“Brother Azure Cow, don’t say that.
You’ve all done your best.
You’re all heroes who fought for the honor of the demon race! You’ll always be the demon race’s eternal pioneers!”

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“Speaking of which, Brother Buttface, you said that you once encountered many treasures left behind by ancient humans in this area.
Is that true?”

“Of course it’s true.
Anyone who lies to you is a dog.”

“Brother Buttface, since you’ve said so, we have to believe you this time.
Brothers, let’s go.”

In the Nameless Sect’s Mountain and River State Painting, the aura in Lu Xiaoran’s body kept expanding.

The spirit energy had already solidified and wrapped him tightly like a huge spirit energy cocoon.

When the strength condensed to a certain level, the spatial rules around Lu Xiaoran began to become chaotic.

At the same time, large black clouds began to condense in the sky above the Nameless Sect.
Lightning flashed and thunder roared in the clouds.

Every time a Martial Monarch Realm expert was about to appear, it would cause a commotion.

This was because Martial Monarch Realm experts had already surpassed the power of laws and reached the peak of this world.

Finally, when his cultivation broke through to a certain limit, with a furious shout from Lu Xiaoran, the spirit energy cocoon suddenly exploded.

His body emitted endless golden light.

If not for the protection of the Mountain and River State Painting, this abnormal phenomenon would definitely attract the attention of countless people.

The group of demon beast elders who had just stepped into the Nameless Sect could not help but feel their hearts skip a beat when they saw the lightning in the sky.

“What’s going on? Why did the situation suddenly change?”

Buttface’s heart trembled.
As Lu Xiaoran’s servant, it could naturally sense the change in Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation.

Its master had actually stepped into the Martial Monarch Realm!

Its master’s bone age indicated that he was only in his twenties, right? He was not even 30 years old and had already become the strongest existence in this world.
How monstrous was this?

Although Buttface had lived ignobly for 6,000 years, it still knew how monstrous Lu Xiaoran’s talent was at this moment.

From the looks of it, it was very likely for its master to break through to that legendary realm in this world.

However, thinking about it, at this moment, it still had to help Lu Xiaoran stabilize these powerful demon beast big shots.

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This was a rare combat strength that it had specially helped Lu Xiaoran obtain.
How could it let them escape?

Buttface rolled his eyes and immediately said, “Brothers, you might not know this, but this place is often like this.
When I was cultivating here, I also saw rare treasures appear from time to time.
Now that there’s lightning and thunder, it’s very likely that a rare treasure has appeared.”

“Hiss! A rare treasure has appeared!”

The demon beast elders’ eyes widened when they heard this.

It had to be known that the cultivation of demon beasts was different from humans.

Natural demon beasts had cultivation techniques in their bloodlines.
If their bloodline was powerful, their cultivation techniques would be powerful.
If their bloodline was weak, their cultivation techniques would be weak.

This was something that came naturally to them.

Because of this, the cultivation speed of demon beasts was also extremely constant.

This was also an important reason why humans gradually surpassed demon beasts.

This was because humans could choose from different cultivation techniques.
At the same time, humans also had auxiliary tools like medicinal pills.

However, treasures were different.
Not only could natural treasures increase the bloodline of the demon beast, but it could also increase the cultivation of the demon beast.

It was also because of this that many demon beasts would sometimes guard a certain natural treasure and wait for it to mature.

And now, Buttface had told them that natural treasures often appeared here.

How could they not be excited?

“Quick, speed up the search for the natural treasures.”

The demon beast big shots increased their speed.

In the Mountain and River State Painting, Lu Xiaoran sensed the strength he had after becoming a true Martial Monarch Realm expert and could not help but feel relaxed.

A Martial Monarch Realm expert was indeed powerful.
After becoming a Martial Monarch Realm expert, he felt that he had become much bolder.
Just by shaking hands, he could even affect the surrounding power of laws.
How powerful was this?

After the excitement, Lu Xiaoran was originally prepared to see Lige and the others’ cultivation.
However, he suddenly sensed Buttface’s aura.

“Eh? Why did it bring so many demon beasts back?”

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Countless array formations had been set up by Lu Xiaoran within a hundred miles of the nameless sect.
He could immediately sense who was here.

Out of confusion, he immediately contacted Buttface with his divine sense.

The Beast Control Divine Art specialized in contacting demon beasts.

“Buttface, what are you doing?”

Buttface, who was walking, trembled and immediately replied, “Master, the Primordial Mountain Range has been wiped out by the experts of the Hall of Gods, leaving behind these top-notch combat strength.
I thought that we shouldn’t let them go to waste, so I tricked them in and let Master subdue them.”

“Won’t your demon heart hurt if you do this?”

