When the group arrived at the mountain, Li Changsheng had also finished building the house and the mountain stairs.

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Although his cultivation had been sealed by Lu Xiaoran, the strength of a tenth level King Realm expert’s body was still not something ordinary people could compare to.

Lu Xiaoran personally picked up his brush and wrote the words “Nameless Sect” on the mountain gate.

At this moment, the Nameless Sect was finally established in a true sense.

Lu Xiaoran could not help but sigh in his heart.

He finally had his own sect.
Although this sect was very small and had very few disciples, it was still enough for him to be the sect master.

“My disciples, our Nameless Sect has been officially established today.”

Yun Lige immediately clapped warmly.
It was as if he had heard of a shocking matter.

The other disciples were silent for a moment before immediately following.
In an instant, applause sounded.

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows slightly.
For some reason, Lu Xiaoran felt that there was something strange in Wuxia and the others’ tone.
It was as if there was a sour stench coming out from their mouths.
It was far inferior to Lige’s comfortable and natural-sounding voice.

However, forget it.
It was just a small matter.

He cleared his throat and continued,

“From today onwards, all of you have to cultivate diligently and strive to cultivate successfully as soon as possible.
Next, start reciting the nameless sect rules.”

Everyone immediately began to recite.

“Firstly, if you encounter anyone being bullied, don’t interfere.
Remember to avoid them.”

“Secondly, you are not allowed to deliberately get involved with others.
If you have to attack, you have to kill the other party and burn their bones and destroy their souls.
You are not allowed to let a single soul or a single drop of blood essence escape.”

“Thirdly, fight in groups if you can.
Try not to fight one-on-one.”

These sect rules made the blue demon beast lying at the door eating the medicinal pills speechless.

Damn, it was wondering how it could be defeated.
It turned out that he had encountered a group of fellows who were even more cowardly than it.

Indeed, the only one who could defeat an ignoble person was an even more ignoble person

Forget it, it was just a defeat.
What was the big deal?

Thinking of this, it swallowed another medicinal pill.

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After the disciples finished reciting the sect rules, Lu Xiaoran nodded in satisfaction and arranged for everyone to speed up their cultivation.

As for him, he began to forge weapons and increase his cultivation technique.

The other disciples could not use God Realm items, but he could.

Moreover, it was also fine for him to upgrade the Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques like the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture and the Indestructible Golden Body to the God Realm first.
He could wait until Yun Lige and the others entered the Divine World before giving it to them to cultivate.

He did not have to delay at all.

The improvement of cultivation techniques depended on the accumulation of Martial Dao True Intent.Y

If he wanted to turn a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique into a top-grade God Realm cultivation technique, he would need to spend a lot of Martial Dao True Intent.

When he advanced a cultivation technique to the first level, he would need to spend one Martial Dao True Intent.
When he advanced the same technique to the second level, he would need to spend two Martial Dao True Intent.
He would need four Martial Dao True Intent for the third level, and eight Martial Dao True Intent for the fourth level.
In total, he would need to spend fifteen Martial Dao True Intent for each cultivation technique.

This was because this thing could still fail.
Sometimes, it might even cost more than 20 True Intent.

Fortunately, Lu Xiaoran opened the gift box and obtained many Martial Dao True Intent.
Otherwise, it would really not be enough for him.

In the end, he upgraded some of the commonly used cultivation techniques, such as the Azure Thearch Longevity Art, the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture, the Indestructible Golden Body, and so on, to top-grade God Realm cultivation techniques.

Other than the Great Dao Reincarnation and the Supreme Profound Dipper, which required him to be at the first level of the Martial Monarch Realm, the other God Realm cultivation techniques did not have such heavy restrictions.
Lu Xiaoran could already cultivate them.

However, even so, he could only cultivate God Realm cultivation techniques like the Azure Thearch Longevity Art.

Because cultivation techniques like the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture required his disciples to cultivate before he could cultivate it.
Therefore, at this moment, his Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture was still only at the Martial Monarch Realm.

Only after Yun Lige and the others advanced to the God Realm and could cultivate cultivation techniques could he use the God Realm Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture and other God Realm cultivation techniques.

Lu Xiaoran was not anxious about this.
His cultivation technique was temporarily enough.

In the remaining time, he could use the Divine Dao Spirit Stones to create top-grade God Realm weapons.

However, to Lu Xiaoran’s surprise, forging weapons and upgrading cultivation techniques were two completely different things.

If he failed to upgrade the cultivation technique, he would at most lose his Martial Dao True Intent.

As for forging a weapon, once it failed, it would be totally destroyed.
Even a Martial Monarch Realm weapon would be destroyed.

What was most ridiculous was that this thing had nothing to do with talent in forging weapons.

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It did not depend on the Martial Monarch Realm weapon’s likelihood of advancement.
Instead, it depended on the materials in the Divine Dao Spirit Stones.
Moreover, every Divine Dao Spirit Stone was different and a minor difference would result in a totally different outcome.
Even if Lu Xiaoran used the Trinity True Eyes, he still could not figure everything out accurately.
Basically, he would need to rely on luck.

This made Lu Xiaoran very helpless.

After failing to forge several Martial Monarch Realm weapons in a row, Lu Xiaoran had no choice but to give up on science and believe in superstition.

