r>Even you accidentally fell into his hands and almost died.”

“Every generation has its geniuses.
Perhaps, my era has already passed.”

“Demon Venerable, don’t be discouraged.
I think this Fang Aotian was just lucky.”

“Although he’s only a first level King Realm martial artist, do you really think that it was a fluke for him to be able to defeat me by crossing two realm levels?”

“But didn’t he rely on a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique to hinder Demon Venerable’s movements? He even detonated his Martial Monarch Realm weapon to severely injure you! If not for that, he wouldn’t be your match at all.”

“You Lan, remember, don’t find excuses for yourself.
Because sometimes, luck is also a part of strength.
Moreover, not to mention you, even I might not have the courage to detonate a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.”

You Lan was already speechless.
Demon Venerable was right.

A Martial Monarch Realm weapon was not something one would easily detonate.
This courage was not something an ordinary person was capable of.

First, you had to have a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
Then, you had to be willing to detonate this rare and extremely rare weapon.

In any case, if she obtained a Martial Monarch Realm weapon, she might not be willing to detonate it even if she died.

“Then, Demon Venerable, what’s our next step?”

“But we’ve already sacrificed so many disciples.
Are they going to sacrifice for nothing?”

“That’s also something that can’t be helped.
If we continue fighting, it will only cause more damage to our holy Demon Sect.
Moreover, there’s still the huge threat of the Great Zhou Imperial Family.
We can’t let our guard down.”

After a pause, the Demon Venerable continued,

“However, this might be a good thing.
That Fang Aotian is too arrogant and has his eyes on the top of his head.
He doesn’t care about anyone.
Currently, he has already begun to recruit troops and gather armies, absorbing the surrounding sects to prepare to establish another empire.
With such an action, the Great Zhou will definitely not sit idly by.
At that time, when the two sides fight to the death, we can sit idly by and reap the spoils later.”

“Demon Venerable is wise.”

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As soon as she finished speaking, the two of them suddenly stopped.

This was because they realized that they seemed to have lost their way.

“Demon Venerable, could there be an ambush?”

You Lan’s expression became somewhat solemn, and the Demon Venerable shook her head slightly.

“No, if there was an ambush, the other party would have long attacked us.
Moreover, you and I came out to relax secretly this time.
No third person knows.
Who would have come in advance to set up an ambush?”

“Then what’s going on here?”

“There should be some powerful existence cultivating here.
There are many capable people on the continent.
The Great Zhou isn’t the only one that’s powerful.”

“Then what should we do?”

Without answering her subordinate, the Demon Venerable swept her gaze around and cupped her hands.

“Junior Ling Xinyue accidentally entered Senior’s seclusion ground and did not mean to offend you.
Senior, please be magnanimous and open the illusion formation to let us out.”

This voice contained a large amount of spirit energy that spread far.

Lu Xiaoran, who was originally resting with his eyes closed on the mountaintop, suddenly opened his eyes.

“Ling Xinyue, is she the illegitimate daughter of the previous owner?”

However, when he used the Trinity True Eyes to look, his pupils suddenly constricted.

Lu Xiaoran did not expect the person below to be none other than the Demon Sect’s Demon Venerable.

Previously, the two of them had exchanged blows.
When they were chasing after Elder Netherworld, one of her clones had been shattered by him.

He did not expect her to appear at the foot of his mountain.

She was definitely not the illegitimate daughter of the previous owner.
She had probably barged in by accident.

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Lu Xiaoran quietly took out the God Realm iron rod, the Mountain God Pillar, and wondered if he should use his rod on her.

After all, she was currently severely injured and could only unleash her cultivation at the King Realm.

However, Lu Xiaoran quickly thought of a problem.
If he used his rod to kill her, wouldn’t he let Fang Aotian advance?

Fang Aotian was currently recruiting and preparing to establish his own sect.

At that time, he would definitely be a huge threat to the Great Zhou Empire and Lu Xiaoran.

At this moment, it was better not to kill the Demon Venerable.
After all, the enemy of an enemy was a friend.

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes rolled and the corner of his mouth curled up.

Since you’re here, I’ll make use of you.”

Thinking of this, he silently retracted his rod and walked down the mountain.

As for the Demon Venerable, after shouting a few times, no one responded.
She could not help but feel somewhat helpless.

“Looks like there’s no one.
In that case, there’s nothing we can do.”

Taking a deep breath, her eyes suddenly turned blood red.

That was a mark that would only appear when she used her demon technique.

As soon as the demon technique appeared, the surrounding flowers and trees instantly withered.
The spirit energy in the air was constantly absorbed by her before transforming into a cold and dark power.

After a shout, dark power surged crazily, shaking the entire valley.

The corners of You Lan’s mouth curled up.

With Demon Venerable making a move, no matter how powerful the illusion formation was, it was still nothing but mud in the hands of a child.

It was simply not enough!

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