Patriarch is dead, Patriarch is dead! Our Nalan family is finished.”

In the Eternal Forest, there were countless families.
Ten thousand years ago, the Nalan family did quite well.
However, these days, they had already been reduced to a third-rate family.

There were simply too many third-rate families in the Eternal Forest.

The reason why they had stayed in the Eternal Forest was because this place was filled with spirit energy and was the most suitable place to cultivate in the entire continent.

The only reason why they could cultivate in the Eternal Forest was because of their ancestor, who had the strength of a Saint Realm expert.

However, once their ancestor was gone, they would be doomed!

In the Eternal Forest, there were many resources and more families.
The competition was too intense.

If the other families knew that the Nalan family’s ancestor was gone, wouldn’t they immediately come out and devour the Nalan family?

“All of you, shut up.
No one is allowed to say a word about this.
If anyone comes to find the ancestor, tell them that the ancestor is in seclusion.
During this period of time, if anyone spreads the news of the ancestor’s death, I will definitely burn their bones and scatter their ashes! Do you hear me?”

“Don’t worry, Patriarch.
This matter is very important.
We definitely won’t spread a word.”

Nalan Tingtao sighed and gritted his teeth.

“As of now, only by entering seclusion personally and breaking through to the Saint Realm as soon as possible can I protect our Nalan family’s tens of thousands of years of foundation in the Eternal Forest.”

However, just as he finished speaking, a deep voice mixed with powerful power of laws sounded from outside.

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“Brother Nalan, I’m here to pay my respects.
Brother Nalan, can you come out and meet me?”

Everyone’s expressions immediately changed.

“Not good, it’s the Lin family’s ancestor.
Why is he here at this time?”

“Could it be that he knows that our Nalan family’s ancestor has died? However, this is impossible.
How did he know? How did he know so quickly?”

Before he could finish speaking, another voice filled with the power of laws sounded.

“Brother Lin is also here? What a coincidence!”

“This… this voice, could it be the Bai family’s ancestor?”

Nalan Tingtao’s eyes almost turned white as he fainted.

It would be easy for him to fool one old fellow.
However, how was he supposed to fool two old fellows?

However, what he did not know was that this was not the end.
This was because in the blink of an eye, several more auras quickly gathered towards the Nalan family.
Every aura was extremely powerful and contained the power of laws.

Each of them represented a Saint Realm expert!

On the other side, after Lu Xiaoran killed the Saint Realm expert of the Nalan family, the effect of the Martial Monarch Realm Pill disappeared in the blink of an eye.

This instantly made him feel empty, as if his body had been hollowed out.

The strength of a Martial Monarch Realm expert was simply too enviable.

He had killed a Saint Realm expert with a single sword move from tens of thousands of kilometers away.

How domineering was this?

Although the top-grade divine weapon, the Xuanyuan Sword, he used had also brought about a portion of the enhancement effect, Lu Xiaoran still felt very obsessed with the strength of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

This made him secretly swear to cultivate to the Martial Monarch Realm as soon as possible.

He wanted to increase his strength as quickly as possible.

He slowly landed from the sky, and the disciples immediately surrounded him in unison.

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“Master, you were really too awesome just now.”

“Master, I’m afraid there aren’t many people in this world who can compare to the magnificence of your sword.”

“Master, you’re simply a god that has descended to the mortal world.”

Everyone spoke one after another, their words filled with praise.

However, Yun Lige smiled in extreme disdain and said coldly, “A group of ignorant fellows.
Is such a small matter worth flattering? This is only something Master did casually.
Master’s strength is far stronger than this.”

Although he knew that Yun Lige was exaggerating and it even made his ears red, Lu Xiaoran still felt quite comfortable when he heard this.

“Lige, don’t exaggerate.
You have to know that there’s always someone better.”

“Yes, yes, yes.
Master is right.
I said something wrong.
I deserve to be beaten.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yun Lige slapped himself twice.

Lu Xiaoran scolded jokingly, “Why are you like a child?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he threw a storage bag to Yun Lige.

“I just happened to obtain another egg two days ago.
Take it and eat it to replenish your cultivation.”

“Thank you, Master.
Master, you must be tired.
Quickly go and rest.
I’ve made tea for you.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and walked in front with his hands behind his back.
After taking two steps, he seemed to have thought of something and immediately turned around.

“What are you all waiting for? Go back and cultivate!”

If his disciples did not cultivate, when could he reach the Martial Monarch Realm?

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