At this moment, he seemed to understand why Wang Cai gave him the Golden Luck Dragon.

Wang Cai had probably expected this situation long ago.

After taking a deep breath, Lu Xiaoran took out the Golden Luck Dragon from the Mountain and River State Painting.

The Golden Luck Dragon was indeed a dragon.
It was more than two meters long and seemed to be a pure energy body.
In fact, it also had flesh and blood.

However, other than increasing luck, it had no other effect.

It was even to the extent that it might not be able to defeat a Spirit Realm cultivator.

The Golden Luck Dragon that Lu Xiaoran grabbed kept flipping in the air and roaring, as if it was showing its might to Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran did not think much of it and directly took out a divine weapon spear.
He stepped on the Golden Luck Dragon and directly stabbed it into the cave below.
Then, he kept stabbing until he reached its throat.

He stabbed it until it became straight.

Then, he activated the Trinity True Eyes and the flames instantly enveloped the Golden Luck Dragon.

Crackle… A layer of oil was applied, two layers of oil, three layers of oil… Soon, the Golden Luck Dragon was roasted until it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, emitting an alluring golden light.

High-end ingredients often needed the help of excellent materials to achieve the peak of delicacy.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran added a series of condiments such as chili, cumin, and salt and finally made an extremely delicious roasted Golden Luck Dragon.

Without much hesitation, Lu Xiaoran directly ate heartily and finished the entire Golden Luck Dragon.

After eating the Golden Luck Dragon, Lu Xiaoran felt that his luck seemed to have increased a little.

Then, he began to forge the Martial Monarch Realm weapon again.

This time, his luck was clearly much better than before.

It was equivalent to a 100% success rate.

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With the help of such good luck, Lu Xiaoran created batch after batch of divine weapons.

In particular, they were the good kind of divine weapons like the Mountain and River State Painting and the Xuanyuan Sword.

He was definitely not afraid of having too many good things.
After all, in the future, he might have to face God Realm big shots.

During the rest of the time, Lu Xiaoran also forged some medicinal pills and the like.
He refined the Martial Monarch Realm Hearts he had obtained from the gift bags into medicinal pills in case he needed to use them in the future.

In this way, half a year passed in the blink of an eye.

For an entire half a year, all the disciples of the Nameless Sect were in seclusion and did not step out of the sect.

With such tireless hard work, everyone’s cultivation soared.

Li Changsheng had successfully stepped into the Emperor Realm and was already at the third level of the Emperor Realm.

The other four had also successfully stepped into the King Realm.

However, among them, Fang Tianyuan was at the seventh level of the King Realm, Ji Wuxia was at the fifth level of the King Realm, and Zhuge Ziqiong was at the fourth level of the King Realm.

Only Lige was left behind.
He was only at the first level of the King Realm.

What was even more terrifying was that his previous cultivation far surpassed Ji Wuxia and Zhuge Ziqiong.

In the end, in half a year, he was suppressed again and his cultivation was ranked at the bottom.

Regarding this, Lu Xiaoran could only sigh for him.

However, the overall improvement of the disciples was not bad.
They had even increased his cultivation by two realm levels, allowing him to reach the terrifying ninth level Supreme Realm.

If he advanced another level, he would reach the Saint Realm.

The only regret was that Wang Cai had not successfully advanced.

If Wang Cai did not advance successfully, he would not be able to obtain the gift box.

He missed the days when he could open gift boxes.

On this day, Lu Xiaoran was originally cultivating when he suddenly sensed that someone had barged into the Nameless Sect’s territory at the foot of the mountain.

He swept his divine sense and immediately sensed that the other party was a cultivator from the Great Zhou Imperial City.

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“Did something happen in the Great Zhou?”

Lu Xiaoran frowned slightly and whistled.

Buttface was the blue demon beast Lu Xiaoran had subdued previously.

Back then, when Lu Xiaoran wanted to order it around, it had never given him face.

Lu Xiaoran did not hit or scold it.
He just kept tempting the other party with medicinal pills.

In less than a month, Buttface had become even more obedient than a real dog.

It was even to the extent that it did not object to Lu Xiaoran naming it Buttface.

Arriving at Lu Xiaoran, Buttface quickly wagged its tail.

The current Buttface could not be bothered with dignity.
Now, it only wanted to be a good bootlicker for Lu Xiaoran.

What a joke.
It ate Saint Realm medicinal pills like beans every day.
In fact, it could even occasionally obtain a Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill.
On such a day, not to mention acting as a dog, it would even be willing to eat feces.

“Go to the foot of the mountain.
Someone is delivering a letter at the foot of the mountain.
Go and get the letter.”

Buttface replied and quickly ran out like a wisp of smoke.

When it returned, it was already holding an envelope in its mouth.

Lu Xiaoran opened the envelope and swept his divine sense over it.
Immediately, he could not help but narrow his eyes.

“Damn, they’re really here.”

The letter was from the Great Zhou Emperor, Ji Wushang.
He said that he had encountered some trouble in the Great Zhou Imperial City.

The Nalan family of the Eternal Forest had arrived in the Great Zhou!

This immediately made Lu Xiaoran exclaim.
Fortunately, he had the foresight.

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