A dark power erupted, and a powerful pressure swept through the surroundings with a destructive force.

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At this moment, the entire valley was enveloped in darkness.

Then, the darkness slowly disappeared, and You Lan heaved a sigh of relief.

Although she had already seen Lord Demon Venerable attack countless times, she still felt very shocked every time she saw it from a close distance.

Lord Demon Venerable was currently severely injured so the strength she could unleash was less than 1% of her previous strength.

However, it still shocked him speechless.

At this moment, the array formation should be broken… Hmm?

You Lan’s eyes suddenly widened as she looked at everything in disbelief.

The surrounding scenery was actually the same as before.
Even the withered flowers and plants under their feet did not change!

Damn, wasn’t this illusion formation too powerful?

It had to be known that even if the Demon Venerable could not use her full strength, she could still unleash an attack comparable to a King Realm expert.

This attack was also considered to be quite powerful in the Great Zhou.

Ling Xinyue was silent for a moment before attacking again.

Unfortunately, after this, everything was still the same.

This time, her expression began to turn solemn.

A storm had already surged in her heart.
The array formation under her feet was definitely extraordinary.
If she stayed any longer, the two of them might die.

“We if head in the direction we came from, we should be able to return.”

Unfortunately, after dozens of breaths, the two of them, who could have left with a single thought, still did not escape from the array formation.

Ling Xinyue’s heart became heavier.
She immediately took out her Martial Monarch Realm weapon, a black lotus.

However, a few of the black lotus petals had already shattered.
They were the petals that had been struck by Long Aotian’s detonated Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

As soon as the Martial Monarch Realm weapon appeared, Ling Xinyue’s might increased by 30%.

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The order actually caused the air to distort.

With this Martial Monarch Realm weapon, Ling Xinyue created a spatial distortion to break through the illusion formation and escape.

When a flaw appeared in the illusionary formation, Ling Xinyue immediately grabbed You Lan’s arm and used the spatial movement-type Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique to teleport away.

“Hah! We finally escaped.”

The corner of Ling Xinyue’s mouth curled up slightly, but before her brows could relax, several lights lit up not far away.

Light lit up.
In less than a second, nearly a thousand lights suddenly bombarded her and her maidservant, You Lan.

At this moment, even Ling Xinyue suddenly felt like she was at the end of her rope.

The powerful attack made the two of them dizzy.
The dense and fast attack did not give the two of them any chance to react.

This continued for a few seconds before the two women finally could not take it anymore and fainted one after the other.

Lu Xiaoran sat on the rock beside him and ate his snacks as he watched the two of them get beaten up passively.

After the two of them fainted, he dusted his hands and walked over.
He grabbed the back of each of their necks and carried them back to the house like he was carrying two puppies.

After returning, he snapped his fingers, and two cold water waves instantly condensed in the air, fiercely splashing onto the two girls’ heads.
Immediately, the two of them exclaimed and woke up.

“Demon Venerable, are you alright?”

Ling Xinyue did not answer her because she had discovered Lu Xiaoran’s existence immediately.

As soon as she said this, You Lan realized that Lu Xiaoran was also here and immediately became vigilant.

Lu Xiaoran sat on the reclining chair and crossed his legs.

“Who do you think I am? Of course I’m your father.”

“Bastard, what nonsense are you talking about?”

You Lan immediately berated angrily and was about to attack when a terrifying aura suddenly erupted from Lu Xiaoran’s body.
It instantly struck You Lan’s chest, immediately making her vomit blood and retreat.

Ling Xinyue’s pupils constricted because she inexplicably felt that Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation was very powerful!

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Because Lu Xiaoran had not used his cultivation technique or his full strength, she was unable to see through Lu Xiaoran.
However, Lu Xiaoran concealed it very well.
Even if she used her full strength, she was still unable to see through Lu Xiaoran’s true strength.

Therefore, at this moment, intense shock and seriousness suddenly surged in her heart.

She could not provoke this guy casually.
Otherwise, she might die here!

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran also cast his gaze on her.

“Daughter, your servant is useless! She’s simply brainless.
She clearly knows that he can’t beat me, but she’s still posturing here.
Isn’t this courting death?”

You Lan wanted to say something, but she was stopped by Ling Xinyue.

“You Lan, don’t be rude.”

Then, she secretly communicated with her mind,

“This senior might think of me as his daughter.
Don’t speak nonsense, or else you might get killed.”

Only then did You Lan stop.
Then, Ling Xinyue could not help but ask in confusion,

“Senior, do you have any proof that I’m your daughter?”

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand and said, “If you’re not my daughter, why did you come to such a remote place in the wilderness? Previously, your mother sent me a letter saying that her sect had been destroyed by the Demon Sect and that she couldn’t make it anymore.
She asked you to come and join me.
Other than my daughter, who else knows my position?”

