lm Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pills that can increase your cultivation.
As long as you eat and refine them, it shouldn’t be a problem for the two of you to break through a few realm levels.”

At this moment, forget about King Zining, even the experienced old king could not help but swallow his saliva.

That was a Martial Monarch Realm Pill!

Even in the Great Zhou Imperial Family, only the past emperors were qualified to eat this medicinal pill!

In their lives, they were almost not even qualified to touch it.

In the end, Lu Xiaoran actually casually took out four Martial Monarch Realm pills for them to eat!

This simply made the two of them unable to believe their ears.

After a moment, the old king said doubtfully,”Senior Lu, are you joking with us? You want to give us such a precious thing?”

“You don’t want it? Forget it then.”

“Hey, no, no, no.
Of course we want it.”

At this moment, King Zining and his son had already completely ignored their image and were immediately prepared to go forward to take the medicinal pills.

However, Lu Xiaoran suddenly clenched his fists tightly.
The smiles on their faces suddenly disappeared and they began to panic.

Could it be that Lu Xiaoran regretted it?

Lu Xiaoran naturally did not regret it.

“After Ji Wushang ascends to the throne…”

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The two of them were silent for a moment.
Then, the old king said with a serious expression,

“As long as Senior Lu doesn’t target our Great Zhou Imperial Family, we will listen to whatever you say!”

Although Lu Xiaoran’s Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill was like cabbages and he did not care at all, it was still his.

After all, why would he give away his things for free?

At the very least, he had to exchange them for something.

Lu Xiaoran did not care for the items of King Zining and his son.
Only loyalty was still useful.

Of course, he was not afraid that the two of them would betray him.

Ji Wuxia and Ji Wushang were both in his hands.
Unless the two of them wanted the Purple Peace Imperial Palace to lose their future bloodline, they would not do anything rash.

If they did not want such an outcome, it was best for them to be obedient.

Moreover, if they were really disobedient, Lu Xiaoran would not be soft-hearted.
He would just carry the coffin and eat.

“However, it won’t be easy for the two of us to immediately absorb the Martial Monarch Realm pills to increase our strength.”

“Oh, I have a simple solution for this!”

Lu Xiaoran directly released the Mountain and River State Painting.

“The two of you can cultivate inside.
I estimate that if something like this happens, the competition will also be delayed.
One day outside is about eight days inside.
One day will be enough for you to cultivate.”

King Zining and his son fell silent again.

Why did it feel like Lu Xiaoran was the God of Fortune?

It was as if he could take out all kinds of treasures.

At the very least, the level of this Mountain and River State Painting should at least be at the Martial Monarch Realm, right?

At this moment, they even began to doubt themselves.

That was, they wondered if they were in a fake dynasty.

This was because the Great Zhou Empire seemed extremely poor compared to Lu Xiaoran.

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At this moment, the array formation had already been undone.
At this moment, the Great Zhou Emperor was probably thinking that his father was already more or less done with his work.

“Alright, I should leave too.
The two of you, hurry up and increase your cultivation.
Otherwise, when the Great Zhou Elder Group makes things difficult for your Purple Peace Imperial Palace, the two of you will not be able to do anything other than worry.”

The two of them immediately entered the Mountain and River State Painting to cultivate.
As for Lu Xiaoran, he immediately took out the Heaven-Breaking Shuttle and left the Great Zhou Imperial City, flying towards the Heaven Cloud Mountain.

Seeing Lu Xiaoran leave on the Heaven-Breaking Shuttle, King Zining was stunned on the spot and said,

“Father, the thing Senior Lu is riding on seems to be a Martial Monarch Realm weapon too, right?”

“I think even the underwear he’s wearing is at the Martial Monarch Realm.”

Unlike the father and son duo who were teasing each other here, the entire Great Zhou Imperial City’s Imperial Family was shocked the moment the array formation of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace was opened.

“This aura of death! It’s Ji Shangrong! Ji Shangrong has died!”

Several elders immediately flew to the sky above the Great Zhou Imperial City and began to spread their divine senses to search.

The Grand Imperial Sire of the Great Zhou, the previous Emperor Realm emperor, had actually died!

It was as if a detonated Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill had been thrown into the Imperial City.

The old king directly opened the array formation of the Imperial Palace and blocked everyone’s divine sense.

It was not just the emperor who was able to activate the array formation of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.
The Purple Peace Imperial Palace itself could also activate it independently.

They would cultivate first.
After the old king advanced to the late-stage Emperor Realm and his son also advanced to the Emperor Realm, he would be more confident in talking to the elders.

At this moment, an extremely powerful aura suddenly shot out from a lone cliff outside the Great Zhou and blocked Lu Xiaoran’s path.

“There’s no grudge between our Great Zhou and you, right? Why do you want to kill an elder of our Great Zhou Imperial Family? Can you give me an explanation?”

Lu Xiaoran was stunned and suddenly stopped moving forward.

This aura was at the third level of the Supreme Realm? Could it be that he was the Grand Elder in charge of the Great Zhou Imperial Family’s Elder Group?

After a second of silence, Lu Xiaoran continued,

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