Lu Xiaoran directly kicked out, sending Yun Lige flying.

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“What have I taught you in the past? You have to be careful and not leave any evidence behind.
Now look at what you did! I only asked you to go out to carry out a mission and you went and made such a huge mistake.
If a large group of people from the Divine World descends, how are we supposed to resist them?”

Ji Wuxia sighed faintly.
She knew that this would happen.

The Divine World was too powerful compared to the mortal world.
Any random group of experts could probably wipe them out.

So what if his master’s cultivation was powerful?

He might be able to resist one or two, but what if dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of God Realm experts came?

How could his master resist?

Yun Lige knelt on the ground and did not dare to say a word.

“I know that I’m in big trouble.
Master, please punish me!”

Lu Xiaoran was so furious that he collapsed and directly took out the Xuanyuan Sword.

“Punish you, right? I’ll kill you now.”

Yun Lige trembled in fear, but he closed his eyes and did not dodge.

“My life was all given to me by Master.
Without Master, Lige would have long died.
Now that Lige has committed a huge mistake, Lige will have no complaints if Master wants to kill him.”

Lu Xiaoran was so furious that he collapsed.
He raised the Xuanyuan Sword but did not move.

After all, this was a disciple that he had personally nurtured.
He was like a child that he had raised.
No matter how angry he was, he could not bear to kill him like this.

Moreover, it had already happened.
It was useless even if he killed Yun Lige.

He swept his gaze over Ji Wuxia, who understood tacitly and immediately advised,

“Master, Eldest Senior Brother did not do it on purpose.
Who knew that the most mysterious thing in the entire Lin family was actually a lousy rock.
Master, please do not punish Eldest Senior Brother too harshly.”

Hearing this, Lu Xiaoran finally retracted his Xuanyuan Sword.

“Since your junior sister has pleaded for leniency for you, I’ll forgive you for and spare your life this time.
However, you can’t escape punishment.”

Then, he threw a whip comparable to a top-grade Heaven Realm expert to Ji Wuxia.

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“Use this to whip him 200, no, 2,000.
No, 20,000 times.
If he can’t take it anymore, feed him a healing medicinal pill.
After he recovers, continue whipping.”

Ji Wuxia received the whip and then threw a pitiful gaze at Yun Lige.

She seemed to be saying: “This was not my fault.
It was Master who made me whip you.
Moreover, I helped you plead for leniency.”

Yun Lige looked at Ji Wuxia with a bitter expression.

His gaze seemed to be pleading Ji Wuxia to be gentler.

Soon, whipping and screams sounded from the foot of the mountain.

Yun Lige’s veins were exposed from the pain.
They were winding like ferocious mountain ranges.

At this moment, two more auras quickly approached from the distant horizon.

Sensing these two familiar auras, Lu Xiaoran’s eyes lit up.

It was Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng.
The two of them should have already brought back their fifth disciple and his disciple’s youngest junior sister, Zhuge Ziqiong, right?

With another disciple, his cultivation should be able to increase a little faster.
After that, he would be more confident in dealing with the hot shots.

Finally, something that would make him happy.

Lu Xiaoran sighed and felt much better.

However, before he could be happy, he quickly discovered that something seemed to be following behind his two disciples.

Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng also saw Lu Xiaoran and immediately shouted for help.
Lu Xiaoran swept his Trinity True Eyes and immediately discovered that the one chasing his two precious disciples was actually a King Realm zombie.

Presumably, it should be the one in charge of guarding Zhuge Ziqiong or a wild zombie king nourished by the land of extreme Yin.

However, that was not the main point.
The main point was that this doggy thing had actually been chasing after his two precious disciples!

One had to find out about the master before beating a dog.
A mere King Realm zombie actually dared to bully its precious disciple?

This zombie was courting death!

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes moved and he directly teleported over.
He arrived behind Fang Tianyuan and Lu Xiaoran and faced the zombie.

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The wild zombie king immediately roared and spread its sharp claws, emitting a cold and poisonous glow that went straight for Lu Xiaoran’s eyes.

It was ferocious, but Lu Xiaoran was even more ferocious than it was.
He circulated the Indestructible Golden Body and protected himself with the golden body.
Then, he directly stretched out his hand and grabbed the wild zombie king’s wrist.
With a slap of his hand, he smashed its hands into dust.

Before the wild zombie king could react, Lu Xiaoran punched the wild zombie king fiercely one punch after another.

The anger he had just felt from Yun Lige was now all vented on the Wild Zombie King by Lu Xiaoran.

