Fairy smacked her lips and shook her head.

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“The Demon Sect was defeated.
Even the Demon Sect’s Demon Venerable was severely injured.”

Was there a mistake? The Demon Venerable was a true Supreme Realm expert!

Even a Supreme Realm expert had been defeated?

“It can’t be, right? How powerful is the Demon Sect’s Demon Venerable? Can the Ancient Ape Tribe’s Fang Aotian really resist her?”

“Master, you don’t know.
The cultivation of the Demon Sect cultivators is powerful, but the Ancient Ape Tribe is also not to be trifled with.
The most basic ordinary disciples of the Ancient Ape Tribe all carry Profound Realm weapons.
The elders with slightly higher status are also all Heaven Realm experts.
In fact, those with higher cultivation even have a Saint Realm weapon and a Saint Realm armor.”

He had indeed seen that Madam Zi Yun holding a Saint Realm weapon and wearing a Saint Realm armor before and did not pay much attention to the others.
Now that he thought about it, the weapons those Ancient Ape Tribe disciples had seemed to also be very good.

“I heard that the Ancient Ape Tribe respects Fang Aotian as a god.
They even said that Fang Aotian was born before the heavens!”

Originally, many sects in the surroundings had already approached the Ancient Ape Tribe.
Now that the Ancient Ape Tribe had defeated the Demon Sect, their reputation had soared.
Therefore, they had also subdued more sects.

According to some news, after this battle, Fang Aotian is very likely to become an emperor and even oppose the Great Zhou Empire.

He was born before the heavens? Moreover, he even wanted to become an emperor?

The other party reminded Lu Xiaoran of the kids he had seen in the electronic factories back in the day.

Didn’t they say that Fang Aotian had only fallen off a cliff back then?

Among the myriad tricks of the hot shots, he was the most common and most ordinary, right?

Could it be that his luck had changed?

Had he become a mutated version of the legendary Long Aotian?

After all, Long Aotian was a character who would show off and prove others wrong.
He could casually attack and obtain a huge pile of treasures.
He could easily get his hands on countless top-notch cultivation techniques, weapons, medicinal pills, and so on…

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment.
He even had the urge to run back to the Imperial City overnight with the Heaven-Breaking Shuttle.

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An ordinary hot shot was ordinary and impressive.
A mutated hot shot was really not easy to deal with.

However, since the other party was already prepared to become an emperor, he would probably attack the Great Zhou Imperial City sooner or later.

This left Lu Xiaoran with no choice.
He could only attack or endure.

He decided to take him head-on!

“Speaking of which, Master, why don’t you join the Ancient Ape Tribe with us? Now, the Ancient Ape Tribe is heavily recruiting.
The conditions are good, and the benefits are high.
You can cultivate freely and not be forced to.
Once you enter, you can cultivate cultivation techniques above the Profound Realm.”

“I heard that as long as you’re powerful enough, you can directly obtain an Earth Realm weapon or a Heaven Realm weapon after joining the Ancient Ape Tribe.
If your cultivation exceeds the Soul Refinement Realm, you might even obtain a Saint Realm weapon.”

Lu Xiaoran was suddenly speechless.
Join them if you can’t beat them?

This Fang Aotian was a degenerate… no, a mutated version of Long Aotian.
If so, how strong must his halo be? How powerful was his ability to reduce the intelligence of those around him?

Once Lu Xiaoran joined the Ancient Ape Tribe, his IQ would probably instantly plummet and he would become Fang Aotian’s loyal little bootlicker.

In that case, Lu Xiaoran would rather kill himself with a piece of tofu.

Wait, this mountain sect’s business was clearly abnormal.
Many fairies had already developed evil aura in their bodies.

Since they wanted to join the Ancient Ape Tribe, he might as well help them.

He would let them join the Ancient Ape Tribe and then spread the evil aura out.
Then, they would all be infected and become evil cultivators.
It would be best if they could infect Fang Aotian’s wife and then let Fang Aotian’s wife infect him.
That would be perfect.

The corner of his mouth curled up slightly, and Lu Xiaoran adjusted his cloak slightly to reveal his eyes.

“The money of the Ancient Ape Tribe is very easy to earn.
After joining the Ancient Ape Tribe, you will have more money than you can earn.
You will have the most customers in the entire Great Zhou.
You will not need to work and will only need to lie from morning to night every day for 24 hours.
If you keep this up for two months, you will be rich.
It will be smooth sailing from here on.”

These fairies’ cultivation levels were extremely low.
They were unable to resist the illusionary technique of the Trinity True Eyes at all.

After receiving Lu Xiaoran’s illusion technique, she immediately ran in the direction of the Ancient Ape Tribe.
She was afraid that if she was slower, two customers would be snatched away.

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“Wang Cuihua, why are you running so quickly? Do you really need a man that much?”

The figures of the fairies gradually disappeared, but Lu Xiaoran’s expression did not relax much.

His thoughts were indeed wonderful, but he was not stupid enough to think that he could kill Fang Aotian with this small trick.

This Fang Aotian was too powerful.
Previously, be it Xiao Bei or Lin Fei, they had only been powerful themselves.
However, this Fang Aotian was not only abnormally powerful, but he had also directly created a large group of powerful subordinates.

Moreover, he could even defeat a Supreme Realm expert.
This guy was simply too powerful.

