It was a chance to kill a hot shot.

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Soon, everyone arrived beside Lu Xiaoran.

“There’s no need to be so polite.
I called you over this time for no other reason than to give you a new mission.”

“Please tell us, Master.”

Everyone’s bodies trembled, especially Zhuge Ziqiong.
She could not believe her ears.

“Master! Is what you said true?”

“Currently, Su Chen from the Hall of Gods is already fighting the Great Qin Empire.
The Great Qin Empire has summoned Zhuge Fei’er to rush back to the Great Qin Empire.
This is a good opportunity for us.

“We can kill her on her way back.

“Now, the Great Qin Empire cannot even take care of itself.
The flames of war were everywhere, and they did not have the time to care about her at all.
In other words, she will not be able to get any reinforcements now.

“Once we miss this opportunity and let her return to the Great Qin Empire, it will be very difficult for us to kill her in the future, when she has the protection of a Martial Monarch Realm expert like the Great Qin Emperor.

“In that case, Master, please tell us about the mission.”

“Alright, I’ll bring you guys to the vicinity of the Primordial Mountain Range in a while.
Lige, Wuxia, the two of you are in charge of setting up array formations on the Primordial Mountain Range.
Focus on setting up detection-type array formations and make sure they are densely placed.
Set them on both sides along the Primordial Mountain Range and set up more than five layers.”

Lu Xiaoran knew that his disciples’ cultivation could no longer keep up with Zhuge Fei’er.

This was because he was not sure if Zhuge Fei’er was a Saint Realm expert or a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

Moreover, even if she was a Saint Realm expert, as a hot shot, Zhuge Fei’er was definitely capable of killing enemies at a higher level.

Therefore, neither Li Changsheng nor Song Xinian was qualified to kill her.
After all, the two of them had just reached the tenth level of the Supreme Realm.

The two of them had no chance, let alone the others.

“Changsheng, Xinian, Tianyuan, the three of you are in charge of killing Zhuge Fei’er’s subordinates.
Zhuge Fei’er has four capable subordinates, the four heavenly kings, under her.”

“Currently, they have already gathered by her side.
The three of you will be in charge of one each.
You have to kill them all and not let a single one of them escape.
This is because I don’t want the news of you killing Zhuge Fei’er to spread in a short period of time.”

“Master, what about the other one?”

Yun Lige could not help but ask.

Lu Xiaoran smiled calmly.

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“When you guys were cultivating, I subdued some Supreme Realm demon beasts.
I’ll leave the last one to the few of them.”

Lu Xiaoran had already decided to let the Azure Ox and the other three deal with one of Zhuge Fei’er’s last subordinates.

In this way, none of the four heavenly kings under Zhuge Fei’er could escape.

As for the other small fries, it was even simpler.
He would leave them all to Buttface.

It was perfect to let it eat all of Zhuge Fei’er’s small fries.

Zhuge Ziqiong was somewhat anxious.

Zhuge Fei’er was originally her old enemy.
In the end, her master had arranged duties for everyone but did not arrange anything for her.
This made her somewhat flustered.

Although she knew that she was no match for Zhuge Fei’er, she still wanted her to contribute in this battle.

In that case, she would more or less be at ease.

Otherwise, this would become a knot in her heart for the rest of her life.

Lu Xiaoran smiled mysteriously.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely arrange something for you.
Zhuge Fei’er is your old enemy.
I won’t let you stay behind even it means leaving everything out of this mission.”

Zhuge Ziqiong nodded, her gratitude obvious.

She knew that she might not be able to help much.
Her master only asked her to help because he cared for her.

After all, that was Zhuge Fei’er, a dignified battle god!

However, Lu Xiaoran was not only doing this because he cared about Zhuge Ziqiong.

From the first time he saw Zhuge Ziqiong, he already understood why Zhuge Fei’er had placed Zhuge Ziqiong in an extremely cold place and turned her into a zombie instead of burning her bones and scattering her ashes.

It could be said that only Zhuge Ziqiong could kill Zhuge Fei’er.

After instructing the battle plan, Lu Xiaoran took out a pile of Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

Other than Song Xinian, everyone else was used to this.

Only Song Xinian’s face could not help but twitch fiercely.

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These were Martial Monarch Realm weapons!

A grand Martial Monarch Realm weapon was actually worthless in front of his master.
How could he not be shocked?

However, thinking about it carefully, the other party was still his master.
The more powerful the other party was, the better it was for him.

“As usual, each of you will get two.
No, the enemies we’re dealing with this time are much stronger.
Therefore, each of you will get three sets of Martial Monarch Realm armor.
Put on thicker ones.
No one needs to die.
Although I can revive you, it will take a long time for me to do so.
Moreover, it will also delay everyone’s overall cultivation progress and arrangements.”

“In addition, each of you will be given two combat Martial Monarch Realm weapons and a Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill.
In any case, there’s only one goal.
That is to kill Zhuge Fei’er and her subordinates with all your strength.
Don’t let a single one of them go.”

