Hearing Lu Xiaoran’s voice, the Black Tortoise was first stunned before it immediately became furious.

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“Human! Why would a lowly human appear in the Primordial Mountain Range? You dirty little demon, you actually dare to collude with humans.
I’ll kill you.”

The Black Tortoise roared as the power of laws suddenly attacked the Golden-Armed Divine Ape.

The terrifying force instantly pierced through the void for ten thousand meters, shattering the spatial barrier and revealing the void inside.

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape directly peed itself on the spot.

Fortunately, Lu Xiaoran instantly teleported in front of it and raised his hand to block this power of laws.

The Black Tortoise smiled coldly.

“I was wondering why it dared to collude with humans.
It turns out that you’re a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
However, even so, if you dare to be impudent in the Primordial Mountain Range, I’ll still kill you.”

Its thick limbs slid slightly in the void, but its body instantly tore through the spatial barrier and rubbed against the space, producing a powerful impact.

Lu Xiaoran pushed the Golden-Armed Divine Ape away and directly took out the Xuanyuan Sword.

Demon beasts were originally arrogant and thought highly of themselves.
They looked down on humans.
If they were not beaten into submission, Lu Xiaoran could forget about having a good discussion.

Without saying much, Lu Xiaoran directly used the Azure Lotus Sword Art.
As soon as the Xuanyuan Sword appeared, the black hole soul in his body displayed the ability of the Sword Soul that it had previously devoured.

A sword beam more than 100,000 meters long instantly spread from the Xuanyuan Sword and rushed forward.
Under the starry sky, it was so beautiful that it made one’s heart palpitate and illuminated the entire sky.

The Black Tortoise smiled in extreme disdain.

“A mere human cultivation technique is only formed by mixing the rules of the world with the bloodline of our race.
How can it compare to our demon race’s natural divine technique? Die!”

A sharp golden aura spread from the sharp long claw.
The power of laws attached to it seemed to be able to destroy everything.

The Black Tortoise felt that Lu Xiaoran would definitely die if the two of them fought!

This was because it had the Black Tortoise bloodline of the divine beasts.

The Black Tortoise was the leader of defense.
The defense of the Black Tortoise bloodline was almost several times or even dozens of times stronger than any other demon beast in the world.

Although it was also a Martial Monarch Realm expert like Lu Xiaoran and their attack power might be the same, its defense was countless times stronger than Lu Xiaoran’s.
How could it possibly lose when Lu Xiaoran couldn’t even break through its defense.

However, the moment Lu Xiaoran’s sword landed, it realized that it was wrong.
Moreover, it was extremely wrong.

When the Black Tortoise’s sharp claws were less than ten meters away from Lu Xiaoran, Lu Xiaoran’s sword beam carried an invincible strength as it smashed fiercely onto its turtle shell.
With just one sword move, it directly broke through the defense it was proud of.

The defensive barrier attached to the Black Tortoise’s body was shattered by this huge force on the spot.

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The Black Tortoise’s heart instantly trembled.

How could Lu Xiaoran instantly break through its defensive barrier?

His cultivation was clearly at the third level of the Martial Monarch Realm.
Although the Black Tortoise was only at the second level of the Martial Monarch Realm, Lu Xiaoran still had to at least have the combat strength of the fifth level of the Martial Monarch Realm to break through its defensive barrier.

It was because of the weapon!

At this moment, the Black Tortoise had already noticed something strange about Lu Xiaoran’s weapon.
The light emitted from Lu Xiaoran’s weapon was actually dense gold instead of pale gold.

This meant that it was a divine weapon!

This Martial Monarch Realm expert actually had a divine weapon?

It absolutely could not panic.

It decided to hide in its turtle shell and calm down first.

The Black Tortoise did not despair just because the other party had a divine weapon.

Its true strength laid in its turtle shell that had long surpassed the hardness of a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

Even without the spirit energy defensive barrier, its turtle shell was still able to resist Lu Xiaoran’s attack!

No matter how powerful the other party’s cultivation or attack was, the other party was definitely unable to do anything to it.

This time, it had miscalculated again.

The moment the sword beam landed on the turtle shell, Lu Xiaoran opened the Trinity True Eyes.

With the True Intent Unravel attached to the sword beam, no matter how powerful the Black Tortoise’s defense was, it instantly became useless.

The sword beam finally landed on the turtle shell.

The Black Tortoise instantly spat out blood.
Its head, limbs, and tail were shocked out of the turtle shell by this huge force.

Its eyes were about to crack, and they were bloodshot to the extreme.

“You are too much.
I’ll fight you to the death!”

The Black Tortoise condensed its full strength and gathered the power of laws in its huge mouth, forming a power of laws beam that directly bombarded Lu Xiaoran.

The huge beam of light instantly swallowed Lu Xiaoran.
Moreover, a spatial tunnel hundreds of kilometers long blasted out behind Lu Xiaoran.

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It could be imagined how powerful the attack was.

Damn human, who asked you to fight me? I’ve cultivated for nearly ten thousand years.
Why would I be afraid… Hmm?

Before Black Tortoise could finish its thought, it saw Lu Xiaoran walk out of the beam unscathed in the next second.

The Black Tortoise’s worldview instantly collapsed.

Could this brat also be from the Black Tortoise Clan?

