen!

“If the other elders are willing to surrender, each of you will get ten million top-grade spirit stones, a Saint Realm weapon, and a Saint Realm armor.”

As soon as he said this, the other elders were all moved.

“We’re willing to surrender.”

At this moment, they did not care if they were Supreme Realm experts or Martial Monarch Realm experts!

The sect master, a dignified Martial Monarch Realm expert, had already knelt like a dog.
What reason did they have to not kneel?

Moreover, the sect master still had to sacrifice her body.
They did not even need to sacrifice themselves.
Only a fool would not surrender.

Wang Cheng’s eyes were scarlet red like blood.

“You spineless bastards, get up.
Get up! Do you still have any backbone? Are you still human?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Su Chen directly slashed him into two.

Su Chen’s experience with Song Xinina had taught him that if he encountered such a small ant again, he would directly kill the other party!

It saved him the trouble of finding trouble later.

At this moment, Shangguan Liuli had already crawled to Su Chen’s feet.

Su Chen lifted her chin and met her exquisite and beautiful face.
Then, he pulled her into his arms.

“Old Liu, announce that when the sun rises tomorrow, I want the Great Qin Imperial City to change its surname to Su!”

Then, Su Chen picked up Shangguan Liuli and directly entered the back of the hall.

In the Nameless Sect, Lu Xiaoran was crazily increasing his strength.

He had finished cultivating the Supreme Profound Dipper and the Six Paths of Reincarnation.
Moreover, he had fused them all into his Trinity True Eyes.

This was because the Trinity True Eyes could allow him to unleash his skills instantly.
In this way, it could avoid giving the enemy extra time to defend.
This also prevented the possibility of the move being countered.

Although he had these very magical skills, he could not guarantee that the other party did not have some abnormal super skills.

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It was better to be careful.

Other than that, he also opened Martial Monarch Realm weapons and gift boxes.
After that, he also increased his cultivation techniques and equipment.

Moreover, he also helped his demon pet big shots he had just subdued increase their cultivation.

In short, he was extremely busy and worked hard every moment.

He did everything he could for survival!

In this way, after working for fifteen days in the Mountain and River State Painting, Lu Xiaoran came out.

At this moment, his cultivation was already at the sixth level of the Martial Monarch Realm.

The cultivation of the demon pets under him was also not weak.

There were originally 20 Martial Monarch Realm experts.
Later, a few more had eaten the divine beast eggs and advanced to the Martial Monarch Realm.
Now, there were a total of 28.

Among them, there was 1 fifth level Martial Monarch Realm expert, 3 fourth level Martial Monarch Realm experts, 6 third level Martial Monarch Realm experts, 8 second level Martial Monarch Realm experts, and 10 first level Martial Monarch Realm experts.

The number was rather impressive.

Other than that, there were also more than 100 Saint Realm experts, including his three disciples, Xinian, Changsheng, and Zi Qiong.

There was no need to mention Supreme Realm or Emperor Realm experts.
In this battle, their strength was already at the bottom.

It could not be decisive.

Overall, it was still comparable to the Hall of Gods.

Of course, it would be even better if he could develop for a while more.

However, at this moment, Ji Wushang sent a message.

The flag of the Hall of Gods had already been raised in the Great Qin Empire’s Imperial City.

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