he could even get a God Realm item from small gift bags, Lu Xiaoran had nothing to complain about.

After driving all of this, Lu Xiaoran asked again,

“Wang Cai, since you’ve fused another portion of the power of luck, did you get any new memories? Don’t you remember something new every time you absorb the power of luck?”

“I saw endless darkness.
In this darkness, Master is fighting with countless people.”

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment before saying faintly, “Were you just watching me get beat up?”

“Uh… I don’t know.
That’s all I remember.”

Lu Xiaoran estimated that this situation mostly meant that he had a previous life.
He just did not know who he was in this previous life.

However, his character in his previous life was probably not good either.
After all, he was beaten to death by a group of people…

Could it be that his cautious character in this life was only developed because he had been beaten up by a group of people in his previous life?

Lu Xiaoran could not think of anything after thinking for a long time.
He shook his head and stopped thinking.

In any case, as Wang Cai’s memories were constantly being recovered.
The day would come when he would obtain all his memories.

“You just said that the search range has increased.
Have you found any new disciples?”

“Yes, yes.
I just found one.
The other party is at the Great Zhou’s northwest border.”

“Isn’t the northwest border near the Heaven Demon Sect? Why didn’t you find this disciple before?”

“Master, the range of the search is not limited to the geographical level alone, but the spatial dimension level.
For example, if a disciple is sealed in another space, it will be impossible for me to find the disciple when my ability is very weak.
However, after my ability increases, I will be able to.”

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“I see.
Then activate Soul Guidance and summon this disciple.”

“Sorry, Master, I can’t use Soul Guidance.”

“She has already been dead for a long time and has been sealed in an extreme Yin land.
She’s already become a zombie.”

“I suspect that you’re fooling me, but I still can’t tell for sure.”

“Why would I fool Master? I’ll send you her information.”

Lu Xiaoran quickly saw the other party’s message.

“Zhuge Ziqiong, the eldest daughter of the Zhuge family.
Because her mother was angered to death by her father’s mistress, she was extremely unkind to her half-sister and has been punished repeatedly.

Unexpectedly, three years later, her sister revealed her identity as a top-notch expert.
Then, she defeated the Zhuge Clan and killed Zhuge Ziqiong and sealed her in the land of extreme cold.
After nearly 200 years, her corpse matured and she developed the Jiangshi King bloodline.
She became a top-grade zombie and her talent is between Tianyuan and Changsheng.
In other words, she is a fourth-level genius.

Damn, was this girl the female version of the legendary Crooked Mouth?

However, no matter what the disciple was this time, it seemed that Lige would never get a chance to rise up.

Even a zombie’s talent was higher than his.

How was he supposed to compete?

As for the other party being a zombie, Lu Xiaoran was not shocked.

In this day and age, even the system manifested in the form of a dog.
What was so strange about taking in a zombie disciple?

“This location is not far from the Heaven Demon Sect and the Ancient Ape Tribe.
How about this? I’ll use this opportunity to go and deal with Fang Aotian.
However, I wonder if the Demon Sect has gone over and if the two sides have fought.”

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran summoned Yun Lige and the others.

The few of them cupped their hands and bowed.

“Lin Fei has been killed, but Lin Fei’s family has not been wiped out.
In order to prevent a comeback or if anyone from Lin Fei’s family comes to take revenge, I’m prepared to send someone to destroy the Lin family.”

Ji Wuxia, Fang Tianyuan, and Li Changsheng did not care much.

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After losing Lin Fei, the Lin family was like a hunting dog that had lost its claws.
They were no longer a threat.

Anyone present could easily destroy the Lin family.

However, they still had to obey their master’s orders.

However, just as the three of them were thinking, Yun Lige had already raised his hand first.

“Master, leave this mission to me.
As the Eldest Senior Brother, it’s only natural for me to help Master resolve his problems.”

“Then I’ll leave it to you.
Do it beautifully and don’t leave anyone alive.”

“Don’t worry, Master.
I promise to complete the mission.”

Ji Wuxia and the other two were speechless.
Their Eldest Senior Brother was really too good at bootlicking.

It was only a small mission.
Looking at his impatient expression, it was as if he was afraid that he wouldn’t get any benefits from Master if he acted any slower.

However, soon, they saw Lu Xiaoran take out a Martial Monarch Realm defensive armor and a few bottles of medicinal pills.

“Wear this Martial Monarch Realm armor inside.
Then wear the Saint Realm and Heaven Realm armor outside.
It’s more appropriate to wear a few more layers.
In addition, the medicinal pills here have healing properties.
There are also some that can increase your attack power for a period of time.
There are also some that can unleash attacks comparable to a full-power attack of a King Realm expert.
They’re high-grade Saint Realm Explosion Thunder Pills.
After being ignited of spirit energy, it can be detonated when thrown out.”

The three of them immediately had helpless expressions.

They originally thought that after the previous incident, they had already learned how to suck up to their master.
However, they did not expect to still be far inferior to their Eldest Senior Brother.

Eldest Senior Brother really knew how to seize every opportunity to bootlick.

It was only a simple mission, but he had actually obtained so many benefits.
Moreover, there was also the Martial Monarch Realm armor.
They were really envious.

“Um… Master, should Eldest Senior Brother really go alone? What if the Lin family escapes? Why don’t I go with him?”

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