Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over Li Daoran, who hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Don’t look at me.
It has nothing to do with me.”

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Lu Xiaoran thought that it made sense.
If Li Daoran really said something, the mark he had set in his body might have already exploded.

If that was the case, he would have been unable to come here with the sect master.

Sect Master Chen could not help but be somewhat puzzled.

Seeing his expression, Lu Xiaoran had already guessed roughly.
He immediately sighed helplessly.

“Sect Master, don’t blame him.
I was the one who placed the restriction in his body.
However, I didn’t expect everyone to find out about it.”

Hearing this, Sect Master Chen immediately confirmed Lu Xiaoran’s identity.

He took a deep breath and looked at Lu Xiaoran with a complicated expression.

“I didn’t expect you to really be a super expert.
I knew it.
Your attainments in array formations were so high.
How can you be so weak when it comes to cultivation?”

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat apologetic.

“Sorry, Sect Master.
I’ve been hiding it from you for so long.”

Sect Master Chen waved his hand.

“Don’t say that.
You should have your own difficulties.
Moreover, speaking of which, you’ve also helped the Heaven Demon Sect a lot in the past, right?”

“I did intervene a few times.”

“However, your intervention had never been trivial.”

Sect Master Chen couldn’t help but recall.

“Is the destruction of the White Bone Demon Sect related to you?”

“That’s right.
The White Bone Demon Sect hid a teleportation formation in the Heaven Demon Sect and attempted to harm the Heaven Demon Sect.
Moreover, they also discovered my secret, which I did not want others to know, so they were destroyed by me.”

“On the way to the Black Tortoise True Sect, we were clearly poisoned in that inn, but we were still able to force that Demon Sect Elder to self-destruct in the end.
I’m afraid that has something to do with you, right?”

“That’s right.
I secretly casted a hidden force on that Demon Sect Elder and quickly exhausted his spirit energy.”

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“Then, the Heaven Demon Sect was attacked by the Demon Sect.
Did you also pretend to be the Heaven Demon Sect’s patriarch?”

Lu Xiaoran smiled awkwardly.

After all, it was indeed not appropriate for the sect master and the other elders to kneel and call him ancestor.

Fortunately, the sect master did not care much.

After a pause, he continued, “29 years ago, when the First Elder and I picked you up at the entrance of the Heaven Demon Sect, we thought that you were only a child that no one wanted.
However, we didn’t expect that you had already grown into a super expert that we can’t even look up to.”

This time, if not for the fact that I was lucky enough to see the faces of your disciples, I might not have known your identity in my life.

“I didn’t mean to hide it.
It’s just that my strength has improved too quickly and I don’t want to provoke trouble.”

“I understand.
The tallest tree in the forest will be destroyed by the wind.
You’re only an orphan.
If you cultivate to a peerless big shot in a few decades, you will definitely attract the attention of many people.
That’s not a good thing for you.”

This time, I came here for two things.
One is to verify if you are really a top-notch expert.

There’s also something I want to give you.

Sect Master Chen took out a special iron token from his storage bag.

“I found this iron token from your swaddling clothes back then.
Its material is very special, but I’m inexperienced and don’t know what it’s made of.
It should be related to your background.
I’ll give it to you now.”

Previously, Sect Master Chen did not hand it over because he had thought that Lu Xiaoran was only at the Spirit Realm and was completely insufficient to deal with the danger outside.
Therefore, he did not give it to him.

However, now, Lu Xiaoran had already become so powerful, so he naturally did not have any worries and could directly give it to him.

Lu Xiaoran received the iron token.

He did not care much about this thing.

This was because he had transmigrated ten years ago.

Even if this iron token was related to his identity, it was only the identity of his previous body.
It did not have much to do with him.

However, when he received the iron token and placed it in his palm, his pupils instantly constricted.

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Sect Master Chen and the others could not help but be somewhat puzzled.
Lu Xiaoran’s expression recovered and he quietly put away the iron token.

By the way, Sect Master, I have something to tell you.”

“Um… I want to build a sect myself.”

Lu Xiaoran was very powerful and did not need Sect Master Chen’s permission.
However, Sect Master Chen was really good to him, so he still had to give the other party some respect.

“I was wondering what it was.
So that’s what it was.
It’s a small matter.
With your cultivation level, it’s indeed not appropriate for you to continue staying in the Heaven Demon Sect.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“I grew up in the Heaven Demon Sect.
The Heaven Demon Sect has nurtured me, and I’m not an ungrateful person.
However, I only want to cultivate quietly and not get too involved in the mortal world.
Therefore, I want to bring my disciples to a hidden place to establish a sect and cultivate in peace.”

