“Lu Yi, pass down the order to gather everyone.
I want to personally lead the army and fight the Demon Sect to the death.”

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Lu Yi took a deep breath, and her eyes lit up, filled with yearning.

Finally, was Brother Aotian going to attack personally?

With Brother Aotian making a move personally, the Ancient Ape Tribe was definitely going to win!

The Demon Sect would definitely lose!

However, just as she thought this, the next second, an Ancient Ape Tribe disciple rushed in from outside the ancestral hall.

“Chief, something bad has happened.”

Fang Aotian swept his gaze coldly, and a cold light shot in all directions, making that disciple tremble in fear.

The other party replied with a trembling mouth with a trace of fear,

“The camp is in chaos.
Many camps have begun to fall into chaos.
For some reason, many sect disciples have begun to protect and kill each other.”

Fang Aotian’s pupils constricted.
With a step, his body instantly teleported away and arrived at the closest camp of the Ancient Ape Tribe.

This place was formed by three different small sects.

However, at this moment, it was extremely chaotic.

As soon as Fang Aotian arrived, a sect disciple chased after him with scarlet eyes.

Fang Aotian snorted and raised his hand to directly grab the other party’s neck, lifting him up.
No matter how the other party struggled, he was unable to escape from his palm.

He swept his divine sense over the other party, and his eyes instantly revealed confusion.

“Evil aura? Could this be someone from the Demon Sect? Could it be that someone from the Demon Sect disguised himself and mixed into my people? Wait, no, I’ve seen this person before.
He was indeed a normal person previously and did not have any evil aura in his body.
However, why is the evil aura in his body so dense now?”

Just as he was feeling puzzled, two figures flew over.

“Brother Aotian, we’ve already investigated.
When we were recruiting previously, a few disciples from a pheasant sect mixed into our people and… did business with the people in the camp.
The evil aura spread like wildfire, creating this situation today.”

Fang Aotian could not believe his ears.
This was simply ridiculous!

“It’s true.
It’s not only this camp.
Almost 90% of the other camps have been affected.”

Fang Aotian immediately felt dizzy and staggered a few steps back.
He was so furious that he almost vomited blood.

“The Demon Sect is actually so despicable.
I, Fang Aotian, swear to destroy the Demon Sect!”

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The two girls rushed forward from both sides and hugged Fang Aotian’s arm.

“Big Brother Aotian, what should we do now?”

“Mobilize the elite team that I carefully assembled back from the front line and get them to temporarily stop the attack on the Demon Sect.
Get rid of all the Demon Sect disciples in the various camps first.”

“Alright, we’ll arrange it immediately.
Brother Aotian, you have to be careful of your body.
If you can’t take it, we won’t live either.”

Fang Aotian smiled coldly and caressed the curves of their backs.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be defeated so easily.
If the Demon Sect wants to find trouble with me, they have to first see if they have the strength to do so.”

The two girls were overjoyed.
Since Fang Aotian said so, everything would definitely be okay!

This was because Long Aotian had never failed to deliver.

On the other side, in the Demon Sect’s central command tent, Demon Venerable Ling Xinyue also woke up from her meditation.

She heaved a sigh of relief again.
Her eyes had already recovered their strength.
With a casual glance from her, one could feel their hearts beat faster and not dare to look directly at her.

“Demon Venerable, you’re finally awake.”

Ling Xinyue nodded slightly.

“My strength has already recovered to the peak of the first level Supreme Realm.
How’s the situation at the frontline?”

“Demon Venerable, things are going smoothly on the front lines.
In the few days that you were in seclusion to treat your injuries, we have already killed several teams.
Among them are Fang Aotian’s four women.”

“Are the results that impressive?”

A slight surprise flashed in Ling Xinyue’s eyes.
Lu Xiaoran’s strategy was really too useful, allowing the Demon Sect to gain a lot of advantage.

“I sense that there seems to be a lot more strength in the Demon Sect.”

“Demon Venerable, it’s because of the pheasant sects that are messing around in the Ancient Ape Tribe.
They have spread a lot of evil aura, causing many cultivators to become evil cultivators.
I reckon that the Ancient Ape Tribe is already in chaos now.
Is this your arrangement, Demon Venerable? It’s simply a stroke of genius.”

Ling Xinyue could not help but be somewhat surprised.

She decided to not think about it.
Perhaps those women went to the Ancient Ape Tribe themselves.

“After this, Fang Aotian will probably not let the matter rest.
What’s next might be a decisive battle.
Get all the disciples to retreat.”

You Lan could not help but be somewhat surprised.

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“Demon Venerable, shouldn’t we pursue such a good opportunity?”

Ling Xinyue shook her head.

If she had not met Lu Xiaoran, she might have given such an order.
However, now that she had met Lu Xiaoran, some of her thoughts had already changed.

Even ordinary disciples of the Demon Sect were very valuable and their lives should not be wasted in vain.

It was possible for them to attack the Ancient Ape Tribe.
However, if they faced Fang Aotian, they would only die.