Lu Xiaoran immediately led the disciples away.

Zhuge Ziqiong muttered in her heart, “It’s been a hundred thousand years, Zhuge Fei’er.
I’m back.”

With Lu Xiaoran using the Heaven-Breaking Shuttle., it only took a few breaths for them to reach the vicinity of the Primordial Mountain Range hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

Therefore, everyone quickly arrived.

Everyone wore the coats, cloaks, and masks Lu Xiaoran made, except for the demon beasts.

Buttface walked with a limp and its tail between his legs.
Lu Xiaoran could clearly see that it was somewhat swollen.

In order to ensure that the battle went smoothly, he still got Yun Lige to use the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to repair its injuries.

Then, everyone set off and ambushed according to their predetermined trajectories.

After everyone left, Yun Lige could not help but sigh.

“I didn’t expect the two of us to be the ones to set up array formations now.
Things have really changed!”

“The so-called ‘every generation is stronger than the last’ is probably referring to the two of us, right?”

Ji Wuxia could not help but say, “Not entirely.
Strictly speaking, Master might be afraid that you won’t be able to handle it, so he got me to work with you.”

Yun Lige was silent for a moment.

“Let’s stop being friends.”

Before we do, Senior Brother, please return the divine beast egg you borrowed from me last time.”

Previously, Lu Xiaoran had gotten a few divine beast eggs from the gift bags.
Other than giving one to Lige, he had given the rest to his other disciples.

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This was also why everyone’s strength increased so quickly.

Because Ji Wuxia was comprehending the Martial Dao and breaking through to a new level at that time, Yun Lige took the opportunity to borrow her divine beast egg first.
In the future, when his master distributed new divine beast eggs, he would give it back to her.

Hearing that Ji Wuxia wanted her divine beast egg back, Yun Lige was silent for a moment.

His master did not have many divine beast eggs.
It took him a long time to get one or two.

As long as he obtained one, he would directly eat it and never keep it.
Where was he supposed to find a divine beast egg now?

“Actually, I think Junior Sister is right.
My attainments in array formations are indeed insufficient.
I’ll rely on Junior Sister to set up the array formation this time.”

“When will you return my divine beast egg to me?”

“Eh, Junior Sister, your hairstyle today is very unique.
It’s so beautiful.”

“When will you return my divine beast egg to me?”

“Junior Sister, what rouge powder did you use? Your skin is too good.
It’s so delicate.
You should let me know.
This way, when I find my Dao mate in the future, I can also let her use it.”

“I want my divine beast egg.”

“Junior Sister, actually, Senior Brother has been hiding a secret for many years.
I… have liked you for a long time.”

“If you like me, give me back my divine beast egg!”

“Junior Sister, if you keep acting like this, it won’t be cute anymore.”

As time passed, dark clouds gradually began to gather in the sky.

After receiving the orders of the Great Qin Emperor, Zhuge Fei’er, who was quickly returning to the Great Qin Empire, suddenly frowned.

The man beside her smiled and consoled,

“Lord Asura, don’t worry.
We’re all martial artists.
Even if it rains, it won’t rain on us.”

Zhuge Fei’er shook her head.

“That’s not what I meant.
I just feel that something is wrong.”

“Master Asura, did you not rest well last night? Don’t worry.
The four heavenly kings of our Battle God Army: Dongfang Rentu, Nansun Liuli, Beitang Yu, and Ouyang Han are all here.
Moreover, with you here, who dares to cause trouble?”

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“Even if the other party has the guts of a bear or a leopard, he wouldn’t dare to come.
Unless he’s crazy and tired of living.”

Zhuge Fei’er did not respond.
She only frowned and said, “I hope I’m just thinking too much.”

After a pause, she continued, “Speaking of which, did you find Zhuge Ziqiong?”

“Not yet.
However, I arranged for some Beast Speakers to communicate with the beasts in that valley and obtained some information.”

It seemed that two men had taken Zhuge Ziqiong away.

One of them mainly focused on the Sword Dao, and the other could release a golden giant phantom.

The two of them have very powerful cultivation.

Zhuge Fei’er narrowed her eyes slightly.

If Zhuge Ziqiong had come out of seclusion because of her cultivation, she would not be too worried.

However, if someone had saved her, she would have to think twice.

Only she and her trusted aides knew where Zhuge Ziqiong was buried.

What she wanted was for Zhuge Ziqiong to never be able to reincarnate.

It was definitely impossible for anyone else to know.

If the other party had gone there specifically to save her, could the other party be… targeting her?

However, even if the other party was targeting her, she was not afraid.

Zhuge Fei’er, the grand Asura of the Great Qin Empire and the commander of the Battle God Army, was extremely powerful.

How could she be afraid of ordinary people?

However, she had placed something on Zhuge Ziqiong.
That thing was very important to her.

She was only worried that she would lose that thing.

If that was the case, the plan that she had prepared for more than 200 years would be ruined.

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