“Bastard, a mere human is actually so arrogant.

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The Azure Ox Supreme let out a low roar and stomped its front hooves.
An invisible fluctuation swept out, directly causing the ground to tremble.
The powerful shock wave even made the world tremble.

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand and punched out.
The two fluctuations collided and immediately caused an extremely intense explosion.

A small sun appeared in the world for no reason.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran turned around and quickly left.

“Hmph! Consider yourselves lucky this time.
After I gather my subordinates, I’ll definitely skin all of you alive to refine medicinal pills and forge weapons.”

“Bastard! This bastard! How dare he threaten our demon race like this!”

The Azure Ox Supreme Realm expert stepped out and rose into the sky.
Lu Xiaoran had already disappeared.

This made the Azure Ox Supreme roar repeatedly.

“Damn human, don’t let me encounter you again.”

A moment later, it landed on the ground and arrived beside Buttface.

“Demon friend, do you know the background of that human brat?”

Buttface pondered for a moment and said, “I’m not too sure either, but I think I’ve heard his subordinates call him the hall master of the Hall of Gods , Su Chen.”

“Su Chen? The Hall of Gods! Hmph, what high-sounding sentiments.
You’re just a group of humans, but you actually dare to come up with such a name.”

However, no matter who you are, if you dare to collude with Zhuge Fei’er and become enemies with our demon race, you are destined to die! ”

Lu Xiaoran left the Primordial Mountain Range and began to think about his next step.

“The demon beasts can’t beat Zhuge Fei’er, so they will definitely think of a way to attack the people from the Hall of Gods first.
This is also good.
This way, I can resolve the crisis in the Imperial City first.
Serves you right for poaching my people.
Damn you.”

Then, he immediately returned to the Nameless Sect and began to cultivate in the Mountain and River State Painting.

With the other party falling into a panic, it was definitely not a problem for him to break through to the Martial Monarch Realm.

However, it was still not enough for him to defeat the other party after he broke through to the Martial Monarch Realm.

There were so many experts in the Hall of Gods, and Zhuge Fei’er was also an expert.

Moreover, as hot shots, they also had means to fight those at a higher level.
If they really fought, it would be too uncertain for him.

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It was better for him to let the two parties fight first.
Then, he would cultivate and take them down in one go when he was almost done cultivating.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran rolled his eyes and wrote a letter to Ji Wushang.

A few days later, two figures with chaotic auras rushed into a valley in a corner of the Great Qin Empire.

The valley was very barren and could be said to be in the middle of nowhere.

However, after the two of them entered the valley, a grand building complex suddenly appeared in front of them.

The halls there were arranged in rows like spears that stood on the ground and pierced into the clouds.

On the door of every hall, there was a huge word engraved—God!

The two of them quickly arrived at the highest hall and landed.

“Azure Dragon Envoy Zuo Zeyu greets Hall Master!”

“Greetings, Hall Master.”

An extremely handsome figure was sitting on the steps above the hall.

Beside him were two King Realm women.

They looked extremely beautiful, but at this moment, they were all sitting on the thighs of the Hall of Gods’ hall master, allowing him to do whatever he wanted.

The handsome young man swept his gaze over the two of them and could not help but frown when he saw their missing arms and legs.

“The Great Zhou Empire sure is capable.
They actually dare to attack my people?”

Zuo Zeyu immediately said,

“Reporting to Hall Master, the Great Zhou Empire did not agree.
However, the one who attacked us was not the Great Zhou Empire.”

The other party’s eyebrows raised slightly, and his handsome face was somewhat displeased.

“Since it’s not the Great Zhou Empire, who is it?”

“It’s the demon beasts.
The demon beast from the Primordial Mountain Range.
After we were rejected in the Great Zhou Imperial City, we were pursued by demon beasts again and again.

“Originally, we also suspected that the Great Zhou Imperial City was behind this.
However, there was no lack of Supreme Realm experts among them.
There were even two Saint Realm experts.

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“It’s definitely impossible for the Great Zhou Empire to command such a huge group of demon beasts.

“Demon beast? Why would demon beasts attack someone from our Hall of Gods?”

After a pause, he continued, “However, although I don’t understand why demon beasts are doing this…”

However, I, Su Chen, can’t watch my subordinates be bullied.
Envoys, go and rest first.
Each of you will receive 100 Saint Realm healing medicinal pills.
In a while, I’ll send people to the Primordial Mountain Range to take a look.

“Thank you, Hall Master.”

Three days later, dozens of powerful auras cleansed the demon beasts of the Primordial Mountain Range.

Among these dozens of powerful auras, the weakest was also a King Realm expert.
They were led by two Saint Realm experts.

With such a powerful formation, how could the demon beasts of the Primordial Mountain Range resist?

After a few rounds of light sweeping, the demon beasts of the Primordial Mountain Range suffered heavy casualties.

Of course, in the life and death battle, several King Realm experts from the Hall of Gods also died.

This battle was won miserably by the Hall of Gods.

At the same time, a team also arrived at the Great Qin Imperial City from the Great Zhou Imperial City.

“Your majesty, I, Great Zhou Emperor Ji Wushuang, ask you to help our Great Zhou.
The hall master of the Hall of Gods, Su Chen, is forcing our Great Zhou Imperial Family to pledge loyalty to him.”

