With another shocking bang, the sky was illuminated by light again, as if it was daytime.

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For the whole night, this piece of land almost never went dark.

All the living beings had almost retreated a thousand kilometers.

They did this to avoid the aftershock from the explosion and injure themselves.
At this distance, they could only sense the weak wind from the shock wave.

However, the light was constantly dazzling, making countless people fearful and shocked.

This night had probably already left a deep impact in everyone’s minds that will forever remain.

In the crowd of the Ancient Ape Tribe, a few beautiful figures held hands as they watched the battle nervously.
Their eyes were filled with worry.

“The battle ahead is so intense.
I wonder how Brother Aotian is doing?”

“Don’t worry, sisters.
No matter what kind of enemy he has, Brother Aotian will definitely defeat them.”

“That’s right.
Our Brother Aotian is the strongest.”

“Along the way, Brother Aotian has never disappointed us.
Every time, he has defeated his enemies and returned with the blood of his enemies.
This time, he will definitely end up defeating those people and return to us like before.”

“Fang Aotian was born before the heavens.
Even when fighting against the heavens, Brother Aotian will still be invincible!”

On the battlefield, the explosion effect of the Martial Monarch Realm weapon had already disappeared.
This battle had severely injured Fang Tianyuan and torn his Martial Monarch Realm armor.

Even though he cultivated the Indestructible Golden Body, this peerless body cultivation technique that cultivated both interior strength and exterior strength was still unable to withstand the remaining aftershock.
The skin and flesh on his chest had been blasted apart, and six of his ribs were broken.
One could vaguely see the beating heart inside.

However, this was not the most important thing.
The most important thing was that the explosion of the Martial Monarch Realm weapon had destroyed his bamboo hat and mask, completely revealing his appearance.

Seeing Fang Tianyuan’s face, Fang Aotian’s expression was also completely gloomy.

“I was wondering who in their right mind would look for trouble by fighting me.
I didn’t expect it to be you.”

Fang Tianyuan panted as he stuffed a handful of medicinal pills into his mouth.

“Fang Aotian, you killed my parents and stole my Ancient Ape Tribe.
Today, I will definitely kill you and avenge my parents.”

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“Hahahaha… they deserved to be killed by me! Who asked the Ancient Ape Tribe to abandon me and let me compete with the wolves in the wilderness and suffer?”

“Bullsh*t! The elders of the Ancient Ape Tribe decided to abandon you.
What has this got to do with my father?”

“How is it not related? He became the chief of the Ancient Ape Tribe because of me! We were clearly born from the same parents.
Why should I be abandoned while he gets to be the chief? Although he didn’t abandon me, since he became the chief of the Ancient Ape Tribe, he has to bear the responsibility and be condemned for the mistake the Ancient Ape Tribe made!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Changsheng immediately slashed with his sword.
Taking advantage of Fang Aotian’s surprise, he slashed off half of Fang Aotian’s shoulder and arm.

“Junior Brother, there’s no need to waste your breath on him.
The winner takes all.
There’s no such thing as right and wrong.
The victor is always righteous! The losers will always be evil!”

Fang Aotian sneered and repaired his shoulder again.
With the two Martial Monarch Realm weapons in hand, he rode the wind.

“That’s right.
There’s no need to talk about right and wrong.
In this world, might makes right! Since the Ancient Ape Tribe was powerful, they were able to abandon me.
Now that I’m powerful, I can kill whoever I want! You guys are no exception.”

Fang Tianyuan heaved a sigh of relief, and the hatred in his eyes turned into a clear light.
Replacing it was endless battle intent.

History had always been written by the victors.

After tearing off his trench coat, Fang Tianyuan’s upper body was naked.
He used the Indestructible Golden Body cultivation technique and golden energy wrapped around his body.

At this moment, his understanding of the cultivation technique had increased by a step.
He had advanced!

He had advanced in the battle and broken through to the first level of the Shattering Void Realm.
With the help of the array formation his master had set up, he could already unleash combat strength comparable to the first level of the King Realm!

In his body, a purple ape phantom had also officially formed.

Lu Xiaoran, who had already arrived at the Imperial City of the Great Zhou, suddenly felt his cultivation increase by a lot.

Originally, he had just stepped into the second level of the Supreme Realm and his cultivation was only at the initial stage of the second level.
However, he had just felt that his cultivation had increased and was only 50% away from reaching the third level.

Although his cultivation had not increased by a lot this time, given his current strength at the Supreme Realm, this increase was already not bad.

After all, the higher one’s cultivation was, the slower their cultivation would increase.

Moreover, to Lu Xiaoran’s surprise, another purple Ancient Ape phantom appeared in his body.

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This meant that the soul in Fang Tianyuan’s body had completely formed.

“What’s wrong with this brat? Did he break through in the battle?”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but frown.

