“I’ll go and prepare first.
In a while, I’ll teach you a cultivation technique and help you temper your body.
Get familiar with the sect first and get to know your senior brothers and sisters.
Then, find your Eldest Senior Brother and get him to tell you the rules of our Nameless Sect.”

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As the two of them bade farewell, Song Xinian was also prepared to step into the mountain gate.

“The Nameless Sect… This name sounds quite unique.
I wonder what level of sect it is in the Great Zhou Empire.
However, why is the spirit energy in this sect so thin? The mountain is also so short.
Even if the Great Zhou Empire is an existence inferior to the Great Qin Empire, it shouldn’t be like this, right?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Old Tie and Buttface at the door growled and greeted him.

Song Xinian was first stunned.
When he reacted, his pupils immediately constricted, and his heart began to beat crazily.

“This… a Supreme Realm demon beast? And a Martial Monarch Realm weapon that has turned into a demon? Heavens, are these the guards of the mountain gate?”

Wasn’t these guards too awesome?

It had to be known that even the guards of the relatively good first-tier sect in the Great Qin Empire, the Vast Heaven Sect, would at most be at the Master Realm.

Compared to the Nameless Sect, they were nothing.

Shocked, he quickly walked into the mountain gate.

Soon, a young and handsome boy walked over.

Seeing the other party, Song Xinian’s pupils immediately constricted.

Even if the other party did not reveal his aura, Song Xinian could still sense how powerful his aura was.

“An Emperor Realm expert?”

This must be Eldest Senior Brother.

Song Xinian immediately went forward and bowed.

“Greetings, Eldest Senior Brother.”

The other party was stunned before smiling.

“Are you the new junior brother? You’ve got the wrong person.
I’m not Eldest Senior Brother.
I’m your Fourth Senior Brother, Li Changsheng.”

Song Xinian’s body trembled, and the hair on his back stood on end.

Despite only being his fourth senior brother, the other party was already an Emperor Realm expert?

Wasn’t this too abnormal?

Was the Nameless Sect that powerful?

Just how powerful was the Eldest Senior Brother of the Nameless Sect?

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“So it’s Fourth Senior Brother.

Li Changsheng waved his hand.

“It’s fine.
You’re new here, so it’s normal for you not to know anyone.
It’s our first meeting, and I don’t have anything good to give you.
Here, take this bottle of Saint Realm pills.”

The corner of Song Xinian’s mouth could not help but twitch fiercely.

The other party was only a disciple, but he was actually casually giving away Saint Realm pills.
This Nameless Sect was really too extravagant.

It was not that he had never eaten a Saint Realm medicinal pill in the Vast Heaven Sect, but he would at most eat one every half a year.

Usually, they mainly ate Earth Realm and Heaven Realm pills.

“Thank you, Fourth Senior Brother.”

“You’re welcome.
I’m going out for a while.
Go ahead and browse on your own for now.”

Song Xinian left this place and had only taken a few steps when he encountered two women.

“Junior Brother Song Xinian greets the two of you.”

Ji Wuxia and Zhuge Ziqiong swept their gazes over him.

“Are you Sixth Junior Brother?”

Zhuge Ziqiong smiled gently, revealing her beautiful canine teeth.

“This is Second Senior Sister Ji Wuxia.
I’m your Fifth Senior Sister, Zhuge Ziqiong.”

“I see.
I’ll remember it.
Thank you, Senior Sister ZiQiong.”

“You just arrived at the sect and it’s our first time meeting.
We didn’t prepare anything, so we casually picked out a greeting gift for you.”

As they spoke, the two girls each prepared a Saint Realm armor and a Saint Realm saber for Song Xinian.

Seeing these two Saint Realm weapons, Song Xinian’s face could not help but twitch fiercely again.

What was going on with this Nameless Sect?

Why were they just giving out Saint Realm weapons so casually? They directly skipped the Earth Realm and Heaven Realm weapons.

Was the Nameless Sect that rich?

However, although he was shocked, he still had to thank them.

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“Thank you, Senior Sisters.
If you need anything in the future, feel free to ask.”

“You haven’t gone to pay your respects to Eldest Senior Brother yet, right? It’s better for you to go and pay your respects to Eldest Senior Brother first.
After all, he’s the chief senior brother of our Nameless Sect.”

“Yes, I’ll go and find Eldest Senior Brother now.”

Then, Song Xinian left in shock and embarked on the journey to find Eldest Senior Brother.

Soon, he discovered a young man cultivating cross-legged under a big tree.

His entire body was wrapped in a golden energy, and the powerful strength made one’s heart palpitate.

As he watched, the other party’s aura suddenly began to rise.

“Hiss ~! Is he about to break through to the King Realm and reach the Emperor Realm?”

Song Xinian’s eyes widened as he stared fixedly at the young man in front of him, filled with shock.

The other party’s bone age did not seem to be much older than his.
However, he did not expect the other party’s cultivation to be so much stronger than his own.
Now, he had even seen the other party break through with his own eyes.
What a talented young man!

This must be Eldest Senior Brother.