“I understand.
As expected of someone with your personality.
Alright, no problem.
When the time comes, I’ll definitely come and congratulate you.”

I only want to establish an especially small sect.
I don’t want to be involved with any factions at all.”

Sect Master Chen did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“You’re already so powerful.
Is there a need to be so cautious?”

“There’s always someone better.”

“That’s fine too.
However, I’ll leave Zhishui Peak for you.
If you want to return in the future, you can return at any time.
The Heaven Demon Sect will always be your home.”

After that, he entertained the sect master and the others at a feast and gave them some Saint Realm cultivation techniques and weapons before sending them back.

In the future, it was very likely that he would not return to the Heaven Demon Sect.

However, Lu Xiaoran could also be considered to have repaid the Heaven Demon Sect for raising him.

At times, it was not good for a cultivator to always have worries.
It was easy for them to develop mental demons on their future cultivation path.

Now that he no longer owed the Heaven Demon Sect, Lu Xiaoran felt even more relaxed.
His mental state of cultivation was even more unimpeded.

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After sending the sect master and the others away, Lu Xiaoran returned to his courtyard and took out the token.

As the cold and hard material entered his hand, Lu Xiaoran’s expression became somewhat solemn.

“This iron token is actually made from divine weapon materials.”

This was also the reason why Sect Master Chen could not tell what the material of this token was before.

In fact, not to mention him, even Nalan Hongyu, a Supreme Realm expert, could not tell that the Mountain God Pillar in his hand was a divine weapon.

In the end, divine weapons had already surpassed the scope of this world.

Be it in terms of aura or material, they had already far surpassed ordinary weapons.
Martial Monarch Realm weapons were also insignificant in front of divine weapons.

Li Liushui and the others were only able to recognize that the weapon in his hand was a divine weapon after he had already released the aura of the Xuanyuan Sword.
That was why they were able to better determine what it was.

In this world, probably only Lu Xiaoran could tell at a glance that this was the material used to create a divine weapon.

This was because Lu Xiaoran had too many divine weapons.

When there were too many divine weapons, it was easy for one to get used to them.

“This token has my name written on it.
Lu Xiaoran, it shouldn’t be a token that was casually made.
Instead, it was specially made to record my name.”

Interesting, the other party actually has the ability to engrave my name on the material of the divine weapon.
Looks like the family that is behind this is also not simple.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran seemed to understand why his talent was so monstrous after transmigrating.

Perhaps it was also closely related to the bloodline in his body.

Playing with the token in his hand, Lu Xiaoran frowned slightly and thought of a problem.

After killing the hot shots a few times and conveniently comparing them, Lu Xiaoran had already vaguely realized that he might not be an ordinary person.

Even if he was not a passerby, he was also definitely not a villain.

The passersby were not as powerful as him, and the villains were not as low-key and stable as him.

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Moreover, he also had a mysterious background and his identity as a transmigrator.
Moreover, his talent was so heaven-defying and he even had a cheat code.

Then could it be that he was also a hot shot?

This was because villains would definitely not be able to defeat the protagonist.

Those who could kill a hot shot were definitely hot shots.

However, he was not sure which kind of hot shot he was.

“Forget it, I shouldn’t think about it.
After Wang Cai comes out, I should be able to obtain some new memories.
At that time, I’ll think about who I am.”

In any case, it was better to be a hot shot than not.

At the very least, he did not have to worry about dying easily.

Of course, caution was still necessary because he had also killed four hot shots.

This meant that he might also be killed by others.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran put away the token.

He could not be bothered to find the family that had abandoned him.
In any case, the other party had already abandoned him.
If he still wasted his time to find them, wouldn’t it be a waste of natural resources?

It was better for him to first find a sect and bring his disciples to enter seclusion to cultivate.

With this thought, Lu Xiaoran found Ji Wushang and got him to find a suitable place for him.
In other words, he needed to find a small mountain to use as the sect’s address.

After all, there were so many sects in the Great Zhou Empire.
He did not know which places were still available.
Some places might have already been bought by other sects and had yet to be established.
He did not want to cause too many conflicts in the future and become famous…

At the same time, on the other side, Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia had also arrived near the Azure Lotus Sword Sect and began to search for the Ancient Bronze Hall Fang Aotian had sent flying.

“I remember that according to the distance that thing flew, it should be nearby.
Why can’t I find it?”

“Could it have been picked up?”

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