It was not impossible for them to break through in battle.
After all, be it the hot shots or the villains who were stepping stones for the hot shots, their talent was extremely powerful.
The chances of them breaking through in battle were also higher than ordinary people.

However, for some reason, Lu Xiaoran felt vaguely uneasy.

This made him feel very strange.
This was because logically speaking, since Fang Tianyuan had improved, his chances of survival in the battle should also be higher.

If he felt uneasy, it was probably because he felt that his eldest disciple, Yun Lige, was in danger.

However, forget it.
At this moment, he had already arrived at the Imperial City.
It was already too late for him to rush back.
He should save Ji Wushang first.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran increased his speed and arrived at the Imperial City in two breaths.

In the Purple Peace Imperial Palace, the battle had already reached the end.

With a shocking bang, the spatial barrier in the void above the grand array Lu Xiaoran had set up was shattered by the Grand Imperial Sire, Ji Shangrong.

Lu Xiaoran’s array formation was set up under the array formation of the Great Zhou Imperial City.
If he destroyed Lu Xiaoran’s Martial Monarch Realm formation, he would definitely destroy the Imperial City’s array.

Even if he wanted to kill Ji Wushang, he could not do such a thing.

However, this was not enough to stop the other party from killing Ji Wushang.

Although he could not destroy the array formation, with his Martial Monarch Realm cultivation and the help of a Martial Monarch Realm weapon, he could still unleash a powerful attack comparable to a Supreme Realm expert.

By tearing through space, he could also avoid the array formation and arrive in front of Ji Wushang.

King Zining’s expression changed drastically.
He immediately picked up his son and wanted to escape.
Unfortunately, how could Ji Shangrong give him this chance?

“Do you think you can escape?”

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With a sweep of his gaze, the Emperor Realm pressure erupted, directly suppressing King Zining until he was unable to move.

The difference between a King Realm expert and an Emperor Realm expert was extraordinary.
Moreover, King Zining did not have the ability to fight an enemy stronger than him.
He was only an ordinary King Realm expert, so how could he resist?

Ji Shangrong stepped forward with his sword and the corner of his mouth curled up.

“Unfortunately, the throne of the Great Zhou will still be inherited by my bloodline.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he directly raised the Martial Monarch Realm weapon in his hand and slashed down.

This sword move was not complicated nor did it have much spirit energy.
It was just an extremely ordinary sword move.

Be it Ji Wushang or King Zining, it was impossible for them to resist this attack.

With the death of the father and son, it was worth it even if he was imprisoned for a thousand years.

The old king’s eyes widened.

“Ji Shangrong, if you kill them, even if I have to die, I will still kill all of your bloodline!”

Ji Shangrong did not even turn around and smiled in extreme disdain.

A huge force pressed down.

At this moment, Ji Shangrong’s smugness formed a sharp contrast to the despair on King Zining’s face.

However, at this critical moment, an extremely unfamiliar and cold voice suddenly sounded in Ji Shangrong’s ear.

“Primordial Chaos Emperor Fist, Phoenix Cry Nine Heavens, Mahayana Sword Dao, Ten Thousand Great Lightning, Wind Fire Cry…”

Before he could even react, he was hurriedly enveloped by a force that was so powerful that he was simply unable to resist at all.

At that moment, for the first time in his life, he felt despair.

His life felt threatened!

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In the next second, his consciousness fell into darkness.

A shocking light lit up on the ground, but it was enveloped by the Martial Monarch Realm formation and could not spread.
No one in the surroundings was alerted.

The attack also enveloped Ji Wushang and King Zining.

However, the moment before the attack reached them, a force reacted in time and took them away from the attack.

“Hah! I finally arrived.”

Lu Xiaoran heaved a sigh of relief.

“I knew that Senior would definitely be able to make it in time.”

“How can you still be happy at such a time? If I came a step later, you would have been turned to ashes.
Even if I were a Golden Immortal that descended to the mortal world, I still wouldn’t have been able to save you.”

Then, Lu Xiaoran immediately used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to repair Ji Wushang’s injuries.

The light shone on the others, allowing the others to quickly recover from their injuries, including the old king.

However, at this moment, the old king was clearly dumbfounded.

King Zining was still fine.
After all, Ji Wushang had previously told him about Lu Xiaoran, so to an extent, he was already mentally prepared.
Although he was still shocked, he was not as shocked as his father.

This was the first time the old king had seen how terrifying Lu Xiaoran was.

That was an Emperor Realm expert!

He was directly killed into dust without even having the chance to react?

Moreover, his own injuries had actually recovered in an instant.

It had to be known that he was an Emperor Realm expert.
After suffering such a serious injury, it was impossible for him to recover without a certain amount of precious resources and a long period of recovery.

However, now, he actually had endless strength from head to toe.
Other than his clothes being torn and his pants being blown by the cold wind, he seemed to have never been injured at all!

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