After spitting out a mouthful of blood, Fang Aotian’s eyes suddenly turned ruthless.
He held the Martial Monarch Realm weapon in both hands and transformed into a blue light that rushed into the three of them.

Fang Tianyuan naturally knew how ruthless his uncle was under his fake appearance.

He would treat those who could be used by him as brothers.
As for those who could not be used by him, he would not hesitate to use various vicious methods to suppress the other party and eliminate the other party entirely!

“Be careful.
He wants to use a suicidal attack.
Don’t let him get close.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Fang Tianyuan was the first to fly forward.
He used the Indestructible Golden Body at full strength and the golden giant enveloped the surface of his body.
With the Void Shattering Hammer in hand, he smashed it towards Fang Aotian’s head.

A cold glint flashed in Fang Aotian’s eyes.
With a thought, he used his movement technique and instantly disappeared from his spot.
When he reappeared, he had already arrived behind Fang Tianyuan.

With a cold shout, he held the Martial Monarch Realm weapon with both hands and slashed down together.

The light on the Martial Monarch Realm weapon was filled with dense killing intent and a bloodthirsty chill that made people shudder.

It could be imagined that if this move landed on Fang Tianyuan, he would be severely injured even if he did not die.

At the critical moment, a phoenix phantom suddenly attacked.

Ji Wuxia’s cultivation technique leaned towards sharpness and speed.

With her speed, she was definitely able to hit Fang Aotian first.
An ordinary person would definitely not be able to dodge.

However, Fang Aotian did not dodge at all and allowed Ji Wuxia to attack him.

The moment the sword beam slashed down, one of Fang Aotian’s arms was directly shattered.
However, at this moment, Fang Aotian’s attack also landed on Fang Tianyuan.

The enhancement of the two Martial Monarch Realm weapons allowed him, whose cultivation had already surpassed Fang Tianyuan’s, to directly tear a huge hole in the Indestructible Golden Body.
Then, he slashed Fang Tianyuan’s body and blasted him into the ground.

Even though Fang Tianyuan had a Martial Monarch Realm weapon to resist the attack, the attack still shattered his organs and made him vomit a mouthful of blood.

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At the same time, Li Changsheng’s sword also finished accumulating strength.
He immediately slashed at Fang Aotian again, splitting his body into two.

However, knowing that the other party had already consumed a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm pill that could quickly repair his injuries, everyone did not dare to be careless and immediately organized the next attack.

Fang Tianyuan directly stuffed a handful of medicinal pills in his mouth and joined the battle as he healed his injuries.

Fang Aotian had just finished repairing his body when the three of them attacked again.

Under the combined strength of the three of them, they severely injured Fang Aotian time and time again.

If it were an ordinary person, they would have already died.
However, Fang Aotian relied on the effect of the Martial Monarch Realm Pill to revive again and again.

This scene shocked Zhuge Ziqiong and Ling Xinyue.

What kind of abnormal battle was this?

On one hand, Fang Aotian could fight those at a higher level.
On the other hand, he could not be killed no matter how they fought.

Wasn’t this basically a battle between gods?

However, their combat strength was not as terrifying as a god.

However, even so, they were still not people that others could compare to.

Was this the might of the so-called hot shot?

Was this the strength of Lu Xiaoran’s disciple?

At this moment, be it Zhuge Ziqiong, who had just become Lu Xiaoran’s disciple, or Ling Xinyue, they could not help but curse in their hearts.

A moment later, Zhuge Ziqiong seemed to have reacted and immediately looked at Yun Lige.

“Eldest Senior Brother, why aren’t you participating in the battle?”

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Yun Lige glanced at her and said,

“Two reasons.
The first reason is because I need to protect you.”

“What about the second reason?”

“I’m too weak and can’t participate.”

In fact, Yun Lige also knew very well that his current cultivation level was relatively low.
If he went up, he would not be able to unleash much strength.
Instead, he would make his junior sisters and junior brothers feel restrained.

Instead of that, it was better for him to not participate in the battle this time and think of a way to cultivate and increase his cultivation later.

He wanted to participate in the next battle.

Moreover, his master had also said that to deal with the hot shots, not only did they need the main team, but they also needed support…

He had decided that he would play the supporting role.

The battle in the valley became more and more intense.
The time Fang Aotian took to heal himself kept increasing, making him somewhat anxious.

Although that Martial Monarch Realm Pill was not the only Martial Monarch Realm Pill in the Ancient Bronze Hall, it was the strongest one.

That Martial Monarch Realm pill was formed by a Martial Monarch Realm expert using his essence, soul, bone marrow, and all the remaining powerful substances in the expert’s entire body when that expert died in his twilight years.

It was almost equivalent to one tenth of a Martial Monarch Realm expert!

Therefore, it allowed people to have the ability to constantly heal their bodies in an hour.

However, even so, it still had a limit.
If it exceeded this limit, one would still be helpless.

Fang Aotian could only grit his teeth and detonate another Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

Seeing the Martial Monarch Realm weapon in his hand begin to release a destructive aura, Fang Tianyuan immediately protected Li Changsheng and Ji Wuxia behind him and used the Indestructible Golden Body with all his strength to resist the extremely destructive Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

At that moment, for some reason, Fang Aotian seemed to have seen a huge golden ape appear in front of him.

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