“Master… Master, I’ve already acknowledged you as my master.
You can’t possibly kill me to exchange for rewards, right?”

“That’s not necessary.
I’m not interested in money.”

Lu Xiaoran was only interested in becoming stronger.
He was only feeling troubled.
This new disciple had given him quite a headache.

Originally, Lu Xiaoran was still puzzled.
If the other party was a battle god, why would the other party still need to prepare for a few months before bringing back so many experts to take revenge?

Now, he roughly understood.
The other party was not a battle god but a god-level tycoon!

He probably had a system that would give him tens of billions of top-grade spirit stones without him having to do anything.

Of course, he was probably even more abnormal.
Lu Xiaoran suspected that the other party’s total wealth was in trillions.

Otherwise, why would so many Saint Realm, Supreme Realm, Emperor Realm, and King Realm experts be willing to work for him?

The salaries he gave them must be high!

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Among all the hot shots Lu Xiaoran had encountered so far, he had never felt pressured.
However, facing the other party’s wealth, Lu Xiaoran really had a headache.

This was because as long as the other party wasn’t a Martial Monarch Realm expert, Lu Xiaoran would have nothing to fear.
In fact, even if the other party advanced to the Martial Monarch Realm, Lu Xiaoran would still have three Martial Monarch Realm Arrival Pills that could raise his cultivation to the Martial Monarch Realm for three minutes.

In a one-on-one battle or a one-on-two battle, he could still fight the other party to the death.

However, the power of money was too abnormal.

He estimated that when the other party’s wealth accumulated to a certain level, he would even be able to hire Martial Monarch Realm experts.

After all, Martial Monarch Realm experts also needed to continue cultivating.
Martial Monarch Realm pills, Martial Monarch Realm weapons, and the like were all very expensive!

Even a Martial Monarch Realm expert had to show some respect as long as the salary was high enough.

At that time, if the other party brought a few Martial Monarch Realm experts to surround him…

Just thinking about it made him feel deeply helpless.

“Wang Cai, can I still cancel the master-disciple relationship now?”

“The rewards have already been distributed.
Master, you can’t cancel the master-disciple relationship.
Please guide your beloved disciple well and kill the hot shot.”

Lu Xiaoran rubbed his temples with a headache.

There was nothing he could do.

He could only think positively.
He hoped that the other party’s wealth would not increase rapidly.

Actually, thinking about it carefully, there was definitely a limit to the speed at which the other party’s wealth increased.
Otherwise, his current subordinates would probably not be at the Saint Realm but the Martial Monarch Realm.
That would really be a headache.

However, he was still unaware how quickly the other party’s wealth was accumulating.

Hmm… Forget it, he should go back and think about it first.

At this moment, because of the commotion just now, many cultivators had already been attracted.

“Quick! There’s someone there.”

“I see him! Song Xinnian! Don’t let him escape.”

Song Xinian’s expression tightened.
In the next second, Lu Xiaoran grabbed his shoulder and instantly disappeared from his spot.

Before disappearing, Lu Xiaoran flicked his finger and shot out a Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill.

He could not let others know that he had saved Song Xinian.

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At the very least, for the time being, Lu Xiaoran did not want to fight that hot shot.

He would continue to return to the mountain gate and develop wretchedly.

When the Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill emitted a trace of light, the entire world fell into a white light in the next second.

A shocking bang erupted, and the entire Primordial Mountain Range trembled violently.

A mushroom cloud rose, and countless roars immediately sounded from the Primordial Mountain Range.

“Human! Don’t push your limits!”

“How dare you act so arrogantly in our Primordial Mountain Range.
Do you really think you can bully us, the demons of the Primordial Mountain Range?”

We have to find out who is causing trouble in our Primordial Mountain Range.”

“It’s the people of the Great Qin Empire.
The humans of the Great Qin Empire have barged into our Primordial Mountain Range! This attack is comparable to a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
Only the Great Qin Empire has such an expert.”

“Great Qin! If we don’t teach you a lesson in our Primordial Mountain Range, I’m afraid you’ll all forget how respectful the Great Qin Empire was to our demon race in ancient times!”

Lu Xiaoran swore that this time, he only wanted to destroy the nearby cultivators to prevent anyone from discovering that he had saved Song Xinian.

This time, he definitely did not have the intention to sow discord.

The demons of the Primordial Mountain Range had really misunderstood.

With a flash of light, Lu Xiaoran had already brought Song Xinian back to the Nameless Sect.

Then, he used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to instantly repair Song Xinian’s injuries.

Song Xinian’s pupils constricted.

“This is… a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique?”

As the Holy Son of a first-tier sect, his status was definitely much higher than the other Holy Sons.
It was easier for him to distinguish the aura of a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.
He had also seen quite a few of them.

It was even to the extent that even the cultivation technique he cultivated was a low-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.

Even the previous sect masters of the Vast Heaven Sect cultivated this cultivation technique.

He did not expect Lu Xiaoran to directly bring out a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

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