After the other party’s aura gradually calmed, Song Xinian immediately went forward and cupped his hands towards the other party.

“Junior Brother Song Xinian greets Eldest Senior Brother.”

The other party was somewhat stunned and slowly opened his eyes.
Lightning exploded in his pupils, making Song Xinian feel even more inferior and extremely envious.

However, before he could speak, the other party had already spoken again.

“You’ve got the wrong person.
I’m not Eldest Senior Brother.
I’m your Third Senior Brother, Fang Tianyuan.
Eldest Senior Brother should be cultivating in the hall.”

Song Xinian was first stunned before his mind suddenly trembled.

Such a powerful disciple was actually not even the Eldest Senior Brother of the Nameless Sect.
How powerful was Eldest Senior Brother?

Just how monstrous was he to be qualified to beat all these geniuses and become the Eldest Senior Brother of the Nameless Sect?

“So it’s Third Senior Brother.

Fang Tianyuan waved his hand and paused for a moment before taking out a medicinal pill.

“I just went into seclusion to cultivate for a while and have almost used up everything I have on me.
Take this Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill as a greeting gift.
I hope you don’t mind.”

A breeze blew, and Song Xinian was in a mess.

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Martial Monarch Realm Pill?

The legendary Martial Monarch Realm Pill!

This place even had Martial Monarch Realm pills?

Of course, it was not impossible.
After all, Lu Xiaoran was so powerful.
It was normal for him to have one or two Martial Monarch Realm pills.

However, Fang Tianyuan was only a disciple of the Nameless Sect, an existence that had just stepped into the Emperor Realm.

Such an existence was definitely very powerful for him, Song Xinian.

However, such an existence was completely unqualified to have a Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill, let alone give it to others.

After a while, Fang Tianyuan saw that he had been staying silent and could not help but frown slightly.

“What’s wrong? Junior Brother, could it be that you dislike this medicinal pill?”

The corner of Song Xinian’s mouth twitched and he immediately went forward.

“Senior Brother, you’re mistaken.
I wouldn’t have dared to do this in the past.
I was just a little shocked.”

Fang Tianyuan shook his head and smiled.

“You have to get used to it early.
How can you keep up with everyone like this? In the future, you have to adjust your mentality and not take this too seriously.”

Song Xinian was speechless.

Wasn’t he the one who was being a little too arrogant by not taking the Martial Monarch Realm Pill seriously?

However, it did not matter.
The other party had already given him a Martial Monarch Realm Pill.
So what if he let the other party brag?

He swallowed and stretched out his hands to receive the Martial Monarch Realm Pill.

That was a Martial Monarch Realm Pill.
In his life, he had only seen the sect master and the Grand Elder eat it.

If not for him being chased out of the Vast Heaven Sect, with his status, he would still have a chance to eat the Martial Monarch Realm Pill after inheriting the sect master’s position in the future.

However, the moment he was abandoned by the Vast Heaven Sect, he knew that he was already fated to never come across the Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill in his life.

However, to his surprise, he actually profited from the disaster and obtained a Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill in this small Nameless Sect.

“Alright, go and find Eldest Senior Brother.”

Song Xinian replied and was about to carefully observe the appearance of the Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill when suddenly, the Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill seemed to have come to life and instantly flew away.

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“My Martial Monarch Realm Pill!”

Song Xinian screamed and was about to grab the Martial Monarch Realm Pill when the Martial Monarch Realm Pill had already quickly escaped to the entrance of the mountain.
At this moment, Buttface directly swallowed it.

Hearing the voice from Buttface, Song Xinian’s eyes turned white and he almost fainted.

His Martial Monarch Realm pill was gone just like that!

He had not even properly looked at it yet.

Fang Tianyuan patted his shoulder helplessly and consoled,

“Forget it, don’t be too sad.
Martial Monarch Realm pills all have the ability to fly.
You were just careless.”

Song Xinian wanted to cry.
His mood was like a roller coaster, going up and down.

After all, it was only normal for him to be sad after losing his Martial Monarch Realm pill.

Moreover, that dog was so powerful that he was no match for it.

Was there anything sadder than this?

Forget it.
Perhaps this was his fate.

After suffering for a while, Song Xinian finally recovered, but his mood was still low.

However, he did not have much time.
He had to find Eldest Senior Brother immediately.

In a while, his master would probably teach him a cultivation technique.

After bidding Fang Tianyuan farewell, he quickly arrived at the hall.

Taking a deep breath, he shook his head and shook off the complicated feelings in his heart.
It was time for him to face the serious matters.

Pulling his throat, he cupped his hands and bowed towards the hall.

“Junior Brother Song Xinian has come to pay his respects to Eldest Senior Brother.”

As soon as he finished speaking, someone suddenly seemed to have moved in the entire empty hall.
A faint aura walked out step by step.

Song Xinian’s gloominess was immediately swept away, replaced by a pious and respectful expression.

Finally, he was about to see the legendary chief disciple of the Nameless Sect.
The disciple who suppressed all the other geniuses and also the future sect master of the Nameless Sect, the Eldest Senior Brother!

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