Why was his defense so powerful?

Was it stronger than the divine weapon it had cultivated for more than ten thousand years?

It was impossible for humans to easily resist its attack with their cultivation alone.
After all, no matter how weak it was, it was still a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

It was definitely because the other party was wearing armor… Moreover, it was not an ordinary armor.

Since the other party even had a combat divine weapon, he definitely had a divine armor.

This guy was too powerful.
It was no match for him at all.
At this moment, it could only run!

Almost in an instant, the Black Tortoise analyzed all the factors and realized that it was no match for Lu Xiaoran.

Without any hesitation, it directly turned around and ran as quickly as possible.

Everyone thought that the Black Tortoise bloodline’s defensive strength was very powerful.
In fact, what the world did not know was that even though the speed of the Black Tortoise bloodline was slower than the Phoenix and the White Tiger, it was still enough to surpass most bloodlines below the four divine beasts.

However, the Black Tortoise was too big and its body was too heavy.
It could maintain its high speed for long, but within a short distance, its speed could not be underestimated.

It just needed to escape back to the lake.

The bottom of this lake was actually a layer of Profound Heavy Water.
The Profound Heavy Water had a strange ability and was even heavier than soil and rocks.
Moreover, the more one struggled, the stronger the pressure.

Other than the Black Tortoise Clan, it was difficult for any other race to endure it.

As long as it could escape back to the bottom of the lake, Lu Xiaoran would be unable to get to him.
At that time, it would hide at the bottom of the lake for a while and see how long Lu Xiaoran could last!

It was impossible for Lu Xiaoran to waste his life waiting for it to come out, right?

First, it would set a small goal.
It would not leave the lake for ten thousand years.

With the lifespan of the Black Tortoise bloodline, even ten Lu Xiaoran would not be able to outlive it.

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However, at this moment, it suddenly felt somewhat strange.

This was because according to normal logic, it should have already entered the lake.

Its speed was extremely fast, enough for it to return to the lake in an instant.
However, now, it seemed like several seconds had passed.

At this moment, it was still floating in the air.

“An array formation? You actually used an array formation to seal the spatial power.
Despicable human, can you be any more shameless?”

With a thought, Lu Xiaoran had already arrived in front of it.
He picked up the Mountain God Pillar and smashed the other party’s back with it.

Then, spirit energy surged crazily into the Mountain God Pillar, pressing the other party firmly to the ground and preventing it from moving.

“Let go of me! Despicable human, if you have the guts, fight me for another 300 rounds!”

Lu Xiaoran attacked the Black Tortoise with the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture at full strength and threw ten thousand punches first.

The Trinity True Eyes was used to the limit.
Every move could easily break through its turtle shell and hit its body.

“Ah! Damn human, I told you to let go of me and attack together, not to suppress me!”

“Let go of me if you have the guts!”

“Stop if you have the ability.
Let me catch my breath.”

“Consider yourself ruthless.
Stop fighting.
I admit defeat!”

Only then did Lu Xiaoran stop.
The Black Tortoise panted heavily, and its aura decreased to a freezing point.
Its entire turtle body was extremely weak.

The Black Tortoise was both resentful and sad.

It still remembered that the last time it felt this weak was more than 8,000 years ago.
When it was young, it had gotten intimate with three female tortoises and had to rest for three days before it could recover.

It did not expect to be reduced to this state by a human.

“I want to take you in as my slave now.
Are you willing?”

“If it means that you’ll stop hitting me, then yes, I’m willing.”

“Then I’ll take it that you’re willing.”

Lu Xiaoran directly used the Beast Control Divine Art to subdue the Black Tortoise and make it his subordinate.

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Then, he continued, “Now, I’ll issue my first order.
Bring me to the other Martial Monarch Realm demon beasts.”

The Black Tortoise’s expression suddenly changed.

“That’s impossible.
Although I’ve been subdued by you, I’m still a demon! You can order me to do anything, even let me die here… However, it’s impossible for me to betray the demon race and my other clansmen.”

After a pause, it even swept its gaze over the green ox and the others in extreme disdain.

“Shame, the shame of our demon race!”

The Azure Ox and the other demons immediately lowered their heads in shame.

Lu Xiaoran took out a divine beast egg.

The pupils of the originally indignant Black Tortoise instantly constricted.

“This aura… this is a divine beast egg with the Black Tortoise bloodline? Heavens! Where did you get it?”

Demon beasts were all spirits born from the world and naturally relied on their bloodline power to increase their strength.

Ordinary demon beasts would be filled with fear and reverence for the divine beast egg because of the suppression of their bloodline.

However, demon beasts at the Martial Monarch Realm were not like this.

This was because once they transcended the tribulation to become gods, they would also completely activate the bloodline in their bodies and become divine beasts.

And the more bloodline power they had, the higher their chances of successfully transcending the tribulation.

This divine beast egg had a pure Black Tortoise bloodline.
If it ate it, who knew how much Black Tortoise power it would obtain!

It was naturally impossible for the Black Tortoise not to covet it.

The Azure Ox and the other demons immediately whispered,

“Black Tortoise Martial Monarch, this human has many divine beast eggs with various bloodlines.”

“That’s right.
His disciple even fried a divine beast egg.”

The Black Tortoise immediately roared.

“What human? How rude.
This is my beloved master!”

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