After a pause, Lu Xiaoran continued,

“Although I haven’t seen you since you were born, you’re still my flesh and blood.
I’ll definitely take good care of you.
In the future, stay here.”

Ling Xinyue transmitted her voice to You Lan again.

“Remember this.
Investigate immediately after you return.
Find out if what he’s saying is true.”

Then, Ling Xinyue cupped her hands towards Lu Xiaoran and said,

“I see.
I was rude just now.
Senior, please don’t blame me.”

“You’re still calling me senior? Shouldn’t you call me something else?”

Ling Xinyue’s beautiful face twitched.
She naturally knew what Lu Xiaoran meant.

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She immediately took a deep breath and was silent for a few seconds.

You Lan was dumbfounded.
Ling Xinyue, the dignified Demon Venerable of the Demon Sect that caused the entire Great Zhou to change their expressions, was actually calling someone else father!

Wasn’t… wasn’t this too humiliating?

In reality, Ling Xinyue was naturally unwilling to refer to the other party as her father.

If she were at her peak strength, she would have long fought Lu Xiaoran.
If she did not beat him up, she would directly give up her Demon Venerable title to him.

Unfortunately, she was unable to defeat Lu Xiaoran at all.
Her injuries were too severe.
Moreover, she had just been attacked by so many array formations.
At this moment, her head was still buzzing.

Compared to dignity, survival was clearly more important!

However, after she shouted, Lu Xiaoran also smiled and took out a bottle of medicinal pills.

“Good baby, you’re so obedient.
Here, this is my greeting gift to you.
Take it.”

“Thank who? I didn’t hear you clearly.”

Ling Xinyue almost vomited blood.

However, in order to survive, she could only take a deep breath and suppress the shock in her heart.

“That’s right.
Here, take it.”

Ling Xinyue received the medicinal pill and threw it to You Lan behind her without even looking.

As the Demon Venerable of the holy Demon Sect, what medicinal pills had she not seen before? Medicinal pills below the Earth Realm were simply not worthy of her attention.
She also ate Heaven Realm medicinal pills like candy.

It was even to the extent that she could often consume low-grade Saint Realm medicinal pills.

You Lan did not mind.
Although she was even inferior to Demon Venerable and the best pills she had consumed were only Heaven Realm medicinal pills, she was still not something ordinary people could compare to.

However, her curiosity still made her secretly open a porcelain bottle.
In an instant, a majestic spirit energy was transmitted.

Just smelling the medicinal fragrance made her entire body feel comfortable.
All her injuries seemed to vaguely want to recover.

You Lan’s eyes instantly widened.
Then, she immediately rushed forward and patted the Demon Venerable on the shoulder.

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Ling Xinyue could not help but frown slightly.
Just as she was about to berate her, she suddenly felt that the aura in the small porcelain bottle was not right.

Then, she swept her divine sense over, and her beautiful eyes immediately widened.

“This… this… this is a top-grade Saint Realm medicinal pill?”

Lu Xiaoran smiled and said, “Not bad, you’re quite knowledgeable.
You can even recognize a top-grade Saint Realm medicinal pill.
This is a top-grade Saint Realm Wind Cloud Pill that can quickly repair injuries.
Us martial artists inevitably encounter some hurdles when cultivating.
Take this medicinal pill in case you don’t have anything you can use to heal your injuries.”

Ling Xinyue was dumbfounded.

“This… this bottle contains 50 pills.
Are you really giving them all to me?”

“Of course.
You’re my only daughter.
Who else can I give it to?”

After a pause, Lu Xiaoran continued,

“You just arrived today.
Find a room for yourself first.
I’ll be busy for a while.
I still have a weapon that I haven’t forged.”

As he spoke, Lu Xiaoran stepped out, leaving the two girls shocked in the room.

“Who is this person? He can casually produce a top-grade Saint Realm medicinal pill! He’s simply too terrifying!”

“I don’t know.
The Great Zhou Empire is vast and there are many capable people.
However, I’ve never heard of this person.
Demon Venerable, do you think… he’s trying to scam us? What does he want from us?”

“Why would you easily give out 50 top-grade Saint Realm medicinal pills if you were trying to scam someone?”

You Lan fell silent.
Not to mention 50 top-grade Saint Realm medicinal pills, even a single top-grade Earth Realm medicinal pill would make her heart ache.

However, this guy casually took out 50 top-grade Saint Realm pills.
This boldness and methods were definitely not something ordinary people could compare to.

At this moment, Ling Xinyue’s gaze inadvertently swept over the array formation engraved on the roof.
In an instant, her delicate body suddenly trembled.

You Lan was somewhat puzzled.

“Demon Venerable, what’s wrong?”

“This is a Martial Monarch Realm formation!”

“Heavens, Demon Venerable, what did you say?”

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