The Great Zhou Emperor personally pleaded in the Great Qin Imperial City.
This immediately caused an intense shock.

The Great Qin Emperor was even more furious about this.

It had to be known that the Great Zhou Empire was one level lower than the Great Qin Empire.
It was like the difference between a first-tier sect and a second-tier sect.

The Hall of Gods was under the management of the Great Qin Empire.

From this point of view, the Hall of Gods and the Great Zhou Empire were actually on the same level.

Now, the Hall of Gods wanted to surpass their level to subdue the Great Zhou Imperial Family.

Did the Hall of Gods want to be on equal footing with the Great Qin Empire?

The Great Qin Empire immediately issued three imperial decrees in a row and ordered Su Chen to come to the Imperial City to explain things clearly.

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At this moment, Su Chen was on the big bed in the Hall of Gods, discussing life with the Holy Maiden of a nearby first-tier sect.

Ever since he became the hall master of the Hall of Gods, Su Chen had always gotten the other sects to send over Holy Maidens every two to three days.

The more one lacked something, the more they wanted it.

After experiencing emotional betrayal, he had to enjoy all the women he was not qualified to touch in the past.

It was because he had the Hall of Gods.

Just as he was enjoying himself, a figure suddenly transmitted from outside the hall.

“Hall Master, the Great Qin Imperial City has sent an imperial edict.
They want Hall Master to rush to the Imperial City to confess.”

As Su Chen maintained the spear along the track, he said casually, “Confess? Confess what?”

“Hall Master, the Great Zhou Imperial City has reported you to the Qin Emperor.”

Su Chen’s movements suddenly stopped, and his eyes revealed a cold light.

“Great Zhou? I’ve underestimated them.
They’re quite bold.”

“Hall Master, then… what should we do now?”

Su Chen was about to speak when a voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

Ding… detected that the host has been coerced and has triggered a hidden mission.
The host has two options.
To choose option one, the host needs to refuse to bow down to the Great Qin Emperor and establish himself as an emperor.
The system will reward the host with ten Martial Monarch Realm weapons, one quasi-divine weapon, and ten trillion top-grade spirit stones.

“To choose option two, go to the Great Qin Imperial City and confess your guilt.
Be a good dog and permanently unbind the Ultimate Boss System.

The corner of Su Chen’s mouth curled up.

Since the system had already said so, was there a need to choose?

He was definitely going to choose option one.

Damn the Great Qin Imperial City.
He now had the ultimate Boss System.
Every time he recruited an expert, his strength would increase.

As long as he had twenty Emperor Realm experts, ten Supreme Realm experts, five Saint Realm experts, and one Martial Monarch Realm expert, he would be able to successfully step into the Martial Monarch Realm.

He could become a Martial Monarch Realm expert himself!

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Moreover, he had so many experts under him.
How could he be willing to lower himself to others?

In this world, Su Chen will only allow others to kneel to him.
There would never be a moment when Su Chen would kneel to others.

“Relay my orders and kill the Great Qin envoy.
From today onwards, our Hall of Gods will not belong to any faction.
The Hall of Gods will be independent and will not be controlled by the Great Qin Empire.”

As soon as Su Chen gave this order, he instantly received a system notification in his mind.

Ding… congratulations on choosing to rebel.
The system has rewarded you with ten Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
Please take note.
The system has rewarded you with a quasi-divine weapon.
Please take note.
The system has rewarded you with 10 billion top-grade spirit stones.
Please take note.

When the news spread to the Imperial City, the world was shocked.

No one expected that a nobody like Su Chen would actually dare to openly challenge the Great Qin Empire.

It had to be known that the reason why the Great Qin Empire was known to be so great was because it had enough powerful combat strength reserves.
As a result, the Great Zhou and other empires had to bow down to the Great Qin Empire.

The difference between the Great Qin Empire and the other empires laid in the strength of their ancestors.
The other empires basically had Martial Monarch Realm experts as their ancestors.
However, there were not many of these experts left.
In fact, Saint Realm and Martial Monarch Realm experts had become rare existences.

The Great Qin Empire, on the other hand, had existences above the Saint Realm.

From this exchange, the difference between the two could be seen.

Therefore, when the news spread to the Imperial City, Ji Wushang was shocked.

He did not expect Su Chen to be so bold.

Fortunately, the Great Zhou Empire had been strengthened by Lu Xiaoran back then.
If not for Lu Xiaoran’s enhancement, the people from the Hall of Gods would probably not have been easily dealt with.
Once the Great Zhou Empire resisted, the Hall of Gods might have directly killed the entire Imperial Family.

It was also thanks to Lu Xiaoran’s advice that Ji Wushuang went to the Great Qin Imperial City to complain.
Otherwise, when the experts of the Hall of Gods arrived, the Great Zhou Imperial Family would probably still need to be destroyed.

After all, the Nalan family in the Eternal Forest had only sent a Saint Realm expert and the entire Great Zhou Imperial Family was already on the verge of being destroyed.

At the same time, a large number of figures with majestic auras quietly gathered near the Nameless Sect.

“Tens of thousands of years ago, the beast race reigned supreme on the ground.
I didn’t expect that after tens of thousands of years, our beast race would actually be attacked to this extent by humans!”

We have let our ancestors down! ”

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