Even Xiao Bei and Lin Fei combined were not enough to deal with him.

It was simply a fool’s dream for them to beat Fang Aotian with their current cultivation.

It was even to the extent that it might be somewhat dangerous for him to go alone.

No, he had to become stronger!

If he did not become stronger, it would not be worth it if he died in the Ancient Ape Tribe.

Lu Xiaoran was very smart and his brain worked very quickly.
He instantly thought of a series of plans.

First, he would find a place to hide and then level up the Martial Monarch Realm weapons he had.

Didn’t Fang Aotian have a lot of equipment? In that case, he would take the high-end path.

Previously, when he opened the gift bag, Wang Cai had given him a few Divine Dao Spirit Stones.
He would just need to find a few suitable Martial Monarch Realm weapons and upgrade them into divine weapons.

After his disciples arrived, he would think of a way to increase their strength before capturing Fang Aotian in one go.

Lu Xiaoran quickly found a family in the surroundings.

This was also not from a proper family.
This family had some cultivators themselves and also hired other cultivators.

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They were the kind that would cultivate lazily.
When faced with danger and a lack of manpower, they would spend some spirit stones to hire cultivators to help them out.

In fact, it was not only the itinerant cultivators who did this.
Sometimes, the sects also hired people.

For example, in a battle between sects, if one sect did not have enough people, the sect would spend a lot of spirit stones to hire a group of cultivators from other sects.

Lu Xiaoran had never been hired himself, but Li Daoran had been hired a few times and had told him about it.
Therefore, he knew more about it.

The owner of the house was an uncle with a beard.
His eyes were yellow, his skin was dark, and he had a mouthful of yellow teeth.
There was also a lot of evil aura in his body.
He had probably visited those pheasant sects frequently.

After Lu Xiaoran explained his intentions, the owner lifted his clothes and buttoned his big belly, producing a lot of mud.

“Fellow Daoist, my house is completely handmade and has a Spirit Gathering Formation engraved on it.
Do you think you can buy such a good house just because you want to? Leave.
It’s impossible for me to sell it to you.”

“There’s nothing money can’t buy.
Name a price.”

“No matter how much money you give me today, even if you kill me and throw me off the mountain to feed the wolves, it’s impossible for me to…”

Before he could say the word “sell”, Lu Xiaoran threw out 20 high-grade spirit stones.

The moment he saw these high-grade spirit stones, the other party’s expression instantly changed.
He immediately lowered his head and hunched his back.
The expression on his face was also extremely flattering.

“I didn’t expect Fellow Daoist to be so generous.
It’s just a small house.
How can it compare to friendship between people? Don’t you think so, Fellow Daoist?”

“Alright, I’ll leave now.
However, before I leave, I have something I want to ask you for help with.”

Lu Xiaoran had always been a man of few words to strangers.
After all, the more he spoke, the more information he revealed.

“It’s like this.
my lover’s sect that has just been destroyed by the Demon Sect.
She gave birth to a daughter for me and has never seen me.
Now that her mother is gone and the sect is gone, she says that she wants to rely on me.
She’ll probably be here in the next two days.
At that time, tell her that I’ve joined the Ancient Ape Tribe.
If she wants to find me, tell her to go to the Ancient Ape Tribe to find me.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.
The other party thanked him and immediately left in the southeast direction with a smile.

After he left, Lu Xiaoran directly slapped his house away.
Then, he built another house on the spot and also set up a few Martial Monarch Realm defensive formations to make the entire house comparable to a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

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Then, he set up a killing formation around the house.
If anyone attacked, the killing formation would counterattack on its own.

Then, he set up a large array formation outside the house.

From time to time, he would set up a trap formation somewhere.

To a cautious Lu Xiaoran who was proficient in array formations and games of tower defense, unless a Saint Realm expert came, one would simply be unable to break through his array formation.

After doing all of this, Lu Xiaoran began to forge his Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

The Mountain and River State Painting definitely had to be forged into a divine weapon.
Ever since he discovered that this thing could suck people in to fight inside, Lu Xiaoran had become extremely fond of it.

He definitely had to have something good like this.

Then, it was the Xuanyuan Sword.
Among all of Lu Xiaoran’s Martial Monarch Realm weapons, this sword was the most powerful when used with cultivation techniques.

Next was the Emperor Nine Yang Armor.
Lu Xiaoran already had a God Realm armor, and he had just obtained the Black Tortoise Divine Armor.

If Fang Aotian had not defeated the Demon Sect, he might not have cared so much about defense.
However, even a Supreme Realm expert like the Demon Venerable had been injured.
Lu Xiaoran felt that it was safer for him to get another God Realm armor.

Other than that, Lu Xiaoran had also strengthened the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark.
This thing was top-notch when it was used to smash people.
It was like a brick and had top-notch damage.
It was easy to use and was extremely convenient.
It could also be enlarged and shrunk.
It could attack a single target or multiple targets at once.

Lu Xiaoran gave the fifth Divine Dao Spirit Stone to the Fire Dragon Purgatory Lock.

This thing was a chain-type Dharma treasure.
Not only could it be used to restrain others, but it also had the ability to catch on fire.
It was forged from dragon tendons, dragon bones, and dragon scales.
Its might was extraordinary.

After capturing Fang Aotian, he would definitely let the other party have a taste of his top-grade Island-style binding technique and then use a thousand Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques to send him on his way.

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