“Of course not.
I only have Master in my heart now.
I serve Master wholeheartedly.”

“That’s right.
Seeing that you’re so obedient, I’ll give you a bottle of the Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill after this.”

The Azure Ox Supreme and the other demons in front could not help but frown when they saw that Buttface did not move.

“Brother Buttface, why have you stopped moving?”

Buttface hurriedly caught up and said, “Sorry, I was just thinking about the location of the ancient cave I encountered.
I seem to have an impression of it.
Brothers, follow me.”

When the demons heard this, their eyes immediately lit up and they hurriedly followed.

“Brother Dog is really an honest demon.
You don’t even hide a good place like the ancient cave and even want to share it with us.”

“That’s right.
Even the humans praise canine demons for being the most loyal.
It can be imagined how high Brother Dog’s character is.”

“Damn it, we actually didn’t know what was good for us.
We’ve been wasting thousands of years.”

“From today onwards, we will definitely work together with Brother Buttface.”

“From now on, Brother Buttface will be my brother.”

These demon beasts did not doubt Buttface at all because it was a demon beast and was of the same race as them.

The dignity of a demon beast and its desire for freedom was much stronger than any human.

Lowly humans might submit to demon beasts for benefits or threats.

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However, noble demon beasts would never submit to lowly humans!

The demons followed Buttface to a nearby cave.

This cave looked ordinary, but it was inexplicably filled with an alluring aura, making these demons feel excited.

“This aura is so pure.
It’s the Emperor Hidden Snow Lotus.
When I was young, I was lucky enough to see a petal treasured by a demon big shot.
What a dense aura! There’s definitely more than one petal inside.”

“Not only that, but there’s also a lot of pure aura.”

“Quick, go in.
This must be the treasure vault of an ancient big shot.”

When the demons rushed in in public, their eyes immediately widened.

The demon beasts did not have a high-level culture like humans and did not have a large vocabulary.

At this moment, when they saw the rare treasures in this cave, other than cursing, they did not know how else to describe their feelings.

“Brother Condor, look, it’s the Emperor Hidden Snow Lotus.
It’s really the Emperor Hidden Snow Lotus! Hahaha… we’re rich! We’re rich!”

The Golden-Winged Eagle glanced at the Earth Tiger Bear beside it in extreme disdain.

“Look at you.
Do you only have eyes for the Emperor Hidden Snow Lotus? Didn’t you see the Saint Realm pills in this cave?”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape sneered.

“Ignorant! You were only focused on looking at the medicinal pills.
Did you not see that there are so many Martial Monarch Realm weapons here?”

The demon beasts were silent for a moment before saying, “We can’t use human Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
What’s the use of them?”

“Hehe… you guys are too narrow-minded.
This is a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
Although we can’t use it, don’t forget that we can detonate the Martial Monarch Realm weapon in battle.
Just imagine, the detonation of a Martial Monarch Realm weapon is equivalent to an attack at the Martial Monarch Realm.”

“Hiss ~! Brother Ape is right.”

Taking advantage of the demon beasts’ shock, Buttface had already begun to quietly eat behind.

Usually, its master would only give it medicinal pills when he was in a good mood.

However, today, it took advantage of its master’s trap to eat more.

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Hehehe… No matter what, it had to take the opportunity to receive the benefits of its hard work.

Just as the demon beasts were discussing, the Azure Ox Supreme’s bull eyes inadvertently swept over a few medicinal pills.
Immediately, its eyes widened.

“Heavens! Look! Look! It’s a Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill! It’s a human Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill!”

The other demon beasts immediately looked at the Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill and were collectively dumbfounded.

They were already shocked speechless.

“Heavens, a Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill.
It’s actually a Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill!”

The Golden-Winged Eagle was so excited that tears streamed down its face.

“God bless our demon race! God bless our demon race! With these treasures, how can the demon race of our Primordial Mountain Range not rise?”

“That’s right.
We can use these medicinal pills to break through to the Saint Realm or even the Martial Monarch Realm! Once we break through and work together, won’t all the humans in the world kneel and call us father?”

“We’re rich! Quick, take all these medicinal pills away.
Don’t leave a single one behind.”

Buttface could not help but ridicule secretly,

“A bunch of idiots.
Why aren’t you eating after seeing so many good things? Why are you still exclaiming? Is there something wrong with your brains? When Master comes later, I’m afraid you won’t even be able to get anything.”

Indeed, just as the demon beasts were about to start eating, an extremely powerful aura suddenly appeared at the entrance of the cave.

“What are you guys doing in my cave?”

The sudden aura and cold voice instantly made the demon beasts extremely nervous.

“Damn it, it’s actually a human!”

“Quick, attack together and kill him!”

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