smelled a strange fragrance.

“Eh… this pill fragrance… Why does it smell so familiar?”

Following the smell, it arrived beside the porcelain bottle and opened the medicinal pill.
Then, it instantly widened its beast eyes.

“Heavens, this aura… This is a Saint Realm pill!”

It still remembered that 2,000 years ago, it had once hunted a high-level demon beast by the pool.
That demon beast had just attacked a group of human cultivators and had snatched a Saint Realm medicinal pill from them.

With that medicinal pill, it had also increased by a realm level.

Even though it had been 2,000 years, its memory of the Saint Pill’s aura was still deeply engraved in its bones.

And now, there was actually an entire bottle of Saint Realm pills here.
Looking at the size of the bottle, there were probably no less than 50 pills inside.

The blue demon beast swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked at Lu Xiaoran, who had already left and was continuing to set up the array formation in the distance.

“Hmph, I’ve already been subdued anyway.
I can cause him some losses if I eat these medicinal pills.”

Soon, it secretly took out a medicinal pill and secretly glanced at Lu Xiaoran.
Seeing that the other party was not looking over, it immediately stuffed it into its mouth.

It remembered this taste.

It had been thinking about this for 2,000 years!

Gobble, gobble.
The blue demon beast swallowed the medicinal pill in two bites.
Then, it carefully held the remaining 49 medicinal pills in its claws.

It was not easy to obtain such a good thing.
It had to cherish it.

“I won’t be greedy.
I’ll just swallow one pill every two days.”

At this moment, two more streams of light flew over quickly from the distance.
They were Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia, who had already returned from searching for the Ancient Bronze Hall.

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The two of them quickly arrived beside Lu Xiaoran.

“Master, we’ve already found the Ancient Bronze Hall.”

Lu Xiaoran received the storage bag from Yun Lige and swept his divine sense over it.

“I won’t pursue the matter this time.
However, in the future, if you make such a mistake again, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“Don’t worry, Master.
We’ll definitely be careful in the future.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and immediately took out more than ten bottles of medicinal pills and threw them to Yun Lige.

“Here are 2,000 low-grade Martial Monarch Realm Taiji Universe Pills.
They can quickly replenish spirit energy and are extremely beneficial to cultivation.
From today onwards, you have to cultivate diligently and strive to become peerless experts as soon as possible, understand?”

“Yes, don’t worry, Master.
We’ll definitely work hard.”

The small porcelain bottle in the hand of the blue demon beast not far away fell to the ground with a crack.

Its joy of having just obtained the Saint Realm pills had completely disappeared at this moment.

Yun Lige and Lu Xiaoran naturally noticed the blue demon beast and immediately asked in confusion,

“Eh, Master, when did you raise a dog?”

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment before saying,

“Isn’t this an antelope?”

“An antelope has hair.
This one doesn’t have hair.
Look at his body.
It’s bald.
There’s nothing on its body.”

“Dogs have fur, but mangy dogs don’t.”

The blue demon beast roared, indicating that it was unwilling to accept this.

Ji Wuxia raised her eyebrows slightly and said somewhat uncomfortably,

“Master, this dog is actually so disobedient.
It will definitely rebel in the future.
Why don’t we kill it and cook it?”

Lu Xiaoran immediately shook his head.

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“No, no, this is a pet I just obtained.”

At this moment, Yun Lige also said,

“Actually, I prefer charcoal-roasted dog meat.
Spread with chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper, and so on.
The taste is top-notch.”

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment.

Since Lige also wanted to eat it, why not kill it?

In any case, it was not very obedient.
After killing it and feeding it to them, he could increase Lige and the others’ cultivation.
It was not bad at all.

As Lu Xiaoran’s servant, although the blue demon beast could not sense Lu Xiaoran’s thoughts, it could sense the change in Lu Xiaoran’s mood.

At this moment, killing intent actually appeared in Lu Xiaoran’s heart.

This frightened it so much that it trembled.
It hurriedly wagged its tail and approached, jumping and barking.
At the same time, it rolled over to act cute.

Seeing that it was obedient again, Lu Xiaoran finally shook his head.

“Forget it.
We can let it guard the mountain gate during our cultivation next.
It would be a pity to kill it.”

“Alright, Master is right.
Junior Sister, let’s not eat.”

Ji Wuxia nodded and the few of them immediately returned to the mountain.

The blue demon beast immediately heaved a sigh of relief and collapsed to the ground.

To think that a dignified Supreme Realm demon beast would actually be the guardian of a nameless and tattered sect.

However, for the sake of the medicinal pills, it decided to endure it first.

In any case, it had already been subdued by Lu Xiaoran and could not escape.
It would just eat and drink here.

It didn’t mind waiting until Lu Xiaoran was killed.
On that day, it could then become a divine beast and leave.

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