Instead of letting them die, it was better to let them live.

This was because the Ancient Ape Tribe was not the only enemy of the Demon Sect.

It was very necessary to conserve their strength.

“The following battle is no longer something they can participate in.
What comes next is a battle between experts.”

You Lan’s heart trembled and she immediately understood the Demon Venerable’s meaning.

She was going to the battlefield herself.

“Alright, I’ll get the disciples of the Demon Sect to retreat now.”

“After issuing the order, follow me to Heaven Cloud Mountain.”

Before the true battle with Fang Aotian, Ling Xinyue still wanted to find Lu Xiaoran.

She wanted to obtain more confidence from Lu Xiaoran.

The two of them quickly arrived at the Heaven Cloud Mountain.
Sensing the two of them coming, Lu Xiaoran also woke up from his seclusion.

“Where have you been the past few days? Why aren’t you on the mountain?”

Ling Xinyue immediately bowed her head and said,

“My friend at the foot of the mountain encountered some trouble, so I went down the mountain to help resolve it.”

“I didn’t expect you to be so capable.
You even have the ability to help others.”

“It’s just a small favor.
It’s not worth mentioning.”

After a pause, Ling Xinyue continued, “Dad, you should have a lot of Martial Monarch Realm weapons, right?”

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“That’s right, I do have a few Martial Monarch Realm weapons.”

“Then, can I borrow a few Martial Monarch Realm weapons?”

“Borrow? Are you joking with me?”

A trace of bitterness appeared in Ling Xinyue’s heart.

Indeed, she was thinking too highly of herself.
Even if she was really his biological daughter and had been acknowledged by him, how could he lend her something as precious as a Martial Monarch Realm weapon?

Looks like she was thinking too much.

However, in the next second, Lu Xiaoran’s words made her instantly stunned.

“You’re my daughter.
What’s mine is yours.
What’s there to borrow? Won’t it be fine if I just give it to you?”

As he spoke, Lu Xiaoran took out two Martial Monarch Realm weapons from the Mountain and River State Painting.

One was a mid-grade Martial Monarch Realm sword.

The other was a low-grade Martial Monarch Realm armor.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran had as many Martial Monarch Realm weapons as there were hairs on a cow.
He did not care at all.

Moreover, he could also sense Ling Xinyue’s goal from her tone.

She probably wanted to fight Fang Aotian to the death.

In this situation, Lu Xiaoran naturally had to support her fully.

When she and Fang Aotian fought to the death, hehehe… it would be the time for him to kill Fang Aotian!

Ling Xinyue did not expect Lu Xiaoran to be so generous to her.
He actually directly gave her two Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

She suddenly felt that she should not have doubted her father just now.

She was simply too unfilial!

After obtaining the two Martial Monarch Realm weapons, Ling Xinyue immediately cupped her hands towards Lu Xiaoran and said,

“Yes, go.
Be careful.
If there’s anything you can’t handle, come and find me at any time.
Although I’ve retired for many years, I can still help you vent your anger.”

“Yes! I’ll take my leave for now.”

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As he watched Ling Xinyue leave, the corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up slightly and he immediately began to set up a new array formation.

He had actually said those words on purpose for Ling Xinyue to hear.

Although Ling Xinyue had already obtained the two Martial Monarch Realm weapons he had bestowed her, Lu Xiaoran believed that she was definitely not a match for Fang Aotian.

If she fought with Fang Aotian, she would sooner or later retreat.

Moreover, she had killed so many of Fang Aotian’s women in the past few days.
Fang Aotian would definitely not let her off like the last time.

He would definitely chase after her.

As long as he came and stepped into the trap he had set up, it was impossible for him to escape even if he was a Golden Immortal.

Fortunately, he had previously thought of a way to obtain a large number of top-grade spirit stones from Ling Xinyue.
He had long used up all his spirit stones and was unable to set up a grand array.
Now, it was simply easy for him to set up a few more array formations.

The rest was up to his precious disciples.

The world continued to operate as usual.
With Fang Aotian personally making a move, the Ancient Ape Tribe quickly killed all the mutated evil cultivators like the autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves and regrouped.

In a few days, almost all the cultivators from the sects who had joined the Ancient Ape Tribe were deeply shocked by Fang Aotian’s strength.

He was clearly only a first level King Realm cultivator.
but his strength was countless times more monstrous than ordinary King Realm cultivators!

He had even killed Madam Skeleton, the last of the three top-notch experts under the Demon Sect’s Demon Venerable, in a domineering manner.

It had to be known that she was an expert at the first level of the Emperor Realm.

However, in Fang Aotian’s hands, she was as weak as an ant.

After a few days of fighting, Fang Aotian had already established a god-like glory in everyone’s hearts.

However, Fang Aotian was extremely aggrieved.

This was because it was impossible for him to not sense it.

The main force of the Demon Sect seemed to have disappeared.
After killing Madam Skeleton, the others that they killed were simply trash.

A bad feeling gradually enveloped his heart, making him feel more and more depressed.

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