He even went against his principle of killing the other party directly when he attacked.
He did not use his full strength and only attacked incessantly, beating the wild zombie king until it screamed repeatedly.
Its muscles and bones were all broken by Lu Xiaoran one by one, and they sounded crisp.

The King Realm zombie screamed terrifyingly.
That tragic scene made Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng stunned.

Was their master that cruel?

This was the first time they had seen their master attack an enemy.

He could have killed the other party in one move, but he did not.
Instead, he grabbed the other party and continued to attack.

His master had always been cautious and always used killing techniques.
How could he be like today? He was only torturing the other party instead of killing the other party?

After a moment, the two of them suddenly understood.

This was because their master was angry.
He was so angry that the wild zombie king had come to kill the two of them.

This was their master’s deep love!

The two of them could not help but clench their fists tightly, their eyes red.

Only Ji Wuxia, who was beating someone below, and Yun Lige, who was being beaten, understood what was going on.

Ji Wuxia said faintly, “Did you see that? Eldest Senior Brother, Master is so angry at you that he doesn’t even care about his principles any more.”

Yun Lige’s face became even more ashamed.

“I’m really ashamed.
I’ve let Master down.
From today onwards, I have to work harder.
In the future, I have to become Master’s most capable disciple.
I have to do everything Master wants me to do.
No, I have to do everything perfectly.”

“Then please lie on the ground a little better.
If you secretly lean sideways like this, I’ll only be able to hit one of your butt cheeks and not the other one.
I feel that I’ve let Master down by cutting corners like this.”

After Lu Xiaoran fiercely tortured the King Realm zombie, he finally used a hundred Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques to turn it into dust, not even leaving behind a soul.

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Then, he heaved a long sigh of relief.

“I feel much better now.”

The best way to deal with anger was to vent it.

If he did not vent it and kept it in his heart, it would only make him feel worse.

Lu Xiaoran patted his hand and called Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng over.

The two of them immediately flew to their master’s side.

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand and smiled.

“No need to bow.
Where’s your junior sister? Quickly get her to come out and see me.”

At this moment, Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng immediately became somewhat embarrassed.

When Lu Xiaoran saw their expressions, his happy mood instantly skipped a beat.

“What’s going on? Did something happen with the two of you as well?”

With a plop, Li Changsheng knelt on the ground.

“Master, I’m sorry.
Please punish me.”

Lu Xiaoran’s mind trembled and he staggered two steps back.

“What… what’s wrong with you?”

Li Changsheng looked at Fang Tianyuan.
Fang Tianyuan coughed lightly and took out a long fingernail from his storage bag.

“Master, the extremely cold place where Little Junior Sister was buried was really too hard and sturdy.
Little Junior Brother directly slashed the place open with a sword move.
However, he didn’t expect to use too much strength and directly hack Little Junior Sister into dust.”

Lu Xiaoran completely collapsed.
His blood surged, and his eyes turned white.
He directly fainted from anger.

“Not good, Master has fainted.”

After an unknown period of time, Lu Xiaoran woke up in a daze.
His four disciples were all kneeling in a row.

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Seeing him wake up, everyone’s eyes immediately lit up.

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand and said, “Don’t, don’t! I’m not your master.
You’re my masters.
I don’t have the strength to teach top-notch geniuses like you.”

As he said this, Lu Xiaoran’s eyes turned red and he felt like crying.

The originally good situation had been completely ruined by these few brats.

Could these guys be the legendary useless teammates?

What sins had he committed in his previous life?

Why did he have to encounter these troublesome disciples?

The four of them revealed ashamed expressions.

“Master, I’m sorry.
We were wrong.”

To be honest, they were all around the same age.
They were all in their twenties.

As for Lu Xiaoran, he had lived two lifetimes and was definitely much more mature than them.

He could control himself and not be arrogant or high-spirited.
He was always careful when he encountered problems and maintained his calm.

In this aspect, Yun Lige and the others were definitely inferior to him.
Therefore, they made the mistake that some young people would make—rashness.

Lu Xiaoran sighed faintly.

“There’s nothing I can do.
I’ve lost both the top lane and the bottom lane.
Now, even the middle lane has been lost.
I’m powerless to turn the tables.
Go and find whoever you want.
I’m disbanding the members of our Zhishui Peak.”

“Master, are you chasing us away?”

“Master, we were wrong.
We’ve learned our lesson.
Please don’t chase us away.”

The four of their eyes were somewhat red.
This time, they were really afraid.

Lu Xiaoran glanced at the few of them angrily.

“It’s not that I want to chase you away.
It’s already very difficult for me to carry the four of you.
The four of you just had to keep fooling around.
I really wonder if you’re spies sent